The Bulletin - Friday 29 September 2017

St Paul's Girls' School

Volume 7 Issue 2

September 2017

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Upcoming Highlights

Colet Day Service
Thursday 5 October
St Paul's Cathedral

The foundation of the St Paul’s schools will again be celebrated with a joint service in St Paul’s Cathedral on Thursday 5 October 2017. The service begins at 2.30pm and lasts about an hour. Entrance is strictly by ticket only and parents with tickets are reminded to arrive in plenty of time due to heightened security measures in place at the cathedral.

Dmitri Alexeev Concert
Friday 6 October
4.15pm, Singing Hall
No tickets required 

Dmitri Alexeev is one of the world’s most eminent concert pianists and pedagogues, giving recitals on the world’s leading concert stages and performing with the most prestigious orchestras.

MIV Parents' Evening
Monday 9 October
4.30-7pm, Great Hall

Joint Concert

Thursday 14 September saw the confluence of highly musical students from the two St Paul’s schools for our annual Joint Concert. The concert was held here, and it was wonderful to hear Mozart and Sibelius emanating from the Great Hall. This year’s programme consisted of Mozart’s Coronation Mass, with fantastic solos sung by Maya B (soprano), Brooke B (soprano), Soojin R (mezzo-soprano), Astrid S (mezzo-soprano), Daniel A (tenor) and Thomas M (baritone), as well as excellent conducting by Mark Wilderspin from the boys’ school. Next, the orchestras of the two schools came together for an impressive performance of Sibelius’ Symphony No. 1, conducted by Leigh O’Hara and featuring beautiful solos by oboes and clarinets. It was a remarkable start to the year, setting the bar high for future performances.
Ines VII

Senior Scholarship

Every year, girls in the VII are invited to undertake a piece of individual research over the summer and apply for one of our Senior Scholarships. As ever, the standard was extremely high. Many congratulations to the three winners, now in the VIII:
  • Cecily for her submission entitled ‘The Deviant Family of Pearl 
  • Laura who created a fictional supreme court judgement on assisted suicide
  • Thea who wrote on ‘Building a wind turbine: how the information age allows us all to be engineers’
Alice, Zara, and Ryoko should also be congratulated for their highly commended submissions.

Friday Lecture Series

Dr Angus Lockyer

On 8 September, as the first in a series of Friday lectures, Dr Angus Lockyer from the history department of SOAS spoke to the Senior School. Dr Lockyer promised an engaging talk which would supposedly explain the entire history of the world. Although the audience was somewhat doubtful of Dr Lockyer’s ability to summarise global history in under half an hour, somehow his simple model did just that. Its system of interlocking factors was equally applicable to neolithic society and the present day. Dr Lockyer criticised the Eurocentric nature of historical teaching and the stagnancy of much present historiography. This lecture made us question the purpose of history and the narrow focus of many curricula.
Rosie and Marianne VIII

Dame Celia Hoyles

It is often easy to accept the stereotype of men leading the scientific and mathematical fields, yet Dame Celia Hoyles’ lecture on how women impact discovery in these areas inspired us all. She invited us to question the shortage of women in faculties of leading universities, and inspired us to consider futures in the mathematical and scientific fields with the stories of historical female mathematicians such as Ada Lovelace, and contemporary role models such as the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Maryam Mirzakhani, (the first female recipient of the award). Despite being such an outstanding mathematician, Dame Celia stressed that Mirzakhani continued to have a real lack of confidence, so we should have faith and confidence in our own ability as we pursue our interests.
Tallulah VIII

Emma Colliver

It was a real pleasure to welcome back Emma Colliver, OP and Head of Fundraising for Oracle Cancer Trust. Starting with an emotional recount of her own experience with the disease, she then explained how this has helped fuel her passion to effect change and make a difference. Her lecture was filled with advice for a scientific career, yet also for business and charity work; her part-time studies as a Data Science Master’s student at UCL meant she was able to share some of the incredible research behind tackling head and neck cancer. Her anecdotes from St Paul’s and Cambridge was a real treat, especially for those of us completing university applications at the moment. She helped us realise how anyone can make a difference and contribute to a bigger cause.
Tallulah and Sabrina VIII

Women for Trump

On Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 of November, I directed a cast of five girls from the V to the VII in my original play, Women for Trump. Written from interviews conducted from July to December 2016 in different locations across America (including New York, Washington DC, and the rural town of Leesburg, Virginia), the play aimed to present and explore a range of viewpoints on potentially the most divisive political candidate in recent history, whilst also incorporating broader themes of the role of gender in modern American society. Women for Trump explored in depth why a man so frequently accused of demeaning and insulting women received 42% of female votes. Working collaboratively on this text with such an amazing and dedicated cast has been a wonderful experience, as has been seeing my own work performed by such a talented group of actors.
Carolyn VII

American College Representative Visits

This time of year is busy with visits from a host of US colleges and universities keen to talk with our students and discuss options with regard to the American higher education system. On Wednesday morning, girls from the VI to VIII welcomed Sayaka Smith, a representative from Tufts University for a breakfast meeting. An institution with an emphasis on collaborative and interdisciplinary academic exploration, girls have been increasingly interested in the Undergraduate Programme. Maddie Onstwedder OP is due to graduate next summer, and Anika Agarwal has just begun her freshman year as part of the Class of 2021. Tufts also offers a unique combined degree five-year program with the School Museum of Fine Arts.
Sonia VIII

Robson History Prize

Congratulations to Rosie in the VII who's essay entitled 'Did Lollardy pose a serious challenge to the late medieval church?' was highly commended in Trinity College Cambridge's Robson History Prize. You can read Rosie's entry here.

Debaters at Dulwich

Four teams travelled to Dulwich last weekend for the first competition of the season. Emma and Ilyana in the VII won their first three debates to qualify for the grand final, in which they advanced a feminist case for buying and selling babies. Emma triumphed as best speaker and Ilyana was placed fifth out of 96. Nicola (VII) and Rebecca (VI) came at least 2nd in all their debates and Ruk (VI), Vicky, Liberty and Joyce (V) all performed well. One fascinating motion to get us all thinking was 'This house welcomes the decline of the USA as a global superpower'.
Ruk VI

European Day of Languages

On Wednesday, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. The day began with an assembly where Miss Wenham encouraged girls to experiment with made-up languages before going on to give an overview of the origins of various famous ‘secret’ languages such as Nüshu, Verlan and Polari. In lessons all day girls encountered the slang related to the modern languages they were studying, such as ‘Plattdeutsch’, ‘italiano colloquiale’ and ‘jerga’. The existence of slang is proof that languages are living entities and that every generation will find their own ways to play with them.

Castalian Quartet Concert

Mr Roberts, one of our visiting music teachers, is a member of the fantastic Castalian Quartet, who gave an exciting performance at St Paul’s. The professional quartet of international renown, have performed at many European music festivals and achieved top prizes in several international competitions. They played Mozart’s String Quartet in E flat which contrasted with Schubert’s dramatic Death and the Maiden quartet. The players were fully committed to the music and performed it with astonishing energy as they harmoniously wove their parts together into one seamless whole. I would strongly encourage Paulina musicians to play chamber music; it is an intimate and fruitful experience that allows you to interact with other people through the language of music.
Andreana V

In Conversation with Laura Donnelly

On Monday we welcomed Northern Irish actress Laura Donnelly, who is currently starring as Caitlin Carney in the West End hit The Ferryman, for an enthralling question and answer session about her career in film and on stage. Chaired by Tom Attenborough, who directed Donnelly in The Wasp, she answered questions about everything from the tiring daily schedule of an actor, to the 'need, not a choice' to become an actor, to the political relevance of Irish history today. Her talk was made particularly poignant by the parallels between her own family history and the plot of The Ferryman: her character’s husband is one of ‘The Disappeared’ during the Troubles, a plot point inspired by the disappearance of her own uncle. Donnelly spoke about how the cast (who were all Irish) had had similar experiences and memories of growing up during this politically fraught time, evident in their powerful and truthful performances. Donnelly offered an insightful and valuable look into what may seem the foreign and magical world of acting.
Sophia VIII and Beri VII

Feature Photo

On Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 September, girls from the UIV to the V performed Skellig, a story for the child within all of us dealing with terrible fears and darkness, yet ultimately it is hope that triumphs, culminating in survival against the odds. The production, co-directed by Meghane and myself in the VI, incorporated a minimalistic set, elements of physical theatre, and the use of torches to transport the audience into the world of the play. Thank you to the cast for all their hard work; directing Skellig has been incredibly rewarding and we hope you enjoyed the show! 
Matilda VI

Languages Lecture

Girls from the Senior School had the amazing opportunity to chat with Mark Belcher, a UN interpreter who had just flown in from New York. For languages students especially, it was a chance to find out about a really exciting career path and discover what it's like working for international institutions. We learnt a lot in a very short time, from why the Russian embassy only uses its own interpreters to what happens when you mistranslate an idiom in front of an entire conference hall!
Sasha VII

Trips and Exchanges

MIV Annual Trip to Stubbers Activity Centre

Recently, all of the MIV went to Stubbers to get to know each other better and bond in a relaxed, fun manner. We started off doing teamwork challenges like lining up silently in alphabetical order, which was hilarious as we had to mime our surnames, but not as challenging as navigating a balance beam to get into birthday order! After lunch, we went over to the lake in our enormous life jackets to try the unusual challenge of raft-building. Overall I really felt like I got to know the rest of my tutor group much better. 
Maddie MIV

LV Trip to Stubbers Activity Centre

On Wednesday last week, the LV returned to Stubbers; our second trip brought back memories from being excited well as remembering a very wet raft-building session. Luckily it was less rainy two years later! After being jumbled up into groups, we tried out some challenging activities such as team building, crate stacking, rock climbing, paddling, and the ever-popular raft building (only the lucky ones survived without being drenched again!). It was thoroughly enjoyable experience, and has definitely brought us closer together as a year group. Stubbers is always something to look forward to if you're in the lower years.
Anna LV

VI Geography Fieldtrip to Dorset

During the first full week of term, 63 geography students in the VI went to Dorset to undertake a field study investigation. We arrived in Studland Bay, a place of legend as foretold in geography lessons, and conducted an extensive investigation into biotic and abiotic changes within sand dunes. After a scenic lunch on the beach with Old Harry and his wife, we went to Swanage where we learned about different methods of coastal protection. The second day was spent investigating the shopping districts of Bournemouth, all in the name of geography of course! We wanted to see if the sphere of influence of a large out-of-town development was having a positive or negative impact on local high streets.
Ana VI

V and VI Art Trip to Berlin

This July, 16 girls from the V and VI travelled to Berlin to spend five days discovering the city through an artist’s eyes; from buried parts of the once-divided city to the bustling streets of the modern day, all interconnected by vibrant trams and the supremely efficient U-Bahn. During our last two days we were based in a striking converted studio in Kreuzberg, trying to capture our rich impressions of the city from the three previous days. We were lucky enough to work with artists Mira O’Brien and Keegan Luttrell to create both collaborative and individual pieces. When we weren’t sketching, we enjoyed early breakfasts of croissants in cafés and spontaneous searches for ice cream at 11pm!
Meera and Sasha VI

Senior Drama Trip to Against

Last Wednesday the A level drama students took a trip to the Almeida Theatre to see Against, a show starring Ben Whishaw. Following the story of Luke, a billionaire who gets sent a message from God to 'Go where there's violence', the play takes us from a university campus, to a food distribution centre, to a prison. Despite moments of exciting movement and striking proxemics, the play lacked a clear message, and as a result did not come together as a cohesive story.
Costi VII

Sports News

U14 GSA Tournament

Last Friday, our U14A and U13A netball teams embarked on a five-hour coach journey to Condover Hall, Shropshire, for the annual GSA netball tournament. On Saturday morning, we were on the courts bright and early to play five 14-minute pool matches against teams from all over the country, including Manchester and Shaftesbury. We won our first four matches easily, scoring 57 goals and having only 4 scored against us, and qualified for the trophy round along with the five other top U14 teams. We finished in fifth place after winning our final match, ending the day on an excellent note beating Marist 11-8. Emma and Anna in the LV were named our MVPs for the tournament. Overall it was a fantastic and highly successful weekend of netball, preparing us well for our upcoming Middlesex and National preliminary tournaments.

U13 GSA Tournament

The U13s were bursting with energy ready for their nine games on Saturday in their first tournament away as a team. They started their first three games fantastically with three solid wins, before being beaten by Godolphin & Latymer. This, unfortunately, got us in a bit of a slump before a standout two wins to end the day, which qualified the team to the trophy round. Sunday’s games were tougher and more demanding. After a win against Notre Dame, we finished the weekend in fifth position.

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