April 2013 Newsletter

April Birthdays
2nd Nicolas Riley
5th Mic Johnson
7th Sam Kirschenmann
8th Chloe Teske
9th Julian Staggs
10th Chadney Sawyer
10th Jake O'Brien
10th Austin Clark
11th Patrick Sale
12th Archer Haas
14th Lori Hook
14th Everett Smith
14th Julie McFarlane
14th Julien Feist
17th Matthew Hoskinson
18th Carter Cripe
18th Matthew Schalk
21st Claire Zellmer
21st Christian France-Lind
23rd Benton Adams
26th Adam Gillette
28th Jayden Vetter
30th Autumn Gilleard
30th Ivan Gallego


Important Dates
March 30-April 7th
Spring Break/NO CLASSES
April 8th
Grand Master Miranti
Ju Jitsu clinic
April 20th
Dae Myung Tournament (Butte)
April 27th & 28th
Akiko Reyes Poomsae Seminar
May 11th
Daedo Sparfest at MTC
May 17th
MTC Talent Show
Giving you the Best Experience Possible --
A few changes including a new check in procedure

Starting right after Spring Break, on Monday April 8th, we are turning over a new leaf.

Checking In
To ensure proper class size and to better serve every student. We will begin electronic check in for all students in all classes. To start the new check in process there will be an iPad mounted to the wall just as you enter the main dojang mat area. Students will sign in to their class by using their Student ID# which is their birthday in MMDDYY format. (In the case that they are a twin or have the exact same birthday as someone else a student may also add a 1 at the end of their birthday.)We are aware that there will be an adjustment period for all of our students so Mrs. Rosbarsky and Ms Jorri will be available to assist in the first weeks'

check in. Parents please plan to assist your children in the first few check-ins. In the near future, check-in may also be performed from your own smart phone or other wireless device.

To encourage proper check-in along with the highest possible attendance, we will be holding a monthly drawing for a $50 merchandise gift certificate. Each student who attends and successfully checks in for every one of their scheduled classes in a month will have their name entered to win! Also checking in will become imperative for all students' ability to test in a timely manner. Without checking in for the appropriate number of classes a student will not be eligible to promote.

Pleasant Parking
In our neighborhood it is

easy to recognize the bustle that indicates class time at MTC. To minimize the congestion in our area we are asking that the families that will be staying during class please park in the Northeast corner of the mall parking lot. Enjoy the 1 block stroll to and from class and help alleviate the congestion.

Pleasant Viewing and Kicking
We are very concerned that the experience of our students is being negatively affected by the commotion and noise level off the mat. We ask that we all do our part to keep the focus on the mat: leave the area you use cleaner than you found it, monitor children who are not on the mat, drop students off 5-10 minuets before their class not earlier and please, please, please keep voices down in the viewing area. Thank you for your help we appreciate it!

2 Time World Medallist Teaching at MTC

Students of Missoula Taekwondo Center have a rare and precious opportunity to grow and bond on April 27th and 28th.

It is not every day that a 2 Time World Championship Medallist comes to town. Ma'am Akiko Reyes currently lives in Hawaii, and we are very fortunate that she will be traveling to our dojang on April 27th and 28th to instruct us, guide us and inspire us in our Taekwondo journey.

There will be Poomsae instruction for green through advanced belts. The cost ranges from just $35 for 1 session to $115 (with early discount) for up to 5 sessions. Early registration deadline is April 12th. Find all the details at missoulatkd.com or on the bulletin board at MTC.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to grow in your Poomsae ability and bond with an amazing Martial Artist.


Kick your Summer off Right

At MTC we start off the summer with our most popular camps. Registration begins April 8th.

Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp for kids age 7+ will be held June 14th-18th and 21st-25th, 9am to 3pm daily. (1 or both weeks)

  • Early Registration prices are $195 for week 1, $205 for week 2 and $385 for both weeks. Receive the early registration price through April 30th. Accepting regular registration until May 31st and late registration until June 5th. See registration form for priing details.
  • These 10 days will include all facets of Taekwondo instruction,

ceramics construction and decoration, other art explorations, lots of games and some fun in the sun.

  • Campers who reach for their potential doing both weeks of camp will test for their next colored belt on the final day of camp.

Li'l Kickers day camp, June 24-28, is for our youngest practitioners so they can gain confidence in their abilities inside and outside of the dojang. 4-6 years olds will blossom and thrive in these camps.

  • Early Registration will begin April 8th and is $89
  • Camp will include Taekwondo instruction in forms, sparring, self-defense and basics and other fun and confidence building activities.
  • Daily M-F 9am to 11am

The June camps forms are available on the bulletin board and online at missoulatkd.com.

Master Rosbarsky and MTC Black Belts will also host Ninja Camp, 1 more L'il Kickers camp, Teen Camp, Poomsae Camp, Sparring Camp and a Keep Kickin' Camp all in July and August. Registration for all Camps in July & August will begin May 1st.

Family Time at MTC

Join us for some great off the mat taekwondo family time.

Coming up on May 17th we will host our Annual Dinner and a Show without the dinner. We initially began hosting this event so we could enjoy seeing our family shine in non TKD ways, but in recent years we have been very involved in the logistics of the dinner and other aspects that we did no get to

focus on the talents of our TKD family members. More details to follow in the May Newsletter. Brush up on your talents starting now (some of us already have been).

We will be hosting our Annual All School Class a little differently and combining it with the dinner portion of Dinner and a Show. This year we will be inviting our entire TKD family to our home in

Stevensville on Wednesday June 26th(subject to change based on weather). We will be kicking as a group, cooking bulgogi and sharing a very memorable experience. Details to follow in the June Newsletter.

Then on July 12th, we will have our first ever MTC Family Movie Night at the dojang for free to all MTC families. Details will be in the July Newsletter.

So Many Tournaments and TKD Opportunities

.We encourage all of our students to take part in 1 or more TKD events coming up. The choices are vast: tournaments, seminars and TKD family events. You will find details on all of these events at missoulatkd.com and on our Facebook page.

Our Facebook Page

Here is the list:

April 13 -- Great Falls Tournament
April 13-14 --National Collegiates
April 19th -- Colored Belt Test
April 20th -- Butte Tournament
April 27-28th -- Akiko Reyes Poomsae Seminar
May 4th -- Livingston Tournament
May 11th -- Daedo Sparfest (NET team event)

May 17th -- MTC Talent Show
May 25-26 --Young In Cheon Tournament in LA
May 31st -- Colored Belt Test
June 1st -- State Championships in Butte
June 8th -- 40th Anniversary Celebration of GM Park's school in LA
June 10th-21st -- Summer Camps(Li'l Kickers & Kickin' The Summer of Right)
June 26th -- All School Class



Dae Myung Winter Camp
March 2nd - 3rd

Fun Tournament

Colored Belt Test
March 9th


MT State USAT Qualifier and
MTA Sparring Seminar
March 23rd

US Open

Other ways to keep up-to-date on TKD happenings:

To get the most up to the minute information you can follow us on Twitter. Twitter will send momentary notices by text message to your cell phone regarding schedule changes, fun happenings or tournament updates. To follow us text follow mtcweb to 40404 from you cell phone You will receive a response which you should respond to with your first and last name. You don't need to ever log onto the computer if you don't want....(or sign up online at twitter.com)