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The more you praise and celebrate
your life
The more there is in life to celebrate.

-Oprah Winfrey

February 25, 2016                        

With the waning of winter and the lengthening of the days, we begin to stir in anticipation of rebirth and Spring. What better way to mark the upcoming changing of the seasons than with Joan's call this month to celebrate life around you? 

          Wishing each of you continued blessings for a Happy and Healthy 2016. Here's to chasing - and finding - miracles with all of you.

Joan, Katie and Meb       

          As Katie wisely reminded us last month, time waits for no one. As I focus on trying to live more in the moment, it seems strange to me that oftentimes we wait for death before formalizing a celebration of life. While I believe that the conclusion of one's existence here on earth is worthy of marking, both in terms of recognizing the significance of their life's contribution to the world and the miracle of having had someone special in our own lives, sometimes we miss the big picture. Life is to be celebrated each day. (And this Leap Year we even get an extra one!)

          The beauty of a sunrise or sunset, the smile of a child, the performance of random acts of kindness all contain cause for celebration. We each know many lives that end too soon and while we mourn their passing, I think there is great wisdom in the words my friend, a widow, shared with me. Because of her loss she finds herself appreciating these simple moments of beauty not just for herself, but for two.

          It's the road not taken, the moments not enjoyed that should be a cause for sadness. How many times have we regretted not doing something instead of being deliciously surprised when we make a decision to show up and be present?


          Mother Teresa had it right "Life is it."  As we come to the end of this month of Valentines Day, love and remembrance, let's celebrate being alive, whether it's reminiscing about the valentine shoe boxes of yore, the humor in a date gone awry or responding to the love you share with your child, parent, sibling, pet or current amour.       

          Remember the time to celebrate life is now!  (Joan)


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Joan, Katie and Meb
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