Win a Tiara this month and don't  miss out on Turkish week this June on Zara's Zouk 
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Marhaba! Welcome!
This June 2012 is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! Congratulations! Diamonds may not be within our reach at present but we can all feel like royalty with the help of Zara's Zouk's fantastic diamanté range! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.  Accessories in diamanté can really add those finishing touches to a costume - giving you that extra sparkle! I always wear diamanté when I perform cabaret style! 

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE COMPETITION TO WIN A TIARA just simply EMAIL US telling us the diamanté, accessory differences you can see between the two pictures. Good Luck!!
spot the difference in the accessories  to win a tiara


To find out just how much fun a bit of sparkle can be watch this video from the American sitcom The BIG BANG THEORY - one of my favourite TV programs. This scene shows Sheldon (a geek theoretical physicist) trying to make up with his girlfriend (an equally geeky neuroscientist) by buying her a present!  Those who know me, know the two things I love are dance and physics, which is probably why I like this series so much!

I LOVE THIS SCENE!  It has had me crying with tears of laughter! I hope you also enjoy it and that it inspires you to check out our diamanté range: 

Turkish week on Facebook 

For the week beginning Monday 25th June our Facebook page will be taken over by the lovely Michelle and Rosy of DUNYA BELLYDANCE. They will give us a taste of and keep us informed about the Turkish dance scene and other fun facts so don't forget to check out our facebook page !
Then on Friday 29th June, Zara’s Zouk will be at Dunya’s Hafla on the Hill In Crouch End.  I will also be dancing - Turkish style!!  Please come along and support us if you can as it is always a fun night!! 
Turkish week on Zara's Zouk facebook page

Hope you enjoy June with all the great events which are happening and don't forget - we love you to share your news, events or photos with us by email or on Facebook.  

Also, if you would like Zara's Zouk mobile shop to come to your event please  EMAIL US .

Lots of love
Zara and Sandra x x x   
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