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September 2011 Newsletter

Master Rosbarsky Returns from China

Coaching/Training Staff
I landed in China at about 4 in the morning and it all started.  Shenzhen Universiade banners and volunteers were everywhere.  It was obvious we were about to be part of something special.  We made it to the athlete village and received a duffel bag full of stuff.  We received Shirts, shorts, shoes, warm-ups, and even noise-cancelling headphones.  That afternoon athletes from all countries loaded into 200 buses and traveled an hour and a half to the Spring Cocoon, an immense arena built for this event, for opening ceremonies.  We walked in the side of the arena to the roar of thousands of people.  I have never been so proud to be an American, walking in behind the flag with 450+ US athletes at one of the world’s most prestigious events.
TKD logo
We spent the next seven days acclimating, training and supporting the USA at various events.  Our first two days of competition were Poomsae.  Our competitors faced current world champions from all over the world and performed in stellar fashion.  We failed to walk away with any medals in forms.  Sparring took place for the following four days.  I coached two athletes the first day, two the second, one the third and one the last.Master Rosbarsky Coaching
All of them fought incredibly hard and well.  Everyone we faced had some sort of international experience.  For some of our athletes this was their first international competition. , and they were facing the very best in the world. Some of the highlights for me were coaching Tasha Pruter into the quarter finals and coaching Stepfon Westbrook to the first ever male bantam weight win for the US at the Universiade.
Our last fighter, Aziza Chambers, won bronze in the women’s division.
Thank you to everyone that made this possible.
Master Rosbarsky

Getting a Varsity Letter in Taekwondo

Varsity Letter
We are embarking on a historic year for Taekwondo Teens.  This is the first full year where MCPS students can earn a Letter in Taekwondo.
All eligible students should inform Mrs. Rosbarsky of their intent to letter by September 9th
Requirements to letter include:  having a sports physical, being a USAT member, attaining a 2nd geup red belt, competing in a MTA tournament, maintaining a 5 hour per week average of Taekwondo practice, obtaining a copy of grades from the parents monthly.
This is a great opportunity to gain recognition for the hard work you have and will continue to do in pursuit of your own potential.

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Back in the Swing of Things – Classes and Tournaments

Fall brings routine back to our lives and with it a more consistent TKD attendance.  We look forward to having you all in our lives and a steady basis again.

  • We spent a great summer with camps, our own and those taught by Grand Master Park, tournaments, nationally and abroad and lots of great Missoula summer activities.  As a side note, next summer we will hold the same camps and will add camps based on your input.  All of our camps were at capacity so when sign ups are available, get your name on there early.
  •  Master and Mrs. Rosbarsky are joined by Master Parks, Mr. Watson, Mr. Mikkola, Ms. Hunton, Ms Ardiana and Ms Jes Curtis on the mat and at the front desk to teach and guide our families along their TKD path.  We care what you think and welcome hearing from you on any subject TKD related or otherwise. We have a wealth of knowledge in all of our black belts and other TKD family members and we highly encourage our TKD family supporting each other in the dojang and in life outside of TKD.
  • To help all our students learn more and excel we have restructured Friday classes and are excited to see where this will take us.  Come try out a new class.
  •   To start your tournament season off right, we are once again holding the MTC FUN Tournament on September 17th.  This is the perfect event for all MTC Taekwondoists, those who are new to tournaments Fun Tournamentand even for those who are new totaekwondo.  This event is low stress and low cost enough to suit the most timid beginners.  Registration begins September 6th and ends September 16th.
  •   The Fall tournament season will continue with tournaments in October and November in Missoula and Kalispell.
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Belt Testing

8/5/11 Belt Test
Hopefully I can answer some of the many questions about tests and open the doors for more questions to be answered.
The next belt test will be held on September 23rd.  We generally hold group colored belt tests every 6 to 8 weeks, however, students should test every 3-4 months. Colored Belts should have a minimum of 2 tips to test.
Poomsae is a required element at each test, as are kicks, strikes, blocks, self-defense and terminology.  White belts age 7 and older are required to know Taeguek 1, white belts age 4-6 will perform Basic Form 1 (with or without help). Yellow belts and above will be tested over 1 new Taeguek and 1 new Palgwe at each test and should retain all previous forms.  When testing for Sr. Yellow one should know T2 and P1, for Green T3 and P2, and so on.

The sign up sheet or the next test is on the bulletin board. Please sign up and pay the $25 testing fee 1 week in advance.

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

The Belt Requirements Page on the webpage can be helpful in preparing to test.  It will have the requirements in .pdf format and several pictures and video to help with the different kicks, strikes, blocks and stances.  (The test may not be limited to the requirements list, but also include other techniques learned  in class).


Functional Fitness with Keane Hamilton

Bulgarian Bags

Functional Fitness is a group fitness class taking place at Missoula Taekwondo Center.  It is called functional fitness because every movement you will do in this class is a natural, and functional body movement.  You will jump, lift, climb, throw, push, run and much more.  We use our own body weight, medicine balls, Bulgarian bags, and much more.  Workouts are created and led by trainer Keane Hamilton.  Keane is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has a B.S. in Exercise Science.  He was also one of Master Rosbarsky’s first Taekwondo students. 
Keane is also currently training the national team at MTC.  Come check out Functional Fitness at MTC.  Your first class is free!!  Classes take place Mondays and Wednesdays 11am to noon, and 4:30pm to 5:30pm.  Contact Keane Hamilton for more info or feel free to show up to class.
Facebook page



Thu Sep 1 Fall Schedule Begins
Sat Sep 3 Casey Deschamps' Bday
Sun Sep 4 Veronica Duran's Bday
Sun Sep 4 Elliot Standen's Bday
Mon Sep 5 Labor Day - No Classes
Wed Sep 7 Cory Emlen's Bday
Fri Sep 9 Jullian Keith's Bday
Sun Sep 11 Adam Whitlatch's Bday
Tue Sep 13 Vincent Hughes' Bday
Wed Sep 14 Mason Mertel's Bday
Sat Sep 17 MTC Fun Tournament
Sun Sep 18 August McCubbin's Bday
Mon Sep 19 Sam Bryan's Bday
Wed Sep 21 Briar Parks' Bday
Wed Sep 21 Shannon Bell's Bday
Fri Sep 23 TJ Porter's Bday
Fri Sep 23 Colored Belt Test
Sun Sep 25 Jonathan HagEstad's Bday
Mon Sep 26 Daniel Smith's Bday
Tue Sep 27 Jeff Kirshenmann's Bday
Wed Sep 28 Anne Marie Brinkman's Bday
Thu Sep 29 Jessica Backus' Bday
Fri Sep 30 Kamryn Cutting's Bday
Fri Sep 30 Karen Hammond's Bday
Sat Oct 1 Jimmy Kim Tournament

Pictures from August:

Colored Belt Test
Ninja Camp
US Coaches and Trainers
Colored Belt Test



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