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Niceties of the Nose

Special Springtime Considerations at MTC

We love the boosted energy and increased attendance that comes with Spring at MTC and we tolerate the added aromas, but we would like to head off some smelliness. Here are some tips, new policies and information that will help us breath more deeply.

1) Please take care that your self and your uniform are clean for each practice. If you don’t like laundry perhaps a 2nd dobok would be a good investment. They are $40. Please wear shoes to TKD so we don’t track dirt onto the mat. Please take stock of the odors of your own self. De-odor-ant may be deemed necessary.
2) The locker rooms have begun to be overrun by stuff (some of it smelly) and we are experiencing higher than usual lost and mistakenly taken items. We can curb this by each of us making a few small adjustments. Beginning no all students should designate a bag for their Taekwondo uniform and gear. Bags are available for purchase at MTC for $20 and up. When you are in class put your street clothes and other items in the bag and put the bag in a cubby (or with a parent.)
We will be completely clearing out the locker rooms on March 19th. All remaining items will be available for viewing and retrieval March 23-25th. Items not claimed will be donated to Good Will on March 26th.

Booster Club at MTC is helping out

In recent months the MTC parent and Student organization, The MTC Booster Club, has given out scholarships and financial aid to students in need, students exemplifying the tenets and to athletes pushing chasing their dreams. There are lots of ways to be involved. Find out

In This Issue

· Niceties of the Nose
· Summer Camp details
· Booster Club Info
· Upcoming events and happenings
“Master Rosbarsky is one of the most awesome people I have ever has the pleasure of knowing… His heart is pure and his ability to teach and emotionally connect with others uncanny… I have learned so much from being around him...not only in a technical standpoint but an emotional one as well… hi is a true sahbumnim...I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to his beautiful home, and by home I mean his martial arts facility which is truly a warm vibrant positive atmosphere where you immediately feel like you belong...”
· Master Antony Graf
7X USA National Team Member

Upcoming Events and Happenings


No classes at MTC
March 30-April 3
Coincides with MCPS Spring Break
National Collegiates in Newark, Delaware
April 4th and 5th

Colored Belt Test
(no regular MTC classes)
April 17th

MTC Talent Show
(no regular MTC classes)
May 8th

International Taekwondo Festival, Los Angeles
May 30-31

Kickin’ Summer Off Right Camps
Week 1 June 15-19
Week 2 June 22-26
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The best way to have up to date information and be informed of schedule changes through messages sent to your phone is to:
1) text: follow mtcweb to 40404
Receive a verification text asking for your name
2) reply: your first and last name

Summer Camps at MTC

Summer camp registration begins on April 6th.  The camps are:

· Kickin’ Summer Off Right (full day) Week 1, June 15-19
· Kickin’ Summer Off Right (full day), Week 2, June 22-26
· 2 week Kickin’ Summer Off Right Camp, (earn your next belt) June 16-27
· Lil Kickers Camp (1/2 day camp), June 15-19
· Poomsae Camp (1/2 day, Blue belt+), July28-August 2
· Sparring Camp (1/2 day, Blue belt+), July 28-August 2

Early Bird Discount: April 30th
Multiple Family Member Discount: 5% on the first week for each camp attendee in families with 2 or more campers per camp.  10% on each additional week.                                                                                                                                   
Multiple Week Discount: 10% on the second week . 15% on the third week. A camper doing their 2nd week of camp gets a 10% discount on the second week. The 3rd week of camp gets a 15% discount.

Full day camps are around $225/week and 1/2 day camps around $125.

Registrations will be available at the Dojang April 6th and to download as a PDF from our website

2/7  FUN Tournament Pics CLICK HERE
February 27th Colored Belt Test
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