The Bulletin - Friday 24 March 2017

St Paul's Girls' School

Volume 6 Issue 11

March 2017

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LV Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Thursday 20 April
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SDC Art Exhibition
Thursday 20 April
6-8pm, Great Hall

Concerto Concert
Wednesday 26 April
7-9pm, Great Hall

Parfitt Day
Tuesday 2 May
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Junior Play: Alice in Wonderland
Wednesday 3 May -
Friday 5 May
7-9pm, Drama Studio

From the High Mistress

As term comes to an end, I wish you all a very happy holiday and thank everyone for their efforts during this most hectic of terms. We have had an inspirational few weeks with the St John’s Smith Square Concert featuring Carmina Burana; a Celebration of Sport where Kiko Matthews told us about her planned transatlantic rowing challenge; and a very arrestingly gritty VIII play in Welcome to Thebes. In the middle of all this our Dads4Daughters campaign went national: over 6000 people took the unconscious bias test and we continued the debate on strategies for improving workplace equality to a packed Great Hall of fathers and daughters on 15 March. Did you know there are more male CEOs of FTSE 100 companies called John than all the women put together? We all learned a lot and came away with new ways of thinking. Our work has also attracted the attention of the UN’s HeForShe campaign which is wonderful as this was our inspiration from the start. Your daughters continue to amaze with their varied talents and irrepressible spirit. Enjoy their company while you can over the Easter break. Of course many Paulinas will be on visits during the holiday - from Washington to Siena, Dublin to Devon - and we wish staff and girls safe travels.           


After the campaign was launched a year ago at St Paul’s we were delighted that on 15th March hundreds of fathers of daughters celebrated the first ever national Dads4Daughters Day. Schools up and down the country marked the day, as did several organisations from banking to insurance, to management consultancy to the legal profession, by holding an event or taking our unconscious bias test. We even went international with fathers as far flung as Ghana and New York taking the test; and we were delighted with the extent of press interest. Closer to home at St Paul’s we welcomed fathers and daughters from LV-VIII to an evening of discussion. We were thrilled to welcome back Annie Auerbach,OP, of Starling Strategy who spoke of the unconscious biases pervading advertising, as well as two OPs, Christobel Smales and Rebecca Frank, and their fathers to speak of their experiences. Some stimulating unconscious bias ‘training’ was also led by members of the VIII, and several fathers contributed their perspectives from the floor. We are already thinking about next year with our primary aim of getting the state sector more involved. As fathers repeatedly speak of the challenges of achieving flexible working hours, we are convinced that our campaign is one which is striving for gender equality in its broadest possible sense. We do hope that more fathers will want to get involved and take the initiative into their workplace. If you want to get involved please get in touch.
Liza Coutts, Director of Communications

Friday Lecture Series

Dr Arabella Simpkin
On 3 March, Dr Arabella Simpkin, OP and paediatrician, delivered a Friday lecture on uncertainty. Dr Simpkin is the founder of Greyscale Spaces, which provides training in resilience and tolerance of uncertainty to professional organisations. She described how her experience of studying medicine at Oxford had not trained her for the highly unpredictable environment of a hospital, and stressed importance of adaptability in an erratic world. Indeed, Dr Simpkin warned of the dangers of relying on prepared contingency plans (however comforting it is to do so) as it can lead to a failure to think on one’s feet, even when the situation requires it. She stressed the value of subjects like History in better preparing doctors for ambiguity. Dr Simpkin’s illuminating talk was particularly relevant to aspiring medics, in its demonstration of the links between a fear of uncertainty and stress amongst doctors.
Kiran VIII 
Sophie Murray
Our penultimate Friday Lecture of the year was given by Sophie Murray, OP and Head of Marketing at Harrods. Miss Murray told us about her career path, starting from her time as a Paulina and moving to the excitement of opening and running a very successful seaside restaurant. She then went on to give a couple of anecdotes surrounding her current job, from tackling publicity scandals to sourcing (and wrapping) a helicopter for a client to give to his wife within 24 hours! The fascinating lecture ended with Miss Murray highlighting work realities she hadn’t thought about when she was at St Paul’s, such as what it is like to work with male colleagues.

Welcome to Thebes

This term saw the VIII’s wonderful production of Moira Buffini’s Welcome to Thebes, a play in which Buffini uses classical characters to create a contemporary political fable, exploring the turmoil in Thebes in the wake of a brutal war. Whilst there were some brief moments of comedy, the evening was a shocking representation of a dystopian world and proved an intense viewing. The incredible set consisted of four eroding pillars and a floor filled with gravel, which really fostered a sense that the audience were in the middle of a war zone. With excellent performances from Paulinas and Paulines alike, it was an unforgettable evening.
Cressida VII

Spring Concert

On Sunday 12 March, around 150 talented Paulinas united with the Colet Choral Society at St John’s Smith Square for our annual Spring Concert. Three witty pieces by Cecilia McDowall followed the lively opening of the first movement of Schubert’s Symphony no 5 by the Chamber Orchestra. Eric Whitacre’s Cloudburst, sung by the Senior Choir and Colet Choral Society, includes parts for handbells, percussion ensemble, piano, soprano and baritone soloists, a Spanish speaker, clapping, and finger-clicks (the latter provided on the night by a very willing audience) to build its stormy soundscape. The massed choral forces and the Symphony Orchestra performed a stylish and thrilling rendition of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, striking off on the right note with the famous ‘O Fortuna’. The boundless enthusiasm of all performers made the evening a resounding success.
Gabbi Freemantle, Music Department Manager 


For the past three years, the art department have invited an Artist-in-Residence to work with the V for a week in the spring term. This year, Molly Palmer led an exploration through a wide range of media, including film and textiles. The final piece focused on the ‘the state between walking and dreaming’ which informed the title ‘Neither Here nor There’. Paulinas star in the film, sporting their own customised tabards and self-designed props, and after a tutorial with Ms Palmer, inventively worked with a green screen. You can watch the film which features locations across the school here.
Nicole V

In Memorium

A tribute to Richard Michell has been installed on the Marble this week, displaying MIV artwork they dedicated to the memory of Mr Michell. Initiated by the Paulinas themselves, they decided to draw scissors, inspired by the first lessons Mr Michell taught them. They ended the lesson with a minute silence. You can watch the video which has been playing on the Marble showing the lesson and the artwork here.

Musical Achievements

Congratulations to all the girls who took part in the Richmond Singing Festival but in particular the following prizewinners:

Anna in the UIV won the Girls’ Challenge Cup and her Vocal Solo Class.
Tian in the UIV and Tallulah in the VII won the Songs from the Shows Classes in their respective age groups.
Brooke in the VII placed second in the Vocal Solo Class, first in the Junior Recital Class and was awarded Young Singer of the Year 2017. 

Francesca in the UIV should also be congratulated for winning the EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) regional final in Advanced Class II and being invited to attend the National Final on Saturday 8 April at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester. Good luck Francesca!

Parents' Guild Sports Club

The Sports Club offers use of the school swimming pool to members on Saturday 10am-1pm, Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm, Tuesday and Thursday
5.30pm-7.30pm during term time. In the summer holidays the pool is open Saturday and Sunday from 10am-12pm (subject to availability of enough lifeguards and parents willing to do supervisory duties). Tennis is not available while work is carried out on the court area. All OPs and parents are eligible for membership which costs £60 inclusive of two adults plus children and each adult member may bring one guest. All members are required to undertake supervisory duties in the swimming pool foyer two or three times a year. For more information please contact David Pope

Assassins Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in Assassins this year. Overall the Charities Committee raised a fantastic £1,100 for our school charities! Over three days of deception, the 350 participants were whittled down to two winners:

Lower School:
Ela in the UIV (7 kills)

Middle and Senior School:
Anna in the V (9 kills)

Italian Day

To celebrate Italian Day, we were thrilled to welcome Simonetta Agnello Hornby, a women and children’s rights lawyer and award-winning novelist, who was brought up in Sicily but has lived in London since 1970. Mrs Hornby spoke to us about how she co-founded a law firm in Lambeth in 1979 that was the first in England to have a special domestic violence unit. In 2000, she decided to become a writer and her debut best-selling novel, La Mennulara (The Almond Picker), has been translated into more than ten languages. Although Mrs Hornby wrote her books in Italian, she also used Sicilian words, so it was particularly interesting for us to understand the difference in meaning and to learn some new Sicilian expressions.
Nathalie VII

French Day

On Monday 20 March we celebrated French Day with a French lunch and activities for all the year groups including a chance for the MIV to LV to design magazine covers and a conference from historian Isabelle Janvrin for the V. On top of this, there was also the fantastic opportunity for girls in the VI and VIII to partake in an hour-long improv session with French actress Emilie Perreaudeau. This was a great way to enhance their ability to speak spontaneously in French ahead of oral exams.
Millie VI

Science Week

Science week 2017 involved an explosion of extra-curricular activities run by students in the VII and VII in which the younger girls could partake. They built edible marshmallow towers, upcycled bottles into bird feeders, dissected a medley of invertebrates and made lip balms. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a cloud chamber build followed by particle detecting, fire writing and flame tests. The MIV worked hard on group investigation projects to present at our very own Science Fair. In lessons the UIV designed Mars landers and enjoyed a tour of the Solar System in the inflatable planetarium. The LV had a go at programming Lego Mindstorm robots and the V made necklaces using their own DNA. We participated in science week events at other schools including the A level science conference at the boys’ school, and a lecture on human consciousness as well as the Physics & Pizza Pub Quiz, both at Godolphin & Latymer. Finally, we were thrilled to host eminent biologist Professor Dave Goulson as part of the week of festivities who gave a fascinating talk entitled 'Saving our bumblebees'.
Emma Payler, Head of Science

Celebration of Sport Evening

The celebration of sport event recognises athletes from the VI-VIII who train so hard for their sport to be recognised. With so many girls involved, it was a long but inspiring evening. It began with Kiko Matthews, our guest speaker, speaking of how, having managed to conquer a life-threatening disease called Cushing’s, will attempt to break the women’s record for fastest time to solo cross the Atlantic Ocean later this year. She discussed the importance of not being afraid to try, as well as living every day like your last, and delivered a moving and provocative speech. Awards were presented in the form of colours and trophies, and everyone in the VIII who has participated in extracurricular sport was given a rose. The evening ended with the senior rowers eight being awarded team of the year.
Costi VI

Soirée Musicale

The music department finished a wonderful term of music making with the Soirée Musicale on Tuesday 21 March. The concert was a delightful mixture of all that goes on here and featured many performers from the MIV to VI. The concert opened with a poised performance by Sinfonia and finished with a cheeky rendition of songs from Matilda by the Junior Choir. In between, there were classy string pieces by Highly Strung and Baroque Ensemble; ambitious playing from the Concert Band and Wind Band featuring a lovely trumpet solo from Isabel (LV); beautiful choral arrangements from Middle School Choir and Cantamus, and close harmony performances by VIth Sense and The Queen Keys with a debut arrangement written by Tara (VI).
Heidi Pegler, Deputy Director of Music

Prometheus Bound

On Wednesday 22 March, the Singing Hall was transformed in a crash of thunder to a desolate ravine, where Prometheus was chained as a dissident of the tyrant Zeus’ new regime. His crime? The compassion he had shown for the human race, including bestowing on them the gifts of fire and civilising arts. During the play he was visited by Oceanus, a sympathetic sea captain and Io, an unwilling lover of Zeus changed into a heifer and damned to eternal wanderings by Zeus' jealous wife. Throughout, Prometheus was comforted by a chorus of the Oceanides, who also acted out tales of Zeus’ fight for control of the Universe and the help that Prometheus had given to mankind. The performance ended as it had begun, in a crash of thunder, with Prometheus and the Oceanides doomed by Zeus’ herald Hermes to be imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus.
Laura and Alice VII
Image by Leane in the VII

MIV Charity Fair

On Wednesday 8 March, the Great Hall was transformed into a bazaar with many colourful stalls selling home-baked goods, sweets with a theme, smoothies and milkshakes, candyfloss or friendship bracelets. We had many games, a nail boutique, wonky stuff, a tombola, origami, manga, slime, roulette, henna, bath bombs and Easter chicks. The girls’ stalls were very carefully planned, this year with business plan training beforehand in PSHE lessons, and very professionally laid out. The event raised a staggering £1067.96. Half of the takings will go to the school charities and half to the bursary fund. We are very proud of all of the girls’ efforts and innovative ideas, and it was great fun to see them in action during the lunch hour.
Kate Frank, Head of MIV and Lower School

Barnes Music Festival

Last Friday Cantamus performed at the Barnes Festival in a programme which featured music for their forthcoming tour to Belgium. There were wonderful choral performances, including a new piece by Bernard Hughes entitled 'Perhaps', as well as other choral delights by Sarah Quartel, Stephen Hatfield and Bob Chilcott. Members of the choir also turned soloist with delightful piano solos from Joyce and Emily in the LV, a piano duet by Tian and Francesca in the UIV, and Andreana (LV) made full use of the St Mary’s organ in a delightful rendition of Bach’s Praeludium in A major. Anna in the UIV sang a beautiful vocal solo and other musicians were featured in the Borodin String Sextet and Hellmesberger Violin Trio. The festival was a great warm up for our forthcoming trip to Belgium.
Heidi Pegler, Deputy Head of Music

VIII Irish History Conference

On 10 March VIII historians were treated to two talks from Professor Alvin Jackson of the University of Edinburgh and author of our main textbook. He firstly considered why the Union failed, focusing on the different strands of Irish nationalism and the importance of the First World War. He then went on to give a very interesting complementary talk on why the Union lasted as long as it did, looking at who supported it, for what reasons and in what way. Overall, it was a stimulating way to spend a Friday afternoon, having just finished our course in Anglo-Irish history 1791-1921.

Youth Parliament Elections

The elections for the Member of Youth Parliament and Youth Mayor for the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham took place over the course of two weeks in January and February, with results announced on 20 February. Candidates had to prepare a manifesto with both a local and a national policy, which they thought represented the views and concerns of young people in the borough. Sara in the V and I were selected from St Paul’s. We met with councillors to discuss our policies and then filmed our manifesto. The campaign process was varied, interesting and allowed us to be active in ensuring that as many young people as possible were involved. Record-breaking numbers of young people voted and became politically engaged. Congratulations to Adam Elbounabi, the new MYP and Hiba Al Moosawi, the new Youth Mayor.

606 Club Jazz Performance

The first ever St Paul’s jazz concert took place on 5 March at the world-famous 606 Club in Chelsea. A packed club full of friends and family were treated to a wide array of performances featuring an eclectic range of styles including jazz, soul, pop and Latin-American performed by numerous combinations of instrumentalists ranging from soloists to 18-piece jazz bands. Nicole Kitsberg in the V thought that ‘the atmosphere was really lively and it was really exciting to play in a venue where so many professional jazz players have performed’. The reception the girls received could not have been warmer and the club have already invited us back next year on 18 March 2018. Save the date!
Matthew Dickinson, Head of Wind, Brass and Percussion

French Drama Festival

On 8 March, seven Paulinas went to King Alfred School in North London to take part in the annual French Drama Festival. We acted out an excerpt from Fugue en Duo Majeur where two pensioners in a retirement home have disappeared. We follow the bumbling inspectors Laurent and Roland and the gossipy elderly ladies on their search for the missing retirees only to find they had eloped to get married! It was enormous fun performing and watching the other schools' scenes, not to mention that our very own Charlotte in the VII was awarded the Best Supporting Actress prize.
Giulia VII

Talent 2030 Engineering Competition

This year, six LV Paulinas were shortlisted for Talent 2030, a National Engineering Competition for girls, and were invited to represent St Paul's at The Big Bang Fair, a STEM fair held at the NEC. The two groups were Allaa, Sabina and Charlotte whose project was ‘Preventing Cyclist Accidents using PIR Sensors on London Buses’, and Jess, Laura and I who presented ‘Pushing the boundaries of efficiency with Electric Cars’. Although only two of us could attend the fair, it was a great experience with opportunity to explore other projects and we had a wonderful time explaining our ideas.
Liberty LV

Classical Reading Competition

On Wednesday 15 March, a group of Paulinas attended the Classical Association Reading Competition at Queen’s College. It was a very successful day: the UIV team of Inaara, Jan-Chidi and Jiawen came first out of 15 teams performing a comic Latin scene, winning gold; joint silver was achieved by both Emilie and Guard in the VI, reading, respectively, a Greek poem about a grasshopper and a speech by Virgil in which Dido implores Aeneas not to desert her; and Nicole in the VII won joint gold for her performance of a passage from Tacitus encouraging soldiers to mutiny. I really enjoyed listening to the many different interpretations and hearing these languages aloud, as they are meant to be experienced.
Tallulah VI

Working Lunch

This term the new Working Lunches Committee organised and ran three lunches which focused on law, journalism and science. Parents working in these fields kindly came in to talk to a group of seniors over lunch about their career paths and the realities of the working world. We have had some lovely feedback on the lunches, with Nathalie in the VII saying 'It was interesting to see how wide-ranging a career in law can be and the options available to make your career compatible with your personal life', and a parent telling us that they 'enjoyed it immensely and thought the girls were utterly delightful'.
The Working Lunches Committee

Model United Nations

Last Friday a contingent of eight Paulinas and two Colet Fellows made their first trek up to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School for the opening ceremony of the weekend’s Model United Nations conference. Representing both the United States and Angola, our delegates spent three days passionately arguing for and against resolutions, passing pun-believable notes to other delegations, proposing amendments, and speaking in front of the General Assembly. I received a Best Delegate award, despite being in the much-ridiculed Ecology & Environment committee. Overall it was well worth the strain put on homework time, with an excellent and educational time had by all.
Sophia VII


On 16 March, the annual music competition, Songfest, was held. This year there was a wide variety of covers, ranging from recent hits to songs from the last century. There were also some brilliant original songs in each category, including a complex electronic composition which made use of an electronic pad linked to a computer. In the cover of ‘I See Fire’, a loop pedal was also used, which allowed for the guitar and vocals to be layered, which made it sound like many people were playing at once. Of course, there were some wonderful stripped-back performances too. Well done to all of the extremely talented performers who took part!
Yasemin V

Feature Photo

Following the Built Environment Careers Forum at the beginning of the month, some Paulinas were treated to a tour of the new building. Constructions managers Dan Matthews and Luke Oakford (above with the girls) from 8Build explained the various construction stages and processes, and particularly how the green roof will be built.

Trips and Exchanges

VI Mandarin Trip to Chinatown

On 23 March, the Chinese department treated the VI classes to a trip to Chinatown. Heading down to Leicester Square as a big group, we were given the chance to explore this distinctive area, whilst completing a challenge to find a variety of Chinese goods. We then sat down to a wonderful dinner with over five courses, including dumplings, spare ribs, Peking duck, noodles and more. We all had a great time, and it was a lovely way to end the Chinese GCSE course.
Riya VI

VII Geography Trip

At the beginning of this month 14 VII geographers travelled to the Isle of Wight to practise different methods of data collection which we could later apply to our own independent geographical investigations. Guided by our all-knowing mentor Keith, we carried out a variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques that ranged from surveying local people and mapping land use to taking the 'dirty hands test' to identify soil types. A highlight of our trip was visiting the coastal town of Ventnor, where we got to question the Mayor Jason Mack on the local council’s plans on regeneration and investment and the sustainability of such projects. The trip was lots of fun and was a great opportunity for us to hone our geographical skills and apply them to real-life investigations.
Sophia VII

Sports News

Middlesex County Finals

It has been another fantastic year for netball, with the crowning moment arriving last Saturday as the senior first netball team won the U19 County Finals (pictured above). This is only the second time that a St Paul’s netball team has earned the title of Middlesex Champions since the competition began 43 years ago in 1973! The U16s and U15s both finished respectably in third place with an outstanding performance from the player of the tournament Nina in the VI. The U14s finished in sixth place and the U13A netball team finished in second place in the finals. They remained unbeaten through all nine of their pool games and their semi-final, but lost to Godolphin & Latymer after a well-fought battle. Finally, the U12s came third (pictured below), which shows great promise for the future of netball at St Paul’s.
Rachel Mulloy, Netball Coach

National Schools Lacrosse Tournament

Our lacrosse second team became runners up at the National Schools Lacrosse Tournament this term. Boosted by the confidence of a quick first win, we found our stride for the rest of the day, coming together as a unit to beat the rest of the teams in our section with only two draws. We were ecstatic to be able to proceed to the finals at the end of the day after beating Benenden in the semi-finals, but St Catherine’s walked away the winners after a close final. Nevertheless, we left the tournament with much pride in our achievements and teamwork.

European Fencing Championships

Congratulations to Avery in the V who made British fencing history with her team at the European Fencing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The British team defeated Ukraine to win the silver medal, which was the first time that the GB cadet epée team has won a medal at the European Championships. Avery did very well in the individual competition and now enters the next season ranked #1 in the UK and #21 in world cadet epée fencing out of 373 competitors.  

Public Schools Fencing

Avery has also represented the school along with three other Paulinas at the Public Schools Fencing Championships.  They all performed extremely well in the girls’ epée events, competing against students from public schools all over the country. Out of 60 entrants, Avery won first place in the Junior epée and Inés in the VI came fifth. In the Mount-Haes epée category, Gisela came eighth and Maya came 22nd out of the 71 participants in the category. Congratulations to all girls involved.

Women's Eights Head

On Saturday 11 March, the senior and J16 eights slapped on their sun cream ready to take the Women’s Head by storm. The senior eight came fourth in the J18 category, placing a fantastic 42nd overall out of over 300 crews, the best result the boat club has ever had at Women’s Head! The J16 eight also did extremely well to come 14th in a very large J18 category.
Anika VIII

Hammersmith Head

Sunday 5 March saw some brilliant racing from the St Paul's Boat Club at the 4km Hammersmith Head. The seniors took to small boats, racing a quad and a coxed four. The quad put in a good performance to win their category, which consequently made them the fastest junior women of the day, whilst the four also performed very well and placed fifth. The J16s raced an eight and placed third whilst the J15 quad placed tenth. It was also a first race in the eight for the J15s who raced brilliantly to finish in fourth place. Chelsea in the V said that prior to the race, the experience was ‘somewhat daunting’, but that ‘after a good warm up and some words of wisdom from our coaches, we faced the race and surprised ourselves with a constant rhythm throughout’. 
Lucinda VII

Sports Results



U12 Greater London County Tournament
U12 Greater London County Tournament
Fourth place
B County Champions
1st Putney High School GDST 6 - 5

2nd Putney High School GDST 5 - 3
Putney High School GDST
Putney High School GDST
5 - 5
5 - 6
1st U18A National Schools Lacrosse Tournament Third place in Division One

2nd U18 National Schools Lacrosse Tournament National runners up




U15 National Schools Lacrosse Tournament
U15 National Schools Lacrosse Tournament
U14A National Schools Lacrosse Tournament
U13A National Schools Lacrosse Tournament
Finished in the top eight

Fifth place in pool play

Finished in the top 8

Finished in the top 16




The Godolphin & Latymer School
The Godolphin & Latymer School
The Godolphin & Latymer School
The Godolphin & Latymer School
The Godolphin & Latymer School
The Godolphin & Latymer School
The Lady Eleanor Holles School
The Lady Eleanor Holles School
The Lady Eleanor Holles School
The Lady Eleanor Holles School
Middlesex County Finals
Middlesex County Finals
Middlesex County Finals
Middlesex County Finals
Middlesex Schools
Middlesex Schools
Notting Hill and Ealing High School
Notting Hill and Ealing High School
St Benedict's School, Ealing
St Benedict's School, Ealing
St Benedict's School, Ealing
St Benedict's School, Ealing
Surbiton High School
Surbiton High School

11 - 15
19 - 15
13 - 11
2 - 9
1 - 12
2 - 12
12 - 6
11 - 10
7 - 5
10 - 3
County Champions
Third place
Third place
Sixth place
Second place
Third place
11 - 5
15 - 2
31 - 6
19 - 17
31 - 5
34 - 5
14 - 13
27 - 13

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