A brief update for the Lewens
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One of the many times of prayer we had for one another.
Praying for the health and safety of each other.

    We will return to continue our work in the Canary Islands as soon as we raise our new budget,
this is first and foremost.

Our passion is to lead people to a real encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ through personal and public preaching and teaching. And to lead believers to the throne of God through Spirit led worship.

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We've Been Approved!

     At the beginning of March we had the final step of our transition from Missionary Associates to Career Missionaries. This step was our interview with the World Missions Board of the Assemblies of God. 

     It was a week filled with an abundance of information about everything from Missiology to culture to how to file forms. We had the pleasure of meeting missionaries from all over the United States going to all over the world. We met many encouraging people along the way. On Wednesday of that week we had our interview, which had us both anxious and excited, anxious because we knew the weight of this interview, but excited because we had the opportunity to share with more people about our burden to spread the Gospel in the Canary Islands. In the end, we left knowing that those involved in Assembly of God World Missions have a deep love and respect for spreading this Gospel unto the ends of the earth.

     It is encouraging to have our call to serve in the Canary Islands affirmed by those with such faithful service in missions.


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Our arrival to the Assemblies of God Headquarters in Springfield.

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