New mobile testing & optimization, IoT, and NLP services. Plus social media tools and a new cloud CMS.
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  • Alchemy API (NLP/Sentiment Analysis): Text and image analysis APIs for processing all unstructured data, used by Livefyre
  • Simply Testable (In-Browser Testing): Automated frontend web testing; one-click full-site HTML validation, CSS validation, JavaScript static analysis and broken link checking
  • Xpect (Exception Monitoring): Event monitoring re-imagined
  • Protocloud (Interactive Mockups): UI Prototyping Tool For Desktop, Mobile And Tablet
  • Stacker (Social Media Tools): The Easiest way to Publish & Reply on Social Media
  • AppThwack (Mobile Test Automation): Test your app on 100s of real Android and iOS devices in the cloud, used by Mozilla, New Relic, Circa
  • App Annie (Mobile App Store Optimization): The leader in app store analytics, app rankings, and market intelligence, used by Dropbox, Zynga, Skype
  • Cockpit (Cloud CMS): Add content management functionality to any site - plug & play CMS (open source)
  • Temboo (IoT Services) : Devices, languages, APIs, code utilities, databases & more. Reimagine programming for the connected world
  • GitBucket (Code Collaboration): The easily installable Github clone powered by Scala
  • Neovim (Text Editor): Vim's rebirth for the 21st century, 8K+ GitHub stars & 85 contributors
  • Twilert (Social Media Tools): Get realtime alerts via email when your brand names, keywords or hashtags are mentioned on Twitter
Also Just Added: Java Build Tools - Do you use Ant, Gradle, or Maven? Tell other developers why by leaving a one-liner or a review!
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  • Amazon EC2New Low Cost EC2 Instances with Burstable Performance- AWS has launched new T2 instances for Amazon EC2. The T2 instances are designed for applications that can benefit from bursts of CPU power. The instances are available in three sizes (micro, small, and medium) with On-Demand prices that start at $0.013 per hour ($9.50 per month). Your ability to burst is based on the concept of "CPU Credits" that you accumulate during quiet periods and spend when things get busy.- July 1

  • AsanaTask descriptions & comments just got rich- You can now add rich text and formatting to any task description or comment- June 30

  • Amazon Route 53Route 53 Health Check Update - Editing and Tagging - AWS has enhanced the Route 53 health check model. The checks are now editable, and can be tagged for tracking and cost accounting purposes. They've also added two additional API functions.- July 2

  • InvisionLiveShare PS: Real-time Design Meetings Inside Photoshop- Invision has introduced a free Photoshop plug-in called LiveShare PS. LiveShare PS allows you to broadcast any Photoshop document to as many people as you want through an instant real-time meeting in your browser. If you make a change to your Photoshop document, they’ll instantly see your changes in the LiveShare meeting. - July 2

  • MailChimpSocial Cards, Segmentation Options, New Currencies, and More in v9.4- You can now control which thumbnails are used when your email is shared on Twitter, Facebook or in Gmail’s new promotional grid view. You can also now build segments on the fly; in the Setup step of the editor, you’ll see a new option under each list: "Paste emails to build a segment."- July 2

  • HockeyAppSending Images & Screenshots with Feedback- The feedback view now provides a button to attach one or more images to the message. The user selects an image from the photo library, then a new view is opened to annotate the image. Once sent, you and your team get the message with all attachments and annotations via email and web UI. HockeyApp also introduced new beta releases for their SDKs including: HockeySDK 3.0 for Mac, HockeySDK 3.6 for iOS, and HockeySDK 3.5 for Android.- July 2

  • DockerAnnouncing Docker 1.1.0- Highlights for this new release include: New .dockerignore functionality, pause containers during commit, tailing logs, allow a tar file as context for docker build, and bind mounting your whole filesystem in a container.- July 3

  • HerokuWebSockets now Generally Available- WebSockets provide bi-directional and full-duplex channels, allowing you to create applications with support for streaming, flexible protocols, and persistent connections. If you are creating a new application on Heroku, there is no need to enable WebSockets or to configure your application to use the new router — this is now the default configuration.- July 7

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