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Make this dry-off really count!

Dry-off is the biggest opportunity that you have to make a difference to a cow's infection status and also to reduce the risk of mastitis around calving.

It is so important that instead of considering dry-off as the end of a lactation, perhaps we should think of it as the start of the next one.

How you transition a cow from being a milking cow to a dry cow will impact well into her future, so take some time to consider if there is an opportunity to improve your outcomes from this dry-off.

Here is a selection of articles to help you make choices and decisions, and to have discussions with your advisers - because just doing it the same as you always have may not give you the best result.

Dry-off choices

Nothing ever stays the same on a dairy farm - many things change from one season to the next and from year to year.

What factors might have changed to influence your choices at this dry-off?
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Make the most of your investment!

“We draft them off as we milk, then when we’ve finished milking the rest, we just bring them back on the platform and dry cow them.”

Wait a moment – did I hear that correctly? If so, you better stop right now and think about that!!
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Has your dry-off increased the risk of mastitis at calving?

Given the difficult year and tight cash flows, choices made at dry-off may have led to compromises in favour of cost saving.

How can you minimise the risk of a lesser outcome?
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Could your dry-off be better?

At a a series of dry-off workshops delivered by Dairy Focus a couple of years ago, 3 out of 4 farms said they were going home to make significant changes to their dry-off routine.

This strongly suggests that most farms could benefit from a review of their routine – it could be that "we've always done it this way" might not actually mean it is the best way!
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Other articles of interest

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Does stage of lactation or age affect the cause of mastits?

Protect your teat spray nozzles

Practical mastitis control
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