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FUN on the Horizon

FUN Tournament at MTC for MTC

Twice a year we hold our in-house tournament for the enjoyment and enrichment it provides to our entire TKD community. We highly value what tournament participation does for people involved in Taekwondo. As a beginning martial artist you might be thinking about competing for the first time and the FUN Tournament is just the place to set yourself up to have a great start to your TKD tournament journey. Others who have competed before will find the FUN tournament the perfect opportunity to measure your current abilities against your previous level of skill. To offer the best possible experience for all the athletes we also look for as much help as possible in operational areas including set up, take down, check in, gear sales, mouth guard forming, refereeing, ring management, and refereeing.

The FUN tournament will be at MTC on January 23rd. The weeks leading up to the tournament we will spend class time focusing on preparing all students to participate in the event.

The cost is $25 for 1 event or $30 for 2 events. Registration forms are at MTC or can be downloaded from Sparring athletes must have the basic sparring gear package ($33 for boys and $23 for girls) to participate. Chest and head protectors will be provided.

Please register by 5PM January 22nd.

MTC Ski Day

This year we plan to gather at Discovery on January 31st for the Annual MTC Ski Day. We will car pool from MTC at 8AM or skiers can meet us at the hill anytime. We will kick around the hill informally most of the day, but will gather at the lodge around 1PM for lunch, then a group photo and a group run down Gold Bug. Every MTC family is welcome!
Winter Schedule Continues
The Schedule will continue with no change from 2015.

Belt Test vs. Tip Test
One of the greatest things about Taekwondo is the built in attainable goals within the belt system. At MTC we have monthly Tip Tests to evaluate student progress as well as familiarize them with testing procedures and stem future testing anxiety. Successful tip tests will earn colored belts a new taped stripe on their belt and white belts will, upon their third successful tip test earn their Senior white belt. No advanced sign up or payment is required for Tip tests. This month tip test days are the 27th and 28th.

On the other hand every belt advancement from Yellow through Senior Red will happen through a Friday Colored Belt Test. Advanced Sign  up (by the Tuesday before the test) and payment ($25) are required. We hold these test about every 6 weeks the next one is scheduled on Jan. 30th. Testing should occur for colored belts approximately every 3 months but is tied to attendance and time in grade. OnMat will notify you when requirements are satisfied for testing, but please let us know if you have questions about testing.
Be on the Look out for Schedule Anomalies
In January we will have 2 days where regular classes are not held, January 18th and 29th, for a MCPS holiday closure and a belt test. We encourage students who are scheduled to attend on those days to make up the missed classes by attending a similar class on an alternate day.


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Update on New Belt Requirements

We have 6 months and 4 belt tests in the bag since we rolled out new belt advancement requirements including turning our focus to the Taeguek forms and away from the Palgwaes. It is wonderful to report that from the perspective of the instructors we are seeing incredible gains in knowledge retained and performance ability.
Keep up the good work! Each student’s OnMat profile (accessible using your OnMat Now Apple or Android App) will show the complete list of skills and requirements that must be completed for advancement to the next belt level.
Upcoming Events and Happenings
No classes at MTC
January 18th
FUN Tournament
Jan 23
Tip Tests
January 27th and 28th
Colored Belt Test
January 29th
Sign up by January 26th
(no regular classes held)
MTC Ski Day
at Discovery
January 31st
US Open in Reno
February 3-7
Canada Open in Toronto
February 11-14
No classes at MTC
February 15th

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