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Salam! We have sooo much for you this month in our newsletter, new stock, new products, exciting workshops and shows. Check our Facebook page because in addition, we will be at a fun event 21st October at Madame Jojos!!  Also, we wish happiness to all who attend JOY up in Yorkshire this month! We hope you enjoy reading - and remember don't stop shimmying :D    Love and Shimmies, Zara & Sandra xx
People enjoying the open house

Open House Success!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to our E17 Art Trail Open House event. We were overwhelmed by the support.  Across the weekends we had over 180 visiters! Thank you to all the dancers who performed and those who lent us items for the exhibition! - DON'T worry if you didn't make it - we plan to do it again next year! Click here for the review 
our lovely new stock
Oracle Belly dance cards

Belly Dancer's Oracle Cards  

Christmas is on the way!  So, check out some of our unusual gift ideas.  One of our favourites is the 
Belly Dancer's Treasure Pack.
This is a pack of 58 exquisitely illustrated belly dance cards. Each card represents a different dance element and with the accompanying book they give tips, affirmations, exercises and ways to learn/ improve on it in your dance. Perfect for a special friend or just for you!
Modern Arabic Dance Show &
FREE belly dance workshops

Egyptian and Arabic music and dance are fast changing as they are infulenced by revolutions, youth culture etc. The Arabian Dance Theatre, on 12th & 13th October, are presenting a theatre show of modern dance, not to be missed, called   BE HERE NOW. 

The Zara's Zouk stall will be there on 13th!  Do come by and say Hello!   They are also holding FREE BELLY DANCE WORKSHOPS in London on the 7th and 14th with great teachers as: Michelle, Maya, Isa Randle, Farah Nasri and Tara Lee Oakley!! 
Iraqi and gulf week on facebook

Khaleeji & Kawlee Workshops London

Sat 27th & Sun 28th October Khaleeji & Kawlee Workshops with Leila Molaei and Mark Balahadia (video here). Dances from the Gulf and Iraq are FAST BECOMING POPULAR and an essential sister dance we bellydancers should know. So click here for more infoZARA'S ZOUK will be there selling lots of traditional costumes & more
to celebrate we are having......

Iraqi and Gulf Week on the Zara's Zouk Facebook page

Starts Wednesday 3rd October
Our Facebook page will be taken over by Mark & Leila. They'll tell you everything you need to know about the countries, cultures, music and DANCE !!

We are coming to OXFORD!
Katie Holland Workshops

Sat 20th October - a chance to brush up your skills, learn something new and have a good time. Zara's Zouk will be there with lots of goodies to buy and try on! Workshops include: Tantalising Taqasim, Double Veil Magic (I am looking forward to this one), and Stage Presentation CLICK FOR MORE INFO

we are coming to oxford
Belly dance trophies
Bellydance trophies DEADLINE 11th October!! 

Girls (& Boys) PUSH YOURSELVES and your dance!! Last year I took part in the belly dance competition Bellydance Trophies. It was an emotional rollercoaster BUT It gave me so much. Entering this competition will push you in your dance.  It will make you more creative with your choreographies; boost your confidence and you'll gain some amazing dance friends. You have nothing to loose NO MATTER YOUR LEVEL The DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS 11TH OCTOBER: Click Here for more details and info. 



That was a mammoth newsletter! You have done well to make it to the end! I hope you enjoyed it. To say thanks for making it this far we are giving you the opportunity to be put into a prize draw for a beautiful pair of  earrings!   Just click here to email us saying you made it! I am sure not many have so you should be in with a good chance of winning if you enter.   GOOD LUCK! 
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