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August 2011 Newsletter

August Camps

Ninja Camp

The much anticipated Ninja Camp is nearly upon us.  We will be accepting a few more campers.  The first ever Ninja Camp is August 9-13 (Tuesday to Saturday), 9:30AM to Noon for 8 year olds and up.  This camp will be a melding of Taekwondo and Parkour and will culminate with a performance for parents on Saturday.  Sign ups are at the Dojang on the bulletin board. Registration Form.


Dae Myung Camp with Grand Master Jae Ho Park
A very rare opportunity to train with Grand Master Park and his son Edison Park are coming up August 26-28. 
 Grand Master Martin of Butte has coordinated an International Dae Myung Moodoo Federation Camp at Clark Canyon Bible Camp near Dillon, Montana.  The schools attending are IDMF schools from around Montana (MTC included), New York, California and possibly Rome, Italy. 

We will receive instruction in Taekwondo, Judo and Hapkido.  Aside from the instruction in techniques participants will come home with tremendous exposure to the Philosophies of the Martial Arts we hold so dear. Grand Master Park, Master Edison and Grand Master Martin are great men and gifted teachers who have much to offer us in the way of knowledge and humanity.

This camp is open to ALL Belts and ages!  We can not stress enough what a life changing opportunity this is and how seizing this moment is tremendously important.

The cost of camp is $130 which includes meals, lodging and instruction without instruction the cost is $95.  This means families can attend.  All campers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please contact Mrs. R for questions about these camps and forms are available at
 From the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

TKD Logistics (PARKING)

Getting to Missoula TKD by foot, bike, bus or car is relatively easy.
Parking at MTC
We enjoy our central location very much, but upon arrival many of our students and their parents confront a different logistical problem—parking.  We are great proponents of parents being involved with their children’s journey in TKD by actively watching class whenever possible.  With that in mind, if you will be staying for the entire class please consider parking in the Northeast corner of the Mall parking lot. This will free up spaces closer for quick in and out and hopefully alleviate some parking stress for those who live in the neighborhood.  Also if you park near the railroad tracks please be mindful of the space trains need to pass through.
From the Desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Map to Southgate Mall Parking Lot

Fall Schedule

Fall Schedule

This schedule begins September 1st, 2011.  Please keep this copy and use our website for future reference.  Also for reminders of special events, schedule changes and or closures please join our Missoula Taekwondo Center Facebook group or sign up to get text message updates on Twitter (text "follow mtcweb" to 40404 from your cellphone then reply with your first and last name to receive important MTC tweets or sign up on Twitter).  This is particularly helpful when there are class cancellations due to belt tests or MCPS holidays.

Website Calendar and Class Schedule.

Fall tests will be September 23rd and November 11th.  

We will be closed for Holidays September 5th, November 23-25th and December 22nd to January 2nd.  These dates are the same dates Missoula County Public School are closed for holidays (not PIR or conference days.)

Within the new schedule you will find changes to Friday and some detailed descriptions of classes we have had and will continue to have.

Note a General Poomsae Class which will introduce poomsae in a quicker format to cover more of the forms. And the Competition Team classes which focus more on presentation elements of the forms and on sparring.  All of the Competition Team classes will focus on self improvement through striving to attain skills that are only within our reach with a maximal level of effort.

Poomsae Practice

Poomse performed during the last Black Belt Test

Lately I have been fielding many questions about how to gain proficiency in Poomsae.  Commonly I hear, “why don’t they practice enough in class to “get it”?”  The most simply put answer is  “If we practiced in class enough to really “get it” we would not have time for anything else.”  

Poomsae, being a set pattern, is one element of Taekwondo that we can become proficient at with practice on our own, and, in fact, will not get past a basic level of proficiency without practice outside of class.

We recommend using the Powerful Poomsae DVDs to ensure correct practice at home.  These DVDs feature Master R and are great for all colored belts at MTC.  We have them on hand and they are also available at
To have proficiency in Poomsae carving out a spot for it in your daily routine is a must.

From the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky


Tue Aug 2- Daniel Wiltse's Bday
Wed Aug 3- Zoe Baggerly's Bday
Wed Aug 3- Braydon Luikart's Bday
Thu Aug 4- Dylan Ardiana's Bday
Fri Aug 5- Colored Belt Test
Fri Aug 5- No Classes
Sat Aug 6- Mrs. Rosbarsky's Bday
Sun Aug 7- Riddick Sanchez's Bday
Sun Aug 7- Josh Poulsen's Bday
Sun Aug 7- Tierra Sleepingbear's Bday
Sun Aug 7- Madison Bell's Bday
Tue Aug 9- Ninja Camp - MTC
Wed Aug 10 Ninja Camp - MTC
Wed Aug 10 DM Camp Registration due
Thu Aug 11 Ninja Camp - MTC
Fri Aug 12 Ninja Camp - MTC
Sat Aug 13 Ninja Camp - MTC

Thu Aug 18 Aiden Berg's Bday
Thu Aug 18 Katie Martin's Bday
Sun Aug 21 Bonnie Dotz's Bday
Mon Aug 22 Blaguna Graham's Bday
Mon Aug 22 Nicholai Komenko's Bday
Mon Aug 22 Clifton Black's Bday
Tue Aug 23 Danette Paige's Bday
Wed Aug 24 George Cassens Bday
Thu Aug 25 Shibu Arens' Bday
Thu Aug 25 Colton Keintz' Bday
Fri Aug 26 No Classes
Fri Aug 26 Dae Myung Summer Camp with Grand Master Park - Dillon, MT
Sat Aug 27 Dae Myung Summer Camp with Grand Master Park - Dillon, MT
Sun Aug 28 Dae Myung Summer Camp with Grand Master Park - Dillon, MT

Sun Aug 28 Logan Means' Bday
Mon Aug 29 Wren Cilimburg's Bday
Tue Aug 30 Rob Bell's Bday

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