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Holiday Shopping for your Martial Artist

December is here and the holidays are going to be upon us in the blink of an eye.

If you have a martial artist to shop for, we have many items on hand and can order many more for you.

We have doboks (uniforms), every piece of gear needed for sparring., T shirts, fleeces, water bottles, shoes, socks, wallets, lunch boxes and more.

Gear Package reg. $99
Doboks reg. $40
Poomse DVDs reg. $60
If you need something we do not have in stock, we can order nearly any martial arts thing you may want.  Some things you  may be interested in are kicking bags, belt displays, special uniforms or gear bags. 
Special orders should be placed by December 10th to ensure arrival before the Holiday break.

1st Women's Retreat @ Fairmont

Join TKD Women from across the state to connect, rejuvenate and develop a vision for the future.
Postponed til after the Holidays

December 11th and 12th at Fairmont Hot Springs, the Montana Taekwondo Association Women's Council will convene it's 1st gathering.

All Montana Women age 15 and up with an interest in the roll of women in Montana Taekwondo are welcome to be a part of this inaugural event.

The $50 fee covers lodging (ppbdo), food, swimming and activities.

New Classes and Slight Changes

Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
White Belt 4-6 years old
Kids Yellow-Senior Yellow
Beginning 7-12 years old (white belts)
Taeguek Ill jang
White Belt Poomse
Kids Green-Senior Blue
Beginning 4-6 year old
(white belt)
4-6 year old
White Belt Sparring
7 years & up Beginners
All Ages Yellow-Senior Green
Yellow-Senior Green Belt Poomse
Yellow-Sr Green (intermediate)
TKD at your pace (Adults)
Blue-Black Belt Poomse
Beginning Teens and Adults
All Ages Blue-Black
Sparring 7 years old+
all belt levels
All ages Blue-Black
Competition Team
Work Out


We are so very blessed to have a continually growing MTC family.  Each week we are seeing new faces join us and see others who are honing their skills and progressing.  January is the time of year where we see an influx of new students, so in anticipation we are adding 2 new classes to the Monday and Wednesday schedule.  Mr. Watson will be teaching both new classes: a Beginning class for 7 year old and up from 5:30-6:15 and a Yellow through Senior Green Belt class from 6:15-7:15.  These classes meet in the Red Dojang.

We want to open these up to our current students first, so if either of these classes interest your family please confirm with Mrs. R that you would like to switch by December 15th.  Then we will fill the rest of the openings with new students.

These additions will necessitate another slight shift.  The very popular "At Your Own Pace" class will now be held on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 instead of Monday and Thursday.
from the Desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

TKD Family Pot Luck and Paddleball Tournament

1Saturday December 18th we will host the 3rd Annual Paddleball Tournament followed by a Holiday Pot Luck.

All MTC students, parents and siblings are welcome to participate.  We will hold 2 brackets: 11 and under and 12 and over.  (We may adjust this based on actual participants.) 3 person teams (no substitutions). Each match will be refereed and made up of (2) 3 minute halves, with a 1 minute overtime if needed.  Full rules will be available for view the week of the tournament.  Sign up by December 16th on the front counter to participate in the tournament.  Also, if you would like to play but do not have a team assembled yet, put the word out there about your free agency by jotting your name on the sign up sheet as well.  Registration fee is $30 per team.  This is a slight increase over last year to offset the cost of replacing paddles that are very well worn from paddle ball practice and games and to purchase a plaque for the dojang to be engraved yearly with the name of the overall winning team.
The Pot Luck is for our entire MTC Family and will begin at 2PM.  Please plan to bring your favorite holiday dish to share, or if you don't have a culinary masterpiece bring drinks. :)

This is a crazy time of year for us all and we would like to offer this moment for us all to enjoy a simple gathering and enjoy some good food and competition.

From the Desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

First Night Demonstration

It is time to break some stuff!! (And to show off our other awesome skills.)  ALL MTC students are welcome and encouraged to be part of the Demo Team.
Demonstration practices will begin December 7th and be every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-7:30 through the 21st.  There will also be practices over the Holiday Break on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th from 6:00-7:00.  These practices may be extended depending on how the demonstration is coming together.  There will also be a final rehearsal on the 31st at 11AM followed by lunch and then heading to the Mall for the Demonstration at 2PM.  It is likely that we will also demonstrate at the Missoula County Health Fair on January 8th also at the Mall, time for this demo will be early afternoon exact time to follow.

If you would like to join this demo team please sign up on the counter at the gym and plan to be available for all practices.
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky




Fri Dec 3 7:30pm Movie Night Lock-In starts
Sat Dec 4 8:30am Movie Night Lock-In ends
Mon Dec 6 Harrison Graham's Bday
Mon Dec 6 Oz deSoyza Adams Bday
Tue Dec 7 7pm – 7:30pm Demo Practice
Wed Dec 8 Jared Knutson's Bday
Thu Dec 9 Scott Larson's Bday
Thu Dec 9 7pm – 7:30pm Demo Practice
Fri Dec 10 No Classes
Fri Dec 10 Colored Belt Test - MTC
Fri Dec 10 5pm – 8pm Holiday Wish List Shopping - MTC
Sat Dec 11 11am – 1pm Holiday Wish List Shopping (cont) - MTC
Sun Dec 12 Cooper Cornette's Bday
Mon Dec 13 Zachary Roosa's Bday
Tue Dec 14 Chance Weidman's Bday
Tue Dec 14 7pm – 7:30pm Demo Practice
Wed Dec 15 Ryan Cagle's Bday
Wed Dec 15 Dawn Mortel's Bday
Thu Dec 16 Chase Goodman's Bday
Thu Dec 16 7pm – 7:30pm Demo Practice
Sat Dec 18 10am – 2pm Paddleball Tournament - MTC
Sat Dec 18 2pm – 4pm Pot Luck
Sun Dec 19 Paul Befumo's Bday
Mon Dec 20 Kanon Saunders' Bday
Mon Dec 20 JJ Dolan's Bday
Tue Dec 21 Kira Gordon's Bday
Tue Dec 21 7pm – 7:30pm Demo Practice
Wed Dec 22 Dan Rhode's Bday
Thu Dec 23 Tessa Samuels' Bday
Thu Dec 23 Winter Break/ No Classes
Fri Dec 24 Winter Break/ No Classes
Fri Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Sat Dec 25 Christmas
Sat Dec 25 Melvin Jones' Bday
Mon Dec 27 Winter Break/ No Classes
Mon Dec 27 Andy Mikkola's Bday
Mon Dec 27 6pm – 7pm Demo Practice - MTC
Tue Dec 28 Winter Break/ No Classes
Tue Dec 28 Jack Yeakel's Bday
Tue Dec 28 David Jackson's Bday
Tue Dec 28 Brian Gragg's Bday
Tue Dec 28 6pm – 7pm Demo Practice - MTC
Wed Dec 29 Winter Break/ No Classes
Wed Dec 29 Mara Parks' Bday
Thu Dec 30 Winter Break/ No Classes
Thu Dec 30 6pm – 7pm Demo Practice - MTC
Fri Dec 31 Winter Break/ No Classes
Fri Dec 31 Andrew Unbehend's Bday
Fri Dec 31 Stellios Bonadurer's Bday
Fri Dec 31 Megan Himber's Bday
Fri Dec 31 Joseph Gillett's Bday
Fri Dec 31 New Year's Eve
Fri Dec 31 11am – 1:30pm Demo Practice - MTC
Fri Dec 31 2pm – 3pm First Night Demo

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