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July 2014 Newsletter:


Important Dates

July 14-18th
Flips and Tricks Camp
July 28-August 1
Poomsae and Sparring Camp
July 16-20
39th Korean Martial
Arts Summer Camp

(promoted jointly by
MTC, University of
California Berkeley
Martial Arts Program,
and UM Big Sky TKD)
July 19th
Big Sky State Games Taekwondo Competition
August 15th
Colored Belt Test
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NET Team Travels to San Jose

The Missoula Taekwondo Center Facebook page will be burning up with pictures and updates from the USA Taekwondo National Championships in San Jose California July 1-7th.
19 athletes form MTC have been training since September for these upcoming moments. Over these many months we have been building skills, knowledge and muscle.
Whatever the outcome at the end of this tournament each of these athletes has already gained many skills they will carry with them for their entire lives. If we have done our preparation properly getting to step on the mat for the actual competition will be the delicious icing on our cake.
Best of luck to our 2014 team:
Kim Sturre
Amanda Rosbarsky
Annie Graham
Austin James
Abbey Ardiana
Blaguna Graham
Dylan Ardiana
Filip Langner
Nicholas Sale
Scotty Graham
Lydia Rosbarsky
Ckhai Iverson
Adam Kelley-Jorgensen
Sam Lehr
Harrison Graham
Patrick Sale
Grace Dunn
Palmer Dunn
Edison Rosbarsky
We look forward to sharing our experience with everyone via Facebook and always love to see the cheers coming from back at home.

Thank You to MTC Community of Black Belts


Our Spring and Summer have been so full of incredible opportunities for growth in our Martial Arts lives. Without a devoted, energetic and knowledgeable group of Black Belts we could never afford to seize these opportunities. So, thank you to each of you.
Our entire TKD family has benefitted from the diverse teaching approaches of our squad of instructors and we all will continue to benefit from the growth of the knowledge base of our instructors.

Summer Camps

Coming up in July we have 2 camp options.
Our Flips and Tricks camp on July 14-18th will be for all interested students who want to gain skills in the athletic and acrobatic skills that you see showcased in our demonstrations like First Night Missoula. Campers will work to put together a demonstration of their range of skills at the culmination of camp and will also earn a prime spot in our First Night Demonstration on December 31st. Advanced registration cost is $195.
Then at the end of the month Mrs. Amanda and Master R will teach Poomsae and Sparring camp July 28th-August 1st. Poomsae camp from 9-11:30 each day is for kids, teens and adults green belt and above. We will not only work on learning the forms (mostly Taegueks) but we will also identify and learn how to fully utilize each person’s strengths and how to overcome or work with any weaknesses we may have. We will also introduce some Freestyle Poomsae elements as well. Sparring camp with Master R will be held in the afternoons 12:30-3:00. Sparring camp is for green belts and above. Master R is fresh from the World Collegiate Taekwondo Championships and US Nationals. He is sparked with great new ideas of how to apply what he sees on the world stage for every willing sparer here in our dojang.
It is possible to do full day ($195) Poomsae and Sparring or choose one or the other ($105).
Registration forms are available to download on

Summer Belt Tests a Little Different

We will have 2 tests during Summer 2014. Rather than the usual 3 session test on Friday afternoons broken down by level, at each of these tests we will have 1 morning kids session and 1 evening teen/adult session.
June 27th’s test was attended by 45 MTC students. 37 kids tested in the morning and 8 Teen/Adults tested in the evening.
We will host our next tests on August 15th with the same format. The morning test will be in conjunction with the Keep Kickin’ Summer Camp. Test fee will be included for campers who are eligible for their next test.
Colored Belt Tests at MTC are $25. Payment must be made in advance. Students interested in testing should see an invitation in their in box if they have attended the appropriate number of classes. If you are interested and have not received an invitation please see Mrs. R. Aside from knowing your required techniques and forms a general testing timeline is every 3 months after attaining yellow belt.


Save the Date for our (MTC’s and your) BIG Event

October 25th

The Montana Open-Taekwondo Championships is the event that we, the MTC Family and MTC Families, hold here in our community to bring our wide world of Taekwondo together for one great celebration. This year we will be offering up invitations to Taekwondoists from near and far.
The only way for this event to be all that we hope for it is if every one of our TKD family members joins in to offer their own special talents and contributions.
There will be an incredible range of ways to participate. Put it on your calendar now so we can top the fantastic event we had last year.
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