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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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September - October 2015
SPECIAL DOSSIER >  Youth Cooperative entrepreneurship

'Working together for a cooperative future': a new video that gives the floor to young cooperators

“Working together for a cooperative future” was created in a collaborative manner, and shares the experiences, challenges and motivations of young cooperators from worker and social cooperatives in 9 different countries across the globe. The video will be launched on November 11 during the conference of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) held in Antalya (Turkey). Read more

Coop4Job: cooperative tool to boost youth entrepreneurship

As an answer to youth unemployement, the Italian Confederation of cooperatives, Confcooperative has launched the platform Coop4job. The goal is to network and give a better chance to young people by taking advantage of the network of consortia of social cooperatives “Mestieri” and “Idea Agenzia per il Lavoro”.  Read more

The young European cooperators network meets in Italy

On September 22nd and 23rd was held the second meeting of the Young European Cooperators network in Italy, only 5 months after the first one hosted in Paris during which it was created and launched. The delegations, from 12 different European countries, worked and exchanged ideas, alongside 50 Italian collaborators, on topics such as the democratic governance, the training and promoting of cooperatives, business opportunities and the state of the network. Read more

A teaching toolkit to explain worker and social cooperatives in France

Raise your hand if you were taught about cooperatives in school? In 2013, a framework agreement was signed between the French ministry of education and the ministry of social and solidarity economy to increase awareness about social economy in schools. At the cooperative level, the results are still quite low. This is why CG Scop, the French worker cooperative confederation, has created educational tools in order to make these type of enterprises known in middle school and high school.  Read more

european news section

Towards 2020: the cooperative movement meets in Turkey

The event spread over 3 days will tackle the theme “Towards 2020 – what will your cooperative look like?”. A Research Conference on Cooperatives and the World of Work organized by the International Labor Organization  will be held on 9-10 November and a video on youth cooperation produced by CICOPA and its regional organisations in Mercosur and Europe: with the support of Cooperar, will be launched on 11 November. Read more

CICOPA shares the word on business transfer to employees at the Solikon Conference

1,400 people assisted to Solikon 2015, a large German encounter on the social and solidarity economy where CICOPA was invited to share the word on business transfers to employees. A number of international guests, such as Brazilian secretary of State for the Solidarity Economy, Paul Singer, together with CICOPA and CECOP member CFI participated at the congress. Read more

On the situation of migrants in Europe and the Americas

The regional organization of CICOPA in Europe and the Americas have recently shared their opinion on the situation of migrants on their respective continents. CECOP-CICOPA Europe's communication on the humanitarian refugee crisis is available under the section 'Europe'. CICOPA Americas published a declaration that supports the movement of individuals in search of better economic alternatives and security for them and their families. Read more

Momentum given to worker and production cooperatives in Dominican Republic

In the framework of the fifth financial convention of Dominican cooperativism and the first international financial convention, to which the Andalusian School of Social Economy and CICOPA’s president Manuel Mariscal participated, Conacoop has assured that financial cooperatives will offer resources in order to promote entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of worker and production cooperatives. Read more

Care services cooperatives launched a web page and videos to prevent occupational risks

7 educative videos have been created to show the possible risky situations –and the solutions- with a touch of humor. The videos will be used for classes on occupational hazards for people working in care services. The videos and the web page are available in English and in the five languages of the countries that participated to the project, organized by the Spanish Worker Cooperative Confederation. Read more

Back to school for social cooperatives!

The first edition of Social Cooperatives and Social Enterprises International School was held in Milan. The school focused on social innovation and local development, technology innovation and impact evaluation, presenting an overview on new approaches, best practices and solutions. The event was organized by Federsolidarietà - Confcooperative. Read more

european news section
This section has been built with CECOP – CICOPA Europe

Worker and social cooperatives on the humanitarian refugee crisis

As it is currently demonstrated in the South of Europe, cooperatives are helping refugees having a more dignified life both in providing social and emergency services and in contributing to their integration. Worker and social cooperatives sent a communication urging EU ministers to be guided by foundational values when discussing the humanitarian refugee crisis. Read more

Toward a better support of enterprises integrating long term unemployed into the labour market?

CECOP welcomed the European Commission’s proposal for a Council recommendation on the integration of the long-term unemployed into the labour market. Over 4,000 social cooperatives in the CECOP network have as their core mission the labour integration of disadvantaged groups, a large part of who are long-term unemployed.‬‬ Read more

The European Parliament : social entrepreneurship and social innovation in combating unemployment

On 10 September the European Parliament has adopted the resolution on “Social entrepreneurship and social innovation in combating unemployment”.  It is underlined that Social and solidarity-based economy "contributes not only to a more sustainable, smart and inclusive economic model, but also to the European social model”. Read more

Worker & social cooperatives in Europe unveil their new image

CECOP's new, more modern and dynamic, logo alongside the slogan “Working Together”, embodying the Cooperative Marque, celebrates the work being carried out within the European worker, social & producers’ cooperative movement. Visitors will notice that the new website has a much clearer approach. The content is more direct & user friendly. Read more

Social cooperatives represent 44,5% of total jobs created in the sector of health and social care in Italy

According to EURICSE, social cooperatives operating in the sector of health and social care, represent the 44.5% of total jobs created in Italy in this sector. Moreover, between 2008 and 2013, the increase of jobs in cooperatives as a whole is “entirely attributable to health and other social care services: they have more than compensated the reduction of employment in industry and especially construction”. Read more

Cooperators united to strengthen the worker coops movement in the UK 

A group of worker cooperatives in the UK have created a solidarity Fund, whose mission it is to provide help for training activities, bring together the worker cooperatives, identify and share good practices and strengthen the independence and autonomy of worker cooperatives in the UK. Read more

One step forward for the Sociedades laborales in Spain, enterprises owned by their workers

On Thursday October 1st, the Spanish Parliament passed a new law regulating Sociedades laborales, a type of enterprises owned by their workers in Spain, making sure it is adapted to today’s economy and replacing a law that hadn’t been changed since 1997.  Read more

South America news section
This section has been built with CICOPA Mercosur

Paraguayan cooperatives protest against the increase of the VAT

Thousands of members of service and consumer cooperatives protested in front of the congress on Monday October 19, with the help of farmers, against the implementation of a law that applies the VAT on loans, default interests and repayment of credits. “The government is in deficit, and wants to tax us to repay its debt”, they declared. Read more

In Argentina, more than 100 workers have bought out an enterprise of Mate

Created in 1894; the enterprise managed to win 25% of the market for the most popular infusion in Argentina. However, the changes of the rules of the market in the middle of the 80’s left the enterprise in bad shape. Following numerous years of conflict between the workers and its owners, that wished to lead it to bankruptcy, the court decided that the enterprise will be managed as a cooperative under the name La HojaRead more

North America news section

Worker Cooperatives taking action to address climate change

Cooperatives are showing leadership by joining together to develop a cooperative solution to climate change. The Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation member Sustainability Solutions Group has put out a call to action to engage cooperatives in climate change activities, including in their publication “A Cooperative Solution to Climate Change”. Read more

It’s the cooperative month in the United States!

Since 1930, cooperatives across the United States have celebrated the cooperative month in October. This year 20,000 cooperatives convene to reflect on the ways in which cooperatives are building better businesses and communities. The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives is also celebrating it. They have seized the opportunity to launch their SustainUSFWC campaign. Read more

Africa news section

Discover Ugu fresh produce in the video 'Working together for a cooperative future'

Cooperative in the agricultural sector with cross-generational members that can count on a group of very active young people from the Natal region (South Africa). They produce organic products and sell them under the brand Kumnandi, meaning delicious. More information in the video 'Working together for a cooperative future' to be launched on 11 November at the ICA Conference in Antalya (Turkey). Read more

Asia news section

Intercooperation between worker cooperatives in South Korea and the USA

Inchang Song President of the Korean worker cooperative federation and Minsun Ji cooperative activist and PhD student at the university of Denver, toured several cooperatives and federations in the United States to learn more about the development of the worker cooperative movement, the best practices that can be applied to South Korea and the creation of incubation centers. Read more

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