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Council-Secured Booths Still Available!

We still have several time-slots at council-secured booth locations across the state! If you're looking to manage your troop's inventory down to zero, this is a great chance to do so. Here's a round-up of the locations with open times: 

  • Outlets of Des Moines
  • Sprint Store
Des Moines
  • JoAnn Fabrics
  • Merle Hay Mall
  • Sprint Store – Merle Hay
  • Wireless Express Sprint Store
  • Cricket Wireless
  • JoAnn Fabrics
  • North Grand Mall
Fort Dodge
  • Crossroads Mall
Sioux City
  • Drop Zone
  • Southern Hills Mall
  • JoAnn Fabrics
Mason City
  • JoAnn Fabrics
West Des Moines
  • Valley West Mall
Council Bluffs
  • JoAnn Fabrics

Last Chance to Order More Cookies - March 17 at Select Volunteer Cupboards and March 20 for Super Cupboards

Reminder: Your final Planned Orders for cookies (to fill customer orders or for booth sales) are due soon! The last opportunity to order from select Volunteer Cupboards (see the Cookie Cupboard Listing for a full list of dates/times for orders) is Sunday, March 10 at 11:59 p.m. The last chance to order from Super Cupboards is noon on Wednesday, March 20. If you need to add or edit orders after these deadlines, please reach out to us at

Any Planned Orders picked up this week (week of March 11) and next week (week of March 18) are considered “Cookie Checkout.” What does that mean? You may return up-to the quantity of cookies you picked up, by March 25. Your returns can be any variety, except for the Caramel Chocolate Chips.
The cookie checkout period may have limited varieties available – once a variety is out, we will not be able to order more, but you can connect with other troops to trade, or direct customers to order online.

If a variety on your Planned Order is unavailable at your cupboard, you will hear from your cupboard manager or from GSGI on Monday after orders are due (or Wednesday for Super Cupboard orders for Thursday pick-up). This will give you some time to make other arrangements to try and find that variety elsewhere (like our swap post in the Official GSGI Leaders Group!).

Don’t forget: Girls can still sell through their Smart Cookies online store up until March 24!

Direct-to-Girl Rewards Shipping Opt-Out

NEW this year: Rewards items will ship directly to girls at home in late Spring/early Summer. Previously, items were shipped to each service unit and distributed to troops, so this is a huge win to get girls the items they worked hard for, faster – and to alleviate another task for volunteers!
However, we know that there are some cases where direct shipping may not work, such as if a family is moving or unable to receive packages. Please fill out this form to request a Girl Scout’s rewards be sent to her Troop Product Manager.                                                                                                                                          
Also – please double-check the mailing addresses for all the girls in  your troop! You can update a girl’s contact information through MyGS, or contact us for assistance.

Wrapping Up the Cookie Program

As we finish another great Cookie Program in a few weeks, here are some reminders to help program wrap-up be as smooth as possible for your troop!

- Girls Showing in Smart Cookies: Make sure all your registered girls are in Smart Cookies. If a girl is missing in Smart Cookies, please make sure they are currently registered for the 2018-19 year and then email us at

- Troop to Girl Transfers: Be sure to give each girl the right amount of package credit, including transferring all cookies sold at booth sales.

- Credit for Samples: If your inventory is a few packages off, remember to account for your booth samples and troop sample! Each booth that was registered and approved in Smart Cookies will receive a credit for one free sample package for your booth. Each troop also receives a credit for a sample package to share with the girls in preparation for cookies. Those credits are not applied until the end of the program, before the final auto-withdrawal, but you should transfer those packages in a troop-to-girl transfer to account for your inventory.

- Troop Proceed Plan: Double check that you’ve selected the right troop proceed plan. Remember, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops have the opportunity to opt-out of rewards for more troop proceeds!

- Joy Project: If your troop has collected donations and you don’t have cookies on-hand, be sure to enter a Virtual Cookie in Smart Cookies for your Joy Project packages by March 31! Check out our Joy Project – Smart Cookies Guide if you need help. If you took Troop Cookie Donations (donations that you’re donating to a charity of your choice with your own inventory), you can purchase these adorable Troop Cookie Donations patches for $1 each (available in GSGI shops and online this spring)! Need some clarification on tracking donated cookies? Check out our handy guide on The Bridge. 

- Gluten Free Patches: Some troops have opted to order Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies online (using one girl’s order link) but distributing the cookies for other girls in the troop to sell. This has been great for getting cookies to customers, but the CCCs ordered online can’t be transferred from girl to girl to give credit. If there are girls in your troop that have met the requirement for selling 6+ packages for CCCs, but are NOT showing those cookies in Smart Cookies as they were ordered online through another girl, please fill out this form to request additional Gluten Free Patches for those girls. The deadline to request the additional Gluten Free patches is March 31.

- Reward Order: Remember, every troop needs to go through the Reward Order process whether the troop is opting out of rewards or not. Check out the Troop Proceeds and Rewards - Smart Cookies Guide for a walkthrough! 

- Girl Recognition Plan (for those earning a technology/experience item): Be sure to check with any girls selling 1000+ packages to see if they would like the technology/experience item instead of rewards and/or Cookie Dough. You will need to change the recognition plan for that individual girl in Smart Cookies. Check out the Troop Proceeds and Rewards - Smart Cookies Guide for more information. 

Tip of the Week

We are tracking how many packages troops sold at council-secured booths. If you haven’t logged that information yet, please use this form! This data will be used to support troops in future years!
Coming Up in the Next Shout Out:
  • Transfers and Reward Orders Must Be Completed by March 31

Important Dates

  • March 17: Last day to submit a Planned Order (by 11:59 p.m.) for pick-up at select Volunteer Cupboards!
  • March 20: Last day to submit a Planned Order (by noon) for pick-up on Thursday at Super Cupboards!
  • March 24: The Cookie Program ends.
  • March 25: Select cupboards open for returns. Please see The Bridge for specific locations and times. 
  • March 31: Reward Orders due in Smart Cookies.
  • April 2: Email notifications sent for your final payment due. 
  • April 5: Payment Adjustment Forms and Girl Shortage Forms due. 
  • April 9: Final auto-withdrawal. Remaining balance due withdrawn from troop bank account. 
  • By April 25: Cookie Dough emailed directly to families
  • April 27: Super Saturday! All GSGI Shops open from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • May: NEW THIS YEAR! Rewards arrive directly to girls.

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