June 2013 Newsletter

June Birthdays
1st Alissa Bell
1st Cooper Garr
2nd Ricky Hartman
3rd Jesse Earll
4th Will Watson
4th Shea Keene
5th Johnny Green
6th Lane Weeks
8th Dalton Thick
8th Peter Bensen
9th Wyatt Nelson
10th Soren Temple
11th Lauri Hunton
12th Graham Martin
13th Lupin Sharp
14th Soma Arens
16th Chance Cole
17th Hans Skovlin
17th Anne Fogel
19th Ben Parks
19th Martin Henry
20th Giada Maloney
21st Ashton Warden
26th Peyton Lammerding
27th Adaline Schick
27th Palmer Dunn
28th Nicholas Sale


Important Dates
June 7 th
Summer Schedule Starts
June 14th
Dinner and a Show
(with Kick-a-thon)
June 21st & August 16th
Colored Belt Tests
June 26th
All School Class
June 10-14, 17-21 and 24-28
July 15-19
July 29th-August 2nd
August 12-16
Summer Camps
Dinner and a Show has a New Date and Dinner is back with the Kick-A-Thon
Back by popular demand:
Dinner and a Show: the real deal!!! On Friday June 14th we
will host our Annual talent show/Korean Bar B Q Dinner / MTC National team Kick-a-thon.
This year we had previously
planned to scale it back to just the “show”, but after further consideration and cajoling from
a crowd of previous attendees
we must revive the entire loved event.
The proceeds from this event will go to support our athletes who are striving to enhance their TKD and life experiences by stepping outside their comfort zone to compete at this year’s or next year’s USAT Nationals in
Chicago or San Jose, CA.
Tickets will be on sale in advance at the dojang for just $10 for a family of 4, $4 adults and $2 kids. At the door tickets will be $5 for adults, $3 for kids and $12 for a family of 4.
The Rosbarskys will provide the main dish: Korean Beef Bulgogi, a favorite among our student body. Please plan to contribute to the feast by providing your favorite dish or a needed accoutrement. So we can cover all the bases there will be an online sign up sheet with a link from our Facebook page. Be sure to like Missoula Taekwondo Center
so you stay in the loop.
Historically held in May the new June date will allow for deeper preparation

of your talents. Talents which may be as varied as stand up comedy to juggling to playing an instrument. Also featured will be demonstrations by
the National Team of the form they are preparing to showcase in Chicago.
The 2013 and 2014 Missoula Taekwondo Center National Events Team (MTC NET) will be participating
by earning pledges in advance of the June 14th date then kicking as many times as they can in 1 minute. The more they kick the more they earn. Support
our students who are taking a big step toward their dreams by giving a flat
pledge or pledging per kick they do and of course come cheer them on as they get closer to their goals. Pledge
sheets are at the frontdesk.

Facebook Event Page
Facebook Event Page

Summer Belt Tests—June 21st & August 16th

This summer we will have belt tests in conjunction with the Kickin’ Summer Off Right Camp ending on June 21st and the new Keep Kickin’ Camp ending on August 16th. Both of these camps

will be preparatory for students who feel they need a little extra teaching to feel confident in
their test performance.

The belt test schedule will be all kids/all belts 10:00-11:30AM and all teens and adults 5:30-

Belt testing forms and
sign up sheets will be
available June 3rd.

Belt Requirements

Summer Camps at MTC—a great time to excel

We are offering 6 weeks of camp at MTC this year. 5 for students age 7+ and 1 for students age 4-6.
Taekwondo with a Test AND

The Kickin’ Camps, Kickin’ the
Summer Off Right
and Keep
, June 10-14, June 17-21 and August 12-16 will feature focus on all areas of Taekwondo with our superb black belt staff and daily ceramics instruction by Master Glenn Parks. The 2 weeks in June and the 1 week in August
will both culminate with a belt
test. Aside from being tremendously fun these camps also provide hesitant test takers with a solid way to fortify their courage

with knowledge and practice in a
compact time frame. Also, the
Keep Kickin’ camp will be a great way to boost a martial artist’s skill set after a period of possibly taking it easy through the summer.
Ninja Camp is back!
For years now we have combined Taekwondo and Parkour skills to train a whole crop of ninjas at our Ninja Camps and Ninja Birthday parties throughout the year. This year’s camp will run July 15-19 and is a full day camp.
Demo Camp—fulfilling the desire to be a real life action
star/Power Ranger/Ninja Turtle/Spiderman/etc

.So many kids come to Taekwondo the first time because it is the closest thing there is to being a real life super hero. In Demo Camp Campers will gain skills in
board breaking, stage fighting,
synchronized patterns and get to show off their skills in a live
Demonstration that will also be
recorded to be showcased on
Youtube and missoulatkd.com.
Full day camps are $195-$205. Registering by the Early deadline will save you $10 per camp, so pick up your forms today or print them from missoulatkd.com.
There are also discounts for families with multiple siblings attending.
Annual All School Class-New Location

We, Master and Mrs. Rosbarsky, get to see all of our students each week in our nearly 40 classes. We love and appreciate each of our students
for what they bring to our MTC Family and for the unique way in which we see them growing
into their greatest possible selves. We, instructors and students alike, tremendously benefit from travelling mostly parallel paths of growth

along side each other, and we host our All School Class each year to broaden those benefits and have a little fun.
Once a year we gather all of our students together for a single joint
class. Every student is invited and
encouraged to join us on June 26th in Stevensville at 6PM. We are hosting the event this year at our home

and are happy to provide location details to students via flyer or Facebook invitation.

We encourage car pooling and will share a Potluck afterward

For further details please pick up a flyer at MTC or accept your invitation to the event on Facebook.

A Couple Friendly Reminders

A nosey notion
Although the weather may be a tad schizophrenic, we are in the time of year that we regularly have warm weather. Most all of us have 2 or more body parts that require special care to minimize offensive odors.
We ask that we all take the time to ensure that we are not contributing to an offensive accumulation of odors in the dojang


Communicate important information in writing
We love that we are able to maintain our personal interaction with all of our students. Getting to know students and their families on and off the mat is a very important part of our life, martial arts and business philosophies. We are always ready and willing to talk with you about any element of your family’s

Taekwondo journey. With our growth, however, it is supremely important to
communicate important information in writing as well as verbally. Also, as a reminder, all agreements (except 8 week intro packages) require a 30 day written notice to change. Observing these practices will enable us all to continue to maintain the personal interaction that makes MTC unique.



Paradise Valley Taekwondo Championships
May 4th

PVTC pics 2013

Big Sky Taekwondo Championships
April 1st, 2000



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