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Patron: Martin Shaw

Vegetarian Farmer Saves His Cows From Slaughter

We have been asked to take in a herd of 70 cattle, including 30 pregnant cows, to save them from the slaughterhouse.  This has been brought about by a massive turnaround in thinking by a farmer who became vegetarian and could no longer send his cows to such a cruel fate.  The farmer was in consultation with the Vegan Society, who contacted Hillside to ask if we could give the cows a permanent safe home in the sanctuary.

Peter Smith from the Vegan Society told us -
Jay grew up working with the family’s herd of dairy cows when he grew to realise that there was much more to these animals than we are led to believe. “I began to see that cows recognise each other, and they’ve got very good memories. They also experience a range of emotions – they can be sad, happy, bored, excited. They do also have facial expressions. You can tell what a cow’s thinking by looking at it. I’ve even seen cows cry.”

As time went on, Jay decided to stop eating meat. He explains, “Cows are conscious of what goes on around them – they have personalities and an inner life. They’re not just units of food. Knowing them personally makes it more difficult to think about eating them.”

If all goes according to plan, we are hoping the cows, some with calves at foot, will arrive with us in June.  It is going to be a massive challenge to raise the funds for them and to prepare and make ready for their arrival. To launch our fundraising campaign for the cows, Andy Pemberton has kindly offered to embark on a 100 mile sponsored walk over this Bank Holiday weekend.
You may remember Andy, who has kindly raised funds for us in the past with his epic sponsored events for our animals. On hearing the story of these cows he immediately sprang into action,and together with friends
, Kevin, Gareth and Steve, has set off from Winchester first thing this morning (27th April) and will arrive at Eastbourne on Bank Holiday Monday. Andy is a passionate animal lover and is determined to help us help the cows to have a secure future.

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Saved from slaughter -  Lucky cows who are soon to be arriving at Hillside
Andy cycling into Hillside on a previous sponsored event in 2014 after he had pedalled 420 miles from St Davids in Wales to Hillside

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Patron: Martin Shaw

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