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FUN Tournament 9/20
Montana Open 10/25
Join the MET
Get your Varsity Letter in TKD
March in the Homecoming Parade
Support Some Dedicated Athletes

FUN Tournament for ALL of MTC– September 20th

We organize the FUN Tournament just for our students. It is the greatest way for everyone, students and parents, to ease into the season. As the name implies it really is FUN and it is a low cost and low stress way to enjoy a tournament.
As an added bonus for the upcoming Montana Open, which we as a school will host on October 25th, the FUN Tournament is the practice  run not only for the athletes but for the volunteers, coaches, referees and supporters.
We are excited to offer for the 1st time ever a new online registration through will add so much structure and organization to our events they will be sure to run even smoother than last year.
To Register for the FUN Tournament
1) Click on the FUN Tournament Link to go to the Fun Tournament Information webpage.
2) Click on the Click Here to Register button. The link takes you to the registration site.
3) If this is your 1st time to the livetkd site you will need to Sign Up.
4) Once you have signed up you can manage your and your children’s information under the Manage Accounts tab. You will manage all family members from one dashboard.
5) On the right hand side of the Manage Accounts page you will check the Self or Parent box for yourself or your kids then under the Athlete Association tab scroll to Use Birthday then enter Name and Birthday in correct fields.
6) Then you will Confirm Competitor Info and Create in System, and Edit Profile.
7) From here it is pretty easy, you will go to the Events tab and click on the 2014 MTC Fall FUN Tournament to register as a competitor, coach, referee, or volunteer.

Montana Open-Our Way to Shine

Once again this Fall we, the entire MTC Family, will be hosting the Montana Open on October 25th.
This is our opportunity to work together to host the greatest event possible for our students and the students from all over the region. Clubs from Utah, Washington, Colorado and California have already shown interest in attending.
See the above article on how to register for both the FUN Tournament and the Montana Open.
Livetkd is how we will register as athletes, referees, coaches and volunteers.
Thank you for joining us!

Join the MET to get more out of your TKD

For 2014 we have created the MTC MET, Missoula Taekwondo Center’s Montana Events Team. After witnessing the tremendous benefits of the NET (National Events Team), wanting to extend those benefits to more students, and considering the room for improvement seen in past local tournament experiences the MET has come to be. An incredible variety of martial artists will find their place on the MET; students who enjoy competition, students who are afraid of competition, students who want to get more out of their Taekwondo experience, athletes who would like to have more success in tournaments, athletes with eventual Nationals aspirations, students age 4-74, white belts, black belts and everyone in between.
MET requirements:
  • Must be enrolled in regular classes at MTC.
  • Must compete in and volunteer at the FUN Tournaments and The Montana Open.
  • Engage in behaviors inside and outside of the Dojang that will be looked upon favorably by your coaches, mentors, peers and juniors.
  • Sparring athletes must also compete in Poomsae. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
Poomsae athletes will pay $75.

MET member benefits (aside from the obvious benefits coming from added training and instruction):
  • 2-5 hours of added instruction time per week
  • (1) semi-private Poomsae and Tournament readiness session
  • Enjoy the benefits of individual competition within the unique environment of training with a team.
  • 2X per week WOD (workout of the day) posting for the exclusive benefit of our MET and NET

Get your Varsity Letter in TKD

All Missoula County Public High School students are eligible to earn a Varsity Letter in TKD. Mrs. R has a full list of requirements, but they include competing in 1 tournament, attaining a red belt or higher and participating in 5 hours of TKD per week.
Commit by September 15th.

All Students Welcome to March in the Homecoming Parade

Coming up on September 27th we will again March in the U of M Homecoming Parade. Practices will be the 23rd and 25th at 7:30PM. Marching and kicking in the Parade is one of the most fun times we have a demonstration group. Event the smallest of our students can make this 1.25 mile trek down Higgins Avenue while handing out candy, kicking and waving to thousands of Missoulians.
The only cost associated with participating in this event is the purchase of the Parade Tshirt. Marchers and helpers will wear their shirts along with their TKD pants and belts and comfy walking shoes.

Get Some Cool Stuff-Support Some Dedicated Athletes

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Amanda has made the USA Taekwondo Poomsae Team and will represent the US at the Pan American Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She will be accompanied by fellow Montanan, Master Dan Williams from Livingston. Ms. Kim Sturre and Lydia Rosbarsky have put together several ways for to be an active supporter in their journey. Lydia is selling hand made flower clips with all proceeds going to the cause, Stick it! Tshirts  are available for purchase (Only 2 days left-ends 9/8) and it is also possible to just make a straight donation via Fundly under the campaign, Send Amanda & Dan to the PanAm Championships. Also available from Mrs. Amanda are 9th World Poomsae Championships Tshirts sold to support her Dowongyuleui Team traveling to  the World Championships. Your support is important, without it our athletes could not reach their goals. US Poomsae teams are not financially supported by the National Organization and must raise their own funds to attend these events.

Important Dates


September 16th and 18th

MTA Referee Seminar 6:15 both days (during the blue-black belt class) Registration Form

September 20th

FUN Tournament

September 27th
Jimmy Kim Invitational

October 3rd
Colored Belt Test

October 4th
Tournament of Champions Tournament
at Sentinel High School

October 25th
Montana Open

November 1st
Las Vegas Open

November 8th
Kalispell Tournament

November 26-28
Thanksgiving Break

December 22-Jan 2
Christmas Break
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