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April 2011 Newsletter

Enjoy a Fun, Meaningful Summer

Lil Kickers
The greatest part about summer is the greater flexibility we all have to explore the things that truly interest us.  We are privileged to offer our summer cams to our students so they may spend some time exploring Taekwondo with a greater than average intensity as well as developing lasting bonds with their peers and MTC Black Belts.

In June we offer camps for all belt levels (even beginners) ages 4 to 12.

  • Two weeks of the Kickin’ Summer Off Right Camp for kids age 7-12 will be held June 13th-17th and 20th-24th, 9am to 3 pm daily. (1 or both weeks)
  • Li’l Kickers day camp for ages 4-6 wil be held June 13th-17th, 9-11.

Kickin’ Summer Off Right
  •  These 10 days will include all facets of Taekwondo instruction,ceramics construction and decoration, other art exploration lots of games and some fun in the sun.
  •  $205 for week one, $215 for week two or $395 for both weeks.  Early registrants receive a $20 discount before May 15th.
  • Campers who reach for their potential doing both weeks of camp will test for their next belt on the final day of camp.

Li’l Kickers
  • This is a great camp for our youngest practitioners to gain confidence in their abilities inside the dojang and out.
  • Camp will include Taekwondo instruction in forms, sparring, self defense and basics and other fun and confidence building activities.
  • $105. Early registrant receive a $10 discount before May 15th.
From the Desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Keep It Clean

example bag
Recently there have been a few things mistakenly taken at the Dojang.  If you are here when the white and yellow belt classes are switching you can understand the possible confusion-it can be quite a zoo.  To minimize this effect we are asking everyone to get a TKD gear bag: a bag dedicated to hold you TKD stuff to and from Taekwondo and which will hold your shoes and clothes during class.  Please take it to and from Taekwondo every class and do not store it in a cubby for later use.  We are asking this of all our students, including the upper belts who are looked up to by so many younger and lower belt ranked students.

From the Desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Summer Schedule

This Schedule runs 6/13—9/2.

Note the changed Friday Schedule and a few adjustments on Monday and Wednesday.

We will be closed for holidays July 1st-4th.

In addition to regular classes we will have camps throughout the summer. Ages 4-6 June 13-17.  Age 7-12 June 13-17, Ages 13-17,June 20-24. Age 13-17 (red belt and up) July 29th-30th (overnight).  Other camp dates will be available in July and August.

Call 829-1328, visit , follow us on Twitter or join our group on Facebook for more info.

Summer Schedule

Dinner and a Show

Eddy in Kick-a-thon
This is by far the most fun event we put together.

Our Annual Spring Gathering, Dinner and a Show, is scheduled for May 6th at 5:30PM.  We will kick off the evening with the Kick-a-thon.  This portion of the event is a display by any willing participants who have secured pledges, of 1 minute of intense kicking.

The show will continue with a Talent Show displayed by MTC students.  All MTC students are invited to participate with any kind of talent.  We are looking for all ages and ability levels, participants need not be experts. Acts should adhere to a 3 minute or less performance.  For dinner we will have Bulgogi (Master Rosbarsky’s specialty) accompanied by pot luck sides.

Tickets will be available for sale at the dojange.  $5 for Adults, $3 for Kids and just $12 for a family of 4.

To participate in the Dinner, Show or Kick-a-thon please check out the front counter at the gym or ask Mrs. Rosbarsky.
From the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Yearly Odor Reminder

It bears mentioning this time of year that we, as a group, sweat.  And when you sweat in an enclosed space it is smelly.

SOOO…Please remember to be proactive in fighting odors.  Clean Doboks. Clean Feet. Clean bodies. Wear Deodorants.  Our noses thank you.
From the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky.

The Colored Belt Test has Changed

Colored Belt Test
The next colored belt test originally scheduled for May 13th has been moved up to April 22nd.

As always in preparation for belt tests daily poomse practice at home will make the overall experience better.  You will go from just making it through to really being able to add your own flavor to your Poomse (and derive enjoyment from it).

Our wish for all of our students is to have their tests be a life enhancing experience.  If you have a question about test readiness please ask Mrs. Rosbarsky.

From the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky



Fri Apr 1  Chance Weidman's Bday
Sat Apr 2  Nicolas Riley's Bday
Sat Apr 2  Ella Simon's Bday
Sat Apr 2  Black Belt Test  10am-6pm
Sun Apr 3 Sam McInally's Bday
Mon Apr 4 NO CLASSES - Spring Break
Tue Apr 5  NO CLASSES - Spring Break
Tue Apr 5  Mic Johnson's Bday
Wed Apr 6 NO CLASSES - Spring Break
Wed Apr 6   Jericho Kuglin's Bday
Thu Apr 7   NO CLASSES - Spring Break
Thu Apr 7  Sam Kirschenmann's Bday
Fri Apr 8   NO CLASSES - Spring Break
Fri Apr 8   Jeannie Williams' Bday
Fri Apr 8  Chloe Teske's Bday
Sat Apr 9  Great Falls Tournament - Great Falls, MT
Sat Apr 9  TKD RMC - Billings, MT
Sun Apr 10  Austin Clark's Bday
Sun Apr 10  Chadney Sawyer's Bday
Mon Apr 11 Patrick Sale's Bday
Tue Apr 12  Archer Haas' Bday
Wed Apr 13 Booster Club Meeting    5:30pm – 6:30pm   
Thu Apr 14  Everett Smith's Bday
Thu Apr 14  Lori Hooks' Bday
Sat Apr 16  Trey Mattson's Bday
Sun Apr 17  Evan Yonce's Bday
Mon Apr 18  Carter Cripe's Bday
Thu Apr 21  Claire Zellmer's Bday
Fri Apr 22 Colored Belt Test 4:30pm – 8:30pm   
Sat Apr 23  Benton Adams' Bday
Thu Apr 28  Leah Samuels' Bday
Sat Apr 30  Ivan Gallego's Bday
Sat Apr 30  Livingston Tournament - Livingston, MT
Sat Apr 30  Autumn Gilleard's Bday
Fri May 6 Dinner and a Show6  pm – 9pm   

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