The Bulletin - Friday 27 January 2017

St Paul's Girls' School

Volume 6 Issue 8

January 2017

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Upcoming Highlights

Colet Play
Wednesday 1- Friday 3 Feb
7pm Celia Johnson Theatre
£5 for students
£7 for adults
Available here
(All proceeds go to the school charities, Let Girls Learn and The Eve Appeal)

Need something to lighten the mood in these glum winter months? Then don’t miss your chance to buy tickets for this year’s Colet Play! The VII have all been working hard on their production of Patrick Barlow’s comedic spy thriller The 39 Steps, which features heart-pumping chases through the London Palladium, down the side of a moving train, and across the Scottish moors.

From the High Mistress

A very happy new year to everyone from all of us. A few flakes of snow last week had us quite excited, but so far, an extreme weather event for this year seems to be at bay and the term is in full swing, with Wellbeing Week a fresh highlight.

Wellbeing was the theme of OP Dr Miranda Kaufmann’s school birthday assembly (we just turned 113). Miranda (pictured below) is now a successful historian, blogger and raconteuse, but told how she sometimes felt intimidated by the array of ‘inspirational women’ she heard speak at school. Her own story, which included two years suffering with the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder, showed her that life does not have to be a seamless record of success, but rather that recovery from setbacks can make us stronger. It was a great message for us all.

Wellbeing was also at the forefront of our recent music assembly. Miss Pegler rehearsed some new hymns and encouraged us to enjoy singing (no problem there – we mostly do) for its aerobic benefits and its uplifting effect on the spirits. Apparently, a hall full of people singing together eventually find their heart beats aligning! What a great symbol of community, I thought.
Please enjoy reading about the other start of term activities here and I look forward to seeing you in school soon.
Clarissa Farr

Friday Lecture Series

Madeleine Wickham
We recently welcomed Madeleine Wickham (who writes under the pseudonym Sophie Kinsella), the author of 23 novels - including the well-known shopaholic series - to St Paul’s. She reflected on her unconventional route into the writing profession, drawing similarities between her own workplace experiences and those of her most famous protagonist, Becky Bloomwood. She encouraged all of us to embrace creativity and view writing as a means for finding a voice. We were urged to consider the phrase ‘everything is copy’ as we tackle our own challenges and to take inspiration from them. Mrs Wickham talked about some of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of writing, for instance the process of translating her books into other languages - but equally stressed the difficulties of her profession. 

Russian Day

On 24 January, the much-awaited Russian Day returned to St Paul’s with a myriad of activities. During lunch, there were two sessions of Russian-style ballet run by Monica Nicolaides including excerpts from La Bayadère (pictured above) for both beginners and those who were more experienced. Also, Bristol University’s Russian Professor Robert Porter gave a talk applicable to all linguists on the value of reading literature in its original language. After school, there was a screening of some of the Soviet Union’s most beloved cartoons including the Russian Winnie Pooh. However, an event at St Paul’s wouldn’t be complete without some delicious and appropriate food, and as always, our amazing catering team whipped up some Russian classics including mushroom stroganoff, chicken kiev and traditional blinis.
Sophie VI

Classics Society Lecture

Last Monday, Professor Stephen Oakley from Cambridge University, came to give an enlightening lecture titled ‘Ovid and the Fun of Being in Love’. Professor Oakley explained that Ovid created a new way of viewing love, and unlike previous generations of love poets and his contemporaries, such as Tibullus and Propertius, Ovid presented love in a less serious way in his poems. His poems were filled with hyperbole, unromantic imagery, risqué topics and parodied clichés – creating a new branch of poetry that took a light-hearted and humorous approach to the topic of love.
Ryoko VII

German Study Day

Last Saturday St Paul’s hosted 40 students from schools across London for the annual Deutsch-Studientag. The workshops were focused on German culture as well as divulging some handy exam hints. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet other sixth-formers studying German and everyone commented on the enthusiasm of the St Paul’s German department! The opening speech by Frau Uli Hesse, from the Deutsche Botschaft, on relations between England and Germany in the time of Trump and Brexit was particularly relevant and gave an insight into the difficulties faced when two different cultures interact. 
Juliet VIII

Dads4Daughters Day: 15 March

Wednesday 15 March will be a day when all fathers everywhere will be asked to commit themselves to achieving greater gender equality in the workplace – the future workplace of their daughter. The cornerstone of this will be to encourage all fathers to take a new unconscious bias test, which we are developing with BLINC Partnership and Split Second Research, followed by a personalised pledge based on their results. The test will be sent to you on the day itself. If you think you could encourage your organisation to distribute the test, please do get in touch and read this briefing document.

Students Supporting Street Kids AGM

On 5 January, Alice Harray and Naomi Sandars in the VII attended the SSSK AGM as members of the SSSK Committee. SSSK is a charity run by students with branches at both St Paul’s schools and Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh universities. SSSK aims to make people aware of the issues affecting street children and raises money for projects that work with these children to help them realise their potential. We met other committee members, learned about the charity’s activities and the vital work of the NGOs it supports, and reported on our own fundraising activities last term and plans for the rest of the year.

Music By the Bridge

One of St Paul's Visiting Music Teachers, Ms Boucher, has organised Music By the Bridge, a series of concerts at All Saints Fulham, which is just by Putney Bridge.The 45 minute Friday concerts are completely free and begin on 3 February. Ms Boucher and Ms Stroh will be performing on 3 March and a quintet of our VMTs on 5 May. More information can be found here.

London Marathon

Jessica Phillips OP is running the London Marathon this April in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. She writes 'I have personally known too many people around my age, who have suffered or are still suffering from cancer and they need and deserve as much support as possible'. You can sponsor Jessica here.

Feature Photo

Positive mental health and wellbeing is something that's important to all of us, and Wellbeing Week allowed everybody to get involved. From BrainSports, parachute games and colouring for mindfulness for the younger years, to MindMatters discussion and yoga for both staff and students, there was something for everyone. The importance of creativity was also emphasised during the week, with Mr Russell's poetry and self-expression workshop, as well as the spine poetry competition. Other highlights were the illuminated wish trees (above) and Ms Bond's ‘Wake Up Breathe and Stretch’ classes. With talks from Ms Frank and Mrs Abbott, as well as a colourful dress up day and a bake sale, the week ended as it started: full of reflection, relaxation, and positive energy.
Costi VI

VI Arts Day

To celebrate the end of mocks and a busy revision period, the VI were given the chance to relax and enjoy the cultural side of London with Arts Day. In the morning, we visited either the V&A or the Tate Modern, and were allowed to roam the fascinating exhibitions freely. After a quick lunch break, we then regrouped in the afternoon to watch a musical, the two options being Wicked and The Lion King. Overall, the trip was a welcome break after an intense period of study.
Emilie VI

Debating Competitions

On 7 January three Paulina teams participated in the north-west London round of the Cambridge Debating Competition. All three teams did brilliantly to reach the regional final. The result was on a knife-edge as only two of the four teams could go through but after a hard-fought debate on the indoctrination of soldiers, we took both places. The following Sunday an expanded squad attended SOAS to compete against 92 other teams. Debates ranged from conscription in Israel to having technocrats govern countries in times of economic difficulties. Asisa and Marua in the VII qualified for the grand final where they came a close second in an excellent debate on Trump’s policy in the South China Sea.
Sara V

Joint VIII English Conference

As a part of the newly adopted Pre-U English course, students in the VIII are required to write a Personal Investigation on any topic of their choosing. Last Friday, Paulinas and Paulines were given the opportunity to hear talks on the practical elements of the task (including the troubling business of the do's and dont's of footnoting) and also discussed our individual projects and ideas. Sharing our own thoughts and listening to the extraordinarily diverse range of other projects proved to be a fascinating experience.
Erika VIII

Travel Scholarships

This winter, I travelled to China to work with The Nature Conservancy (TNC, an international environmental NGO) on their Yunnan fieldwork site, based around West CaoHai Lake. My main work there was to present a report about ways that behavioural science could be applied to Payment for Ecosystem Services Design, and make a short video introducing West CaoHai Lake, helping with TNC's local 'nature education' initiative. I also got to take part in meetings and 'work banquets' with government officials and conservation partners. Overall, I learnt a huge amount about the way nature conservation is carried out in China; the importance of 关系 (connections) and community buy-in for ensuring the success of on-the ground conservation efforts. 
Marina Luccioni, OP

Trips and Exchanges

VI History Trip to Berlin 

VI GCSE history students enhanced their understanding of twentieth century history on a trip to Berlin, a particularly relevant destination for our study of the origins of the Cold War. It struck me how diversely the various museums and war memorials had commemorated war throughout the city; from wall murals to the towering maze-like formation of 'The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe'. The reality and brutality of war was impressed upon us by visiting a Stasi prison; hearing original voice recordings was particularly emotional. Lessons in class were brought to life as we visited the site of the Potsdam Conference and Sanssouci Palace, and we embraced the Christmas spirit at the renowned Berlin markets and the German opera Hansel and Gretel. The trip served as an incredible opportunity to contextualise our studies, learn about the culture of Germany and inform our coursework.
Millie VI

LV – V Russian Trip to Moscow and St Petersburg

Over the holidays, we were met by a classic Christmas scene as we arrived in Russia: freezing cold and streets covered in snow. In Moscow, we went to a traditional Christmas market where many of us bought souvenirs, including the odd Putin Russian doll and Russian fur hats. We then braved the Moscow metro to visit an array of famous landmarks in a packed programme including St Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Tretyakov Gallery and even Moscow’s most famous circus with a range of trained animals. Once in St Petersburg we were treated to the sights of the Summer and Winter Palaces, The Dostoyevsky Museum, The Hermitage and a very moving museum on the siege of Leningrad. The sheer volume of cultural experiences we packed into the week was wonderful, but most importantly, the trip was an invaluable opportunity for us Russian students to practise the language.
Sasha LV

Munich Exchange

During the final week of the winter term, nine Paulines and I took part in the long-running exchange programme with our sister school in Munich. As well as a day spent in lessons with our exchange partners, we spent the week getting to know the culture and history of the Bavarian capital. This included visits to a monastery, a brewery and an art museum, and more Christmas markets than we could count. Above all, the warmth and hospitality of our exchange partners and their families made the week a lot of fun (and provided ample practice for our German), and we look forward to welcoming our exchanges to London in June. 
Lexie VII

Drama Trip to Escaped Alone

On Wednesday a group of A level drama students went to see Escaped Alone at the Royal Court. The play, written by acclaimed British playwright Caryl Churchill, was only 50 minutes long and revolved entirely around the conversation of four pensioners sitting in the back garden. As the conversation of half-completed lines unfolded, the characters discussed topics from the latest season of a new TV series to particle physics, interspersed with moving monologues that revealed the extent of the women's fears and insecurities. Every so often, Mrs Jarrett (Linda Bassett) would step out of the action and describe some twisted modern-day apocalyptic scenario, lending the production a thoroughly surreal and uncomfortable air as well as a note of dry, black humour.
Sophia VII

Drama Trip to Mary Stuart

A group of drama students went to see Mary Stuart at the Almeida theatre starring Lia Williams and Juliet Stevenson last Friday. The play, which was a re-interpretation of the story of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, began with a coin spin that determined which actress would play which lead role, each having learned both parts. This added an element of spontaneity and excitement to the show, which was primarily driven by beautiful and engaging naturalistic acting from the two leads, with the revolving stage left bare and props and costume kept to a minimum in order to place the focus on pure storytelling.
Sophia VII

Drama Trip to Hedda Gabler

Last Thursday the V drama classes went to see Hedda Gabler, directed by Ivo van Hove, in the Lyttelton Theatre. Henrick Ibsen’s play follows the story of newly-married Hedda; her days filled with boredom, she finds pleasure in manipulating the lives around her. Ruth Wilson’s portrayal of the eponymous character was truly harrowing, reducing a number of us to tears. We then followed up the production by attending a conference at the National Theatre yesterday, where we had the opportunity to talk to one of the directors, an expert on Henrik Ibsen, and the understudy cast.
Isabel V

Drama Trip to One Man, Two Guvnors

On Monday 16 January, six drama students in the VII set out to the National Theatre archives to view a filmed performance of One Man, Two Guvnors starring James Corden. The production, which was an adaptation of a play we are currently studying, drew heavy inspiration from the Italian medieval theatre of commedia dell’arte, being filled to the brim with slapstick comedy and entertaining satire. Setting the play in Brighton circa 1962 inspired us to think in more detail about our own performance concepts.
Sophia VII

Sports News

Knole Run

Six Paulinas participated in the 21st Girls’ Knole Run at Sevenoaks School on Saturday 14 January. The 5km course was treacherously slippery, covered with snow and included three steep hills. The girls performed extremely well led by Alice (VII) in 10th place out of 127 participants with a time of 20.47 minutes. Olivia (VII) came 29th, Isobel (V) placed 55th, Lucy  finished in 62nd place, Nathalie (VII) was 73rd and Vicky (LV) was close behind in 80th. This meant that the St Paul’s team came an impressive 6th out of 16 teams.
Holly Shao

Sports Results



1st Putney High School GDST 9 - 5
2nd Putney High School GDST 8 - 9

Putney High School GDST
Putney High School GDST
Putney High School GDST
Putney High School GDST
3 - 11
7 - 9
10 - 5
6 - 3



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Latymer Upper School
Latymer Upper School
Latymer Upper School
Latymer Upper School
Latymer Upper School
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Putney High School
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