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Home again!

It's been over a year since we touched down in Alberta and squeezed hello to many of our family and friends. We can't deny it - it feels pretty good.

We've had a year packed full of adventure and so kind of expected to just chill for a month, but it appears that such a relaxing time is not to be. Everyone is putting us to work! So far we have been asked to speak at three events and maybe even one more. We're thrilled to be meeting readers and colleagues and making new fans all over the province, but I think we will end up extending our time here so that we don't short our family and friends on some valuable quality time. 

We for sure will be off again just before Christmas season as we've already booked a few things, and after all the WINTER that we've seen this year, we're going to head somewhere warm. But we'll keep that a surprise for now. :)
Dalene (& Pete)
"What about I fall faster because I'm heavier? What am I doing? I have a loving wife, I love my life already, why do I need to jump out of a plane "

Follow Pete through all the highs and lows of getting ready to skydive in this post.
"As much as I wish telling myself to SUCK IT UP HECK, would implore me to indeed suck it up and get back to enjoying these important parts of our journey, my brain just doesn't want to work that way."

While Pete jumped out of a plane, Dalene had to just get up the nerve to even get on one. But this one trip was very worth it.
"And so it goes that Pete came home from an early photo shoot with the crotch totally ripped out of his pants and barely hanging on his waist."

The first post to our "In Real Time" page this month, all about one event we cannot stand but also cannot avoid: going shopping.
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By Dalene
My nerves were raging.

No, I wasn't getting into a tiny plane for a bumpy ride over mountains (I've already talked about that), and I definitely wasn't jumping out of a plane like Pete did.

I was about to do something I've done a million times before, yet this time I felt hugely apprehensive because it's something I haven't done in a while.

I was about to drive a car.

I gripped the steering wheel with both hands and scouted every angle around me to ensure it was okay to pull out of the parking lot. I eased out, merged into traffic, and began a three hour journey ahead. Alone. On a freeway. 

I'm ridiculous, right?

I can blame this apprehension on a few different things but I think the biggest factor is that when we do have a car, Pete does all the driving.

In the roles we've developed in this life of ours, driving has become his responsibility by default. He always takes the wheel partly because he enjoys it so much, and I've honestly just let him. (Also didn't help that I let my license expire for almost a year.)

I missed it, to be honest. And lately I feel like I have lost a little bit of myself, with driving being the perfect example of how and why. With Pete and I being together for nearly every waking hour of our last seven years, I let that happen. I let him take the wheel. I relied on him take care of me in that way. And in the process I let my ability and confidence slip away from me.

And in that, and a few other ways, I feel like I've lost a bit of my independence. We've done that to each other, completely taking over roles that the other then loses touch with. We need to get that back. I need to know that I am self-sufficient and able to take care of myself (not that I believe Pete is going anywhere, but we are not always in charge of our lives, are we)? I need that confidence back.

For the longest time, we've talked about solo travel but never had the nerve or desire to be apart for each other for any length of time. Maybe it's about time we reconsider to take this a step further.

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This was the clear favourite early on in the month - one of the first photos Pete took in Porto, Portugal. It was a far cry from all the mountainous shots we had shared from New Zealand the previous month!
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A couple more from New Zealand on the blog this month and then we'll be onto Portugal. And I'm sure we'll have a new "In Real Time" post or two to share!

We're spending most of our month in Alberta, but will take a brief break to head to Manitoba to see polar bears! POLAR BEARS, you guys! Make sure you follow us in real time via our social media networks (see the buttons below).
Thank you so much for being here! See you next month.
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