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Hi everyone, marhaba, welcome to this month’s newsletter. It is full of great news, up and coming events, special offers and more!

Back from Egypt!

As you may remember from the last email - I have been in Egypt the whole of September.  I had a wonderful time!  I went with a dancer friend and stayed in a beautiful flat opposite the pyramids. This was the first time that I have been to Egypt and have not stayed with my family.  It was a chance to experience Egypt from the perspective of a dance tourist. Whilst out there I took dance classes with Amora Shams – great teacher!  I was also lucky enough to meet with Sohair Zaki's sister!   There were visits to 5 star and 0 star nightclubs to watch the dancers and shimmy the night away.  I tried my hand (feet?) at Tannoura dancing (take a look at our video - a few crashes but lots of fun).  The Tannoura teacher is part of the troupe who perform a fantastic, free, Tannoura dance show at Wekalet El-Ghouri Arts Centre, near Khan el Khalili. I had a camel (in good, healthy, condition) ride around the pyramids.Ate lots of Kusheri and tammiya ....... And, of course, I did some shopping for Zara's Zouk!

I love Egypt!!

New Stock

All the new stock from Egypt has just arrived in the post and will be going up on the website over the course of October so keep your eyes peeled. We have some very special and original belts, some bright skirts, sexy costumes- in all sizes and accessories fit for a queen.  I will also be contacting those of you who made special requests very soon. 

Special Kaftan Offer!!

Beautiful, special occasion, beaded Kaftans from Syria at just £33.00 each (see above).  This special October price is just for you, as a recipient of this newsletter!  It includes postage and packing!  When they go up on the website (if there are any left) they will cost £39.99!!  Message/email me for more information I will then send you through an email with photos and sizes. Limited stock so do get in touch!

The Situation in Egypt

This year has been very difficult for Egypt.  The revolution and political situation has harshly affected the tourism industry.  This was obvious to see whilst I was out there. There is a lack of: visitors, money, jobs and opportunities.  Businesses and people are suffering.  PLEASE SUPPORT EGYPT - either through tourism or by choosing to buy Egyptian, hand made, belly dance items rather than items from countries with no cultural link to Middle Eastern Dance. Over 200,000 Egyptian families rely on this belly dance business for their livelihood!   Or, lastly, by please keeping all the peoples of Egypt, the heart of belly dance, in your thoughts and prayers.

We have a Winner!!

The name, picked at random, in last month’s chance competition on facebook to win a blue shimmy belt was the very lucky Zubaidah (AKA Catherine) from London 
under the sun show

This Weekend:

The Arabian Dance Theatre Presents: Under the Sun: a story of a Bedouin girl who follows her dream to become a dancer in Cairo. Click here to read more and book
I will be performing in two of the dances so do come along for support! 

Jacksons Lane Theatre, 269a Archway Road, London, N6 5AA. 14th & 15th October. 8.00-10.00pm
It has already been in the news in Egypt click here to have a read

Arab quarter

Also this month:

The Arab Quarter presents: The Call of Arabia

: At the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, 29th October
You won’t be disappointed!!
For more information Click here
They also holding some fantastic workshops -so check them out too! 

Umm Kaulthum Article

New Article

Umm Kulthum- Am I not getting it?: I have put up a new article on Zara's Zouk about Umm Kulthum a VERY famous Egyptian singer who strongly influenced my childhood and more importantly influenced the whole world with her music, especially the Arabic nations.  
Please click here and have a read of the article and feel free to email me your thoughts
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