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June 2011 Newsletter

Summer Schedule

We understand that your summer may take you to the lake a few days a week1 or out of town for a week at a time, and we invite you to compensate for that by coming to any classes that work with your schedule even if they are not your usual class.  If you need some guidance please contact Mrs. R.

We look forward to a wonderful summer of growth for each of us and for our entire TKD family. (click on schedule to see larger image)

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

More Summer Camps Coming

Our Kickin' the Summer off Right Camp filled up faster than ever this year so we have put together some more great camps for July and August.  There is still a little room in the 4-6 year olds Lil Kickers camp June 13-17th.

5 day of  Poomsae will be July 18th-22nd.  Mrs. Rosbarsky will not just teach forms but also how to add your own flavor and personalize your forms so you (and your audience) enjoy your performance.  Green Belts and above, all ages are welcome 9:30-11:30.  Red and Black Belts only 12:30-2:30.  Red and Black belts are recommended to attend both sessions.  $85 for 1 session or $150 for both.  10% Early Bird discount by June 24th.  (MTC Black Belt Instructors also receive an additional 10% discount on both sessions.)

Teen camp for MTC students age 13+ will be July 29th and 30th.

Ninja Camp for ages 8 and up will be August 9-13.  This camp combines Taekwondo and Parkour and includes a performance on Saturday the 13th. Previous MTC Taekwondo experience is required.  The cost is $105.  $10 discount for Early sign ups by July 15th.

Overnight camp with Grand Master Park August 26-28.  More soon.

We would like to hear requests from all our TKD families about dates, times, content and ages for other camps you would like to see this summer or summers in the future.  Although we love to hear from you in person the best way to make your request stick is to email it to
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

June 2nd All School Class and Pictures

The All School Class is scheduled for 6pm at Franklin Park.  As it appears rain is imminent, our contingency plan is to meet at 6pm at MTC.  We will creatively structure the "class" to get everyone moving together.

Individual pictures will be at MTC 3-6PM.

Group pictures will follow the class at 7pm.  EVEN IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE CLASS PLEASE COME FOR THE GROUP PICTURES SO YOU CAN BE INCLUDED IN THE MEMORIES.  Pictures by Steven Begleiter.

The Bar-B-Q is postponed to save the 100s of doboks and the mat at MTC.

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

June 3rd Belt Test

All Belt Test takers on Friday June 3rd should be dressed out ready to go at 4:45.  The test will last until 6:45.  As with all Colored Belt Tests please be prepared to show all your required basics, poomsae and self defense.  The cost to test for all colored belt levels is $25

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Master Rosbarsky to Coach World University Team

In April athletes from around the US traveled to the University of California-Davis to compete in the 2011 National Collegiates.  The black belt athletes who won their respective divisions will now travel to the World University Games at Shenzhen, China.

Master Rosbarsky has been asked to be part of the coaching staff for this highly competitive team.  He will travel to China to coach the team at the WUG and to Mexico for the high altitude team training camp.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Master R to gain a lot of international experience and for the Collegiate National Team to be positively effected by our loving, intelligent and hard working coach.  The greatest aspect of this is the positive effects this will have on wave upon wave of MTC students.  for years to come we will be reaping the rewards from this expansion of our collective knowledge and our wider field of vision.  It may truly make the world a smaller place for our aspiring martial artists and make what was once a far off goal a tangible carrot just out of our reach that will be fully attainable with some purposeful practice.

Congratulations and good luck to Master Rosbarsky for being the kind of coach that others look to to lead our promising athletes.  We know you are the right person for the position and look forward to the fires that you will ignite with this experience.

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Congratulations Graduates

Every year we are impressed with the quality of the High School graduates from our TKD family, and this year we are brimming with talented, driven and perfectly poised martial artists.

In naming specific MTC students and alumnus I may miss some students from the past and I apologize for that, but here are the current (and a few recent past) graduates.  The MTC Class of 2011 is Mr. Andy Mikkola, Mr. Kyle Hammond, Mr. Shibu Arens, Lisa Dallapiazza, Kelsie Maricelli, Will Hunt, Alex Geizler, Jeannie Williams, Shaun Bummer and Matt Dollar.  Also Ms. Karyn Resch has graduated summa cum laude from Boise State.

Congratulations to you all, we have enjoyed watching you grow along your path so far and are excited for you to carve out your path for the future.



Wed Jun 1 Cooper Garr's Bday
Wed Jun 1 Alissa Bell's Bday
Thu Jun 2 TKD pictures 3pm – 6pm
Thu Jun 2 All School Class 6pm – 7pm
Thu Jun 2 Black Belt / Candidates Meeting 7:15pm – 7:30pm
Fri Jun 3 Colored Belt Test
Sat Jun 4 Adam Peitz' Bday
Sat Jun 4 Shea Keene's Bday
Sun Jun 5 Johnny Green's Bday
Tue Jun 7 Ruth Bartholomew's Bday
Wed Jun 8 Dalton Thick's Bday
Wed Jun 8 Keegan Ahlman's Bday
Wed Jun 8 Lillian Vawter's Bday
Wed Jun 8 Peter Benson's Bday
Wed Jun 8 Booster Club meeting 5:30pm
Thu Jun 9 Wyatt Nelson's Bday
Fri Jun 10 Soren Temple's Bday
Sat Jun 11 Lauri Hunton's Bday
Sun Jun 12 Graham Martin's Bday
Mon Jun 13 Karli Mortel's Bday
Mon Jun 13 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp
Mon Jun 13 Lil Kickers Day Camp -
Tue Jun 14 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Tue Jun 14 Lil Kickers Day Camp -
Wed Jun 15 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Wed Jun 15 Lil Kickers Day Camp -
Thu Jun 16 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Thu Jun 16 Lil Kickers Day Camp -
Thu Jun 16 Christian Jones' Bday
Thu Jun 16 Chance Cole's Bday
Fri Jun 17 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Fri Jun 17 Lil Kickers Day Camp -
Fri Jun 17 Hans Skovlin's Bday
Sat Jun 18 Carson Brandt's Bday
Sun Jun 19 Father's Day
Sun Jun 19 Ben Parks' Bday
Mon Jun 20 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Tue Jun 21 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Tue Jun 21 Sienna Helms' Bday
Wed Jun 22 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Thu Jun 23 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Fri Jun 24 Kickin' Summer Off Right Camp -
Sun Jun 26 Payton Lammerding's Bday
Tue Jun 28 Nicholas Sale's Bday
Tue Jun 28 - July 4th Nationals - San Jose, CA
July 1st & 4th - 4th of July Holiday NO CLASSES
July 18 - 22 Powerful Poomse Camp
July 29 - 20 Teen Camp
Aug 9-13 Ninja Camp

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Black Belt Ceremony



Nationals Team practice


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