The Olympics are here let's have a shimmy and celebrate !! 
Zara's Zouk Olympic Special - MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGES

Gold, Silver and Bronze Costumes !

Welcome, Marhaba,
OLYMPIC BEDLAHS (Bra and Belt Sets)

Check out our new arrivals!  Beautiful, heavily beaded bra and belt sets in gold, silver and bronze!  Each one a winner! Click here to find them. We have several in each colour so they would be good for duos and groups, as well as solo dancers! They look great with either skirts or harem pants making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

The Olympics sees sport in its competitive light and as I come to the end of competing in Bellydance Trophies, with the lovely Maelle Roger declared the winner on Sunday, I plan to write an article on my experience and thoughts on the matter BUT first I would like to know YOUR OPINION so please help.  I would love to know and it will only take a minute or two:

What do you think of belly dance competitions.
Zara's Zouk will be attending the following events so please come along, have a great time and say hello:
Saturday 8th July - Summer Hafla at Hersham Youth Centre, Arch Road, Hersham, Surrey, KT12 4QT
Weekend of 11th/12th August - Bellydance Festival at Small World Theatre, Cardigan, Ceredigion, Wales
AND you are invited to:
Weekends of 8th/9th September and 15/16th September Zara's Zouk Open House - part of the E17 Arts Trail: 62, Belgrave Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 8QE
Don't forget to check out the WHAT'S ON page and if you know of an event near you, which you would like to see on the page, tell us as we are very happy to include it.

The winners of last month's Spot the Difference competition were: Esther from Surrey, Rosemary from N. Lincolnshire, Claire from Suffolk and Gillian from Lancashire.  Congratulations and hope you all enjoy wearing your beautiful, diamante tiaras!   

Hope your summer is full of bellydance fun and chances to relax too!!  Don't forget to join us on Facebook.
Best Wishes  

Zara and Sandra x x 
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