SnapGene 2.8 has arrived.
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Version 2.8 adds new capabilities and display options, and refines existing controls.

Minimap for Sequence View

An interactive minimap in Sequence view provides an overview for navigating the DNA sequence.

Feature Labels

Show/Hide  Feature Labels

In Map view, a new button provides options for the display of feature labels.

Splice to Remove Introns

Introns can be removed in a single step from an mRNA or coding sequence feature.


Re-use an Action Window

A cloning or PCR window can be left open after generating a product, allowing related procedures to be simulated more easily.
EMBL Format

Digest a Linear Vector

When a linear vector is supplied to an “Insert Fragment” dialog, the vector can be digested with restriction enzymes.

Prioritize Display of Individual Features

In the Add/Edit Feature dialogs, a feature can be prioritized for display in maps.
Trimming Stringency

More Options for Sequence Trimming

Choose from seven levels of trimming stringency for aligned sequence traces.

Delete Trimmed Bases

After automatic or manual trimming of low-quality sequence trace data, the trimmed bases can be deleted to produce a cleaner alignment display.
Insertion Triangle

Improved Display of Insertions

When an aligned sequence contains an insertion relative to the reference sequence, the insertion is now shown as a triangle in Map view.
Grayscale Export

Export Grayscale Maps

For publications or reports that do not permit color, SnapGene maps can now be exported to a bitmap format as grayscale.

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