August 2013 Newsletter

August Birthdays
1st Sasha Henry
2nd Daniel Wiltse
3rd Zoe Baggerly
4th Dylan Ardiana
5th Madeline Cawley
7th Josh Poulsen
8th Aiden Berg
13th Joseph McEwen
16th Corbin Likeric
17th Haley Cripe
18th Katie Martin
18th Elijah Buckles
20th Kaibri Wattles
21st Bonnie Dotz
21st Hayden Kiely
21st Aidan Harvey
22nd Nicholai Khomenko
22nd Blaguna Graham
22nd Clifton Black
22nd Josiah Davis
23rd Danette Paige
25th Shibu Arens
25th Glenna Cawley
25th Colton Keintz
25th Cory Harrison
25th Wyatt Woirhaye
25th Elaine Parsons
27th Cain Santorno
27th Jake DeSpain
28th Logan Means
28th Patrick Cawley
29th Wren Cilimburg
31st Kelsyn Bevins


Important Dates
August 9-11
Grandmaster's Summer Camp

August 9-11
Greg Tubbs Camp - Kalispell

August 12-16
Keep Kickin Camp

August 16th
Colored Belt Test

September 14th
Fun Tournament 

October 5th
UM Parade - marching 

October 12th
Montana Open
Our Tournament

Fall Schedule
Starting September 3rd this will be our schedule. We observe MCPS Holidays on Sep 2, Nov
27-28 and Dec 23-31. Friday classes will be abbreviated to 1 open gym (4:00-5:00)on belt test
days Oct 4 and Nov 22. Find up to date schedule info on Facebook, our website and Twitter.

Keep Kickin’ Camp-Sun, Fun, Clay and TKD

For all those MTC students who have been
fully enjoying their
beautiful Montana summer
we have a camp to continue the FUN while
banging the dust off your TKD.

In Keep Kicking Camp


August 12-16th daily
9am to 3pm. We will do
all aspects of TKD with
Master R and MTC
Black Belts– sparring,
self defense, poomsae,
demo techniques, basics
as well as a trip to Splash!, time spent in area parks and ceramics

with Master Parks.

Early bird discount of $195 extended to August 5th. Fee includes test, ceramics, water park and instruction.
Final Registration due
August 8th.



Signing in–OnMat Now

Master Rosbarsky and Mrs.
Rosbarsky’s long term and immediate goal with our Taekwondo school is to maximize our positive impact on each of our students. Spending time directly interacting with and teaching all of our students.

We sincerely appreciate everyone joining us in streamlining all of our communication and recording

With the use of our new check in system, OnMat, we now have a simplified check in procedure
where students need only enter
their name (or part of it) and tap a few buttons. Checking in for each class will ensure that students are getting credit toward their next test. There are, and have always been, a set number of classes to attend before a student could

test, now it will be supremely easy to track. With OnMat a student and/or their parent will get an update on their smart phone or other device when they are eligible to test, they will be informed of the next test date, be able to sign up and even pay for the test from their device. We will also be able to communicate each students testing report card directly to the parent.

In August we ask that all parents
come to check in at least once
with their child so that we can
make sure we have all contact and agreement information correct and current in the new OnMat system. We appreciate everyone doing this in August to avoid the crazy rush of September. In the OnMat check in screen our goal is to eliminate all of the red exclamation points that occur when data needs to be changed or updated.

This process will also give each student and/or parent their password for OnMat Now. Which is the parent portal to all things Missoula Taekwondo Center– class schedule, special events schedule, testing, gear purchases


Mark Your Calendars

So many ways to grow, with just
the right amount of time alotted.
We are embracing the fact that opportunities to grow and become your greatest possible self are plentiful around here. Find what sparks you and get on board.

· Camp with Grandmaster August 9-11, Clark Canyon BC

· Camp with AAU National Coach Greg Tubbs August 9-11, Kalispell

· Keep Kickin Camp with Master
Rosbarsky August 12-16

· Fun Tournament (for MTC students only, at MTC) September 14th

· Belt Tests Aug 16 and Oct 4

We are looking for 100% participation
from MTC
for our Tournament.
Save the date:
October 11, 12 and 13th
There are many ways to participate:
· Compete
· Referee
· Volunteer
· Plan
MTC Summer in Review (So Far)

Wow, it has been a whirlwind.

We spent 3 weeks in June hosting full summer camps. Where kids made ceramics, created skits, visited The
Wingate water park (Thank you Kimberly Sawyer) and did oodles of Taekwondo. They were our best summer camps to date.

July was kicked off with a 10 day trip to Chicago for USAT Nationals. Our.

19 member team came home with medals in sparring and poomsae and every single member of our 2012-13 National Events Team had a positive, growth encouraging experience. The level of energy brought back by the team is palpable in any of the classes they have attended since. Then Master Rosbarsy spent another 10 days at the World Championships in Puebla, Mexico where he coached Sven Lorrimer for the Guyana National Team.

The experience Master R brings back to MTC from this experience will influence everyone of our students for a long time to come.

Like I said, a whirlwind, and there is still 1/3 of the summer left to go. The electrified energy of Fall is already being
felt. Let’s embrace it and soak up every chance for growth. Be sure to solidify your spot in Fall classes by attending in August.


July 2013
Some Nationals Pics

Nationals Team

July 27&28 , 2013
MTC Leadership Camp

MTC Leadership Camp

Other ways to keep up-to-date on TKD happenings:

To get the most up to the minute information you can follow us on Twitter. Twitter will send momentary notices by text message to your cell phone regarding schedule changes, fun happenings or tournament updates. To follow us text follow mtcweb to 40404 from you cell phone You will receive a response which you should respond to with your first and last name. You don't need to ever log onto the computer if you don't want....(or sign up online at twitter.com)