November 2013 Newsletter


Important Dates
November 1st
MTC Leadership Meeting 7pm (Biga Pizza provided)
November 9th
Las Vegas Open

November 9th
Kalispell Tournament

November 15th
Colored Belt Test  

November 27-29
Thanksgiving Break
No Classes  

December 23-Jan 3rd
Winter Break
NO Regular Classes

December 31st 2pm
MTC Demonstration at Southgate Mall for First Night Missoula
January 17th
Colored Belt Test
February 17th
No Classes
March 31-April 4
No Classes
Gigantic Opportunity for MTC
(And each of you can help)
We, the Rosbarskys, are
immensely grateful that we get to spend our lives teaching Taekwondo to all of you. We are firm believers in the idea that we should all strive first
and foremost to be our best possible selves and secondly work to positively affect our world in simple and profound ways. The next way we hope to
have a profound affect is
through creating a healthy living afterschool program centered around the principals of taekwondo that we choose
to embrace and hope to pass on to our students. The single most important principal we use is that Taekwondo is for
your whole life.

Missoula Taekwondo Center is in the running for a $250,000 grant to help get this program off the ground.

The grant is through a program called Mission Main Street. 12 businesses nationwide will be
awarded one of these grants. Currently we are in the stage where our friends, family
and students can vote.

We need 250 votes to advance to the next stage.

Voting is done simply at
missionmainstreetgrants.com. You must have a Facebook to vote.

Please vote by
November 15th!

The process is extremely easy and should take less than 1 minute. Please take a minute (literally) and help us get to the next stage.

Taekwondo is a life sport, one you can do from the time you walk to the time you die. Embracing an activity such as Taekwondo can keep kids physically and mentally growing
through much of their life.
The program will also focus
on building knowledge about nutrition and empowering
them to create healthy snacks (all the way from planting the seeds to harvesting), and creating organizational habits to
help them thrive in school and in life beyond K-12.

Thank you MTC Family

When we jumped into
tournament preparations
with both feet this year
we knew that the only
way to pull off an event
like The Montana Open
would be to assemble all
of the tremendous individuals who are part of
the MTC Family and truly
be the whole that is greater than the sum of
it’s parts. And WE were

Thank you to each participant, volunteer, referee, spectator, financial supporter, moral supporter and generally amazing and engaged member of our MTC community. Together we put on a great
tournament in spite of some tremendous uncontrollable, unforeseen obstacles.

We can’t wait to put into action all that we
learned to make next year’s October 25th event an even greater experience.

Last Tournaments of the Season

Many areas of the country
have year round tournaments, but in Montana we don’t find many scheduled when there is
a possibility of snowy or icy

Our last Montana tournament
until Spring will be held in Kalispell on November 9th. Our
Black Belts Ms. Sturre and Mr.
Watson will be attending along
with other MTC students. Interested students should turn their completed paper registration forms in to Mrs. R by November 1st. (For those who do not get theirs in by November 1st, the deadline to have them postmarked
is November 4th.)

The only registration option is on paper. Forms are available on the bulletin board at MTC. Please read the posted rule change information as well. Mrs. Rosbarsky will be happy to answer questions or address concerns.

Also, on November 9th part of the MTC National Events Team will be traveling to The Las Vegas Open. This event is sanctioned by USAT (the National Governing Body for TKD in the US) and will be formatted like The National
Championships our NET will attend in the Summer of 2014. Preparatory events for Nationals are sparse in our area, especially within driving distance, so we will

be splitting up with some competitors headed to Kalispell and some to Vegas.

The next Montana tournaments
will be held in late Winter and
throughout the Spring. No specific dates are set yet for these events. However, based on previous years there should be one in Drummond in January, Our FUN Tournament at the dojang and one additional tournament in Missoula in February, one each in Great Falls and in Billings in
April, one in Livingston in May
and the State Championships,
most likely in Missoula, on May
3rd this year.

The Next Belt Test

Coming up on November 15th we will have our next installment of the colored belt test. This test will be for all prepared students who have their allotted attendance in at
their current belt level. If students have been diligent with their check in they should be receiving an OnMat message that invites them to
test. For those who have been less than diligent or have been at their current belt since before August

Be sure to set up your OnMat parent portal to receive important information
and notices about testing.
It is easy! At jibasoft.com, use the email you gave us and create your password. Also, get the OnMat Now app to have schedule, calendar, testing requirements and other info on your mobile device

please notify Mrs. R that you

would like to test and we can check to see if an attendance override is appropriate.

Students should sign up through OnMat and/or on the bulletin board. We will eventually phase out the
paper signup. Testing fees for all colored belt tests are $25 and must be paid in advance. Sign up is required by November 12th for this

The Wide World of Taekwondo

There is so much going on at MTC it is easy to overlook the fact that Taekwondo activity outside our walls is also bustling.
TJ Curry and Brian Singer, who were here for The Montana Open in mid October jetted off to St Petersburg,Russia to represent the US at

the Sport Accord Games. They, and their team, won silver in 5 man tag team sparring, a new adaptation of
TKD sparring.
And currently Ma’am Akiko, who makes a yearly trip to MTC to polish our poomsae, is preparing to represent the USA along with a large team

at the 8th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships
in Bali. Akiko won silver last year
and is poised to win gold this year. The heights and distances TKD takes people are vast.

The Poomsae World Championships
are streaming on dartfish.tv.


World Combat Games symbols
Ma'am Akiko and Lyd

October 12th , 2013
Montana Open Taekwondo Championships Pictures
Thank you Dan Cripe Nationals Team

October 25th , 2013
Halloween Party Pictures Nationals Team

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