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Issue #Quarter 2 2013/14
Government Services

A Public Record

Standards and Policy

For more information on Standards and Policy, please contact Alan Kong, telephone 9348 5720, email

The Public Records Regulations 2003 (current Regulations) are due to sunset on 25 November 2013. During May and June of this year the Public Record Office Victoria consulted with key stakeholders from a number of archive users groups and major historical and genealogical societies in Victoria.  Open public consultation was also conducted via Public Record Office Victoria’s website and Reading Rooms.

As a result of these initial consultations further changes were made to the draft Regulations.  Primarily, PROV aims to remake and update the current Regulation’s existing provisions to include:
(a)        Conditions of use of public records by members of the public;
(b)        Updated fees for making copies of public records by members of the public; and
(c)        The form for notice of possession of a prescribed record.
To ensure users of public records are aware of the changes, further consultations took place from the 5-23 September. We anticipate the new Public Records Regulations 2013 will be submitted to the Governor in Council on or before 19 November 2013.

Product Compliance
Oracle is currently undergoing VERS testing for their product, Oracle Webcenter Content.  The product achieved VERS compliance for Specifications 3 to 5 in June 2013, with testing to commence for Specifications 1 and 2. For more information on compliance email:

Victorian Electronic Records Strategy

For more information about these projects and all things VERS, please contact Cathy Meynell-James, telephone 0419 580 865 or email

VERS Standard Review - We have committed to an exciting formative review of the VERS Standard during the 2013/14 financial year. This will ensure that PROS 99/007 is updated to best represent the technological platforms that exist today, and take into account reduced metadata requirements. It also ensures the Standard is more responsive to agency needs, as well as maintaining good practice for digital record capture.

Retention and Disposal

For more information about the Disposal program, email or contact Emma Murray, Coordinator Disposal telephone 9348 5646,

Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) projects currently underway include theTransport Accident Commission, Post Compulsory Education and Skills Training Services Governance Functions and Cemetery Records and development of a new Higher Education Records RDA
All current Retention and Disposal Authorities can be found on the PROV website at:

Disposal Remodelling Project
The Disposal Remodelling Project commenced in mid 2013 to deliver new streamlined processes for authorising the disposal of public records. The new approach and processes will be implemented over the next 2-3 years.
While the project is underway, the agencies with RDAs expiring during this period will be granted an extension of the expiry date until project completion in 2016. This eliminates any administrative burden of a temporary solution. Existing RDAs including PROS 09/05 Local Government GDA and PROS 07/01 Common Admin GDA will remain in place.
To find out more about the planned changes please contact Julie McCormack, on (03) 9348 5630 or email

Above: Daniel and a photo from Squizzy Taylor's inquest file

Above Right: Spike enjoying some maps in our collection

Below Right: Collection Management work

Records Transfers

For more information about transfer activities please contact

Recently completed transfers have included
  • Office of Public Prosecutions – prosecution and litigation records
  • Horsham Rural City Council – minutes, notices of motion records
  • Monash City Council – rate records, voter rolls
  • Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria – various records
  • City of Frankston – various records
  • Wellington Shire – council minutes
  • Melbourne City Council – various records
  • LaTrobe City Council – various records
  • Rural Finance Corporation – various committee records
  • Treasury and Finance – correspondence records
Transfer projects currently in progress include:
  • Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Supreme Court
  • Warrnambool Council
  • Parliament – Hansard
  • Department of Human Services
  • Moorabool Shire Council
  • East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority
  • City of Moonee Valley
  • Cabinet Office
  • Mental Health Review Board
  • Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board
  • County Court

News from the Assistant Director

David Brown

On Thursday 19 September the Public Record Office Victoria and the Department of State Development, Business and innovation co-sponsored a one day workshop on information and records management.

This was a stimulating and productive though tiring day where some 21 participants from across government came together to discuss information management, the Whole of Victorian Government ICT Strategy, Digital Government and Public Record Office Victoria’s work program. 
The Workshop was sponsored and opened by Grantly Mailes, Chief Technology Advocate and Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records.  Nadia Mecoli of Nous Group was the convenor/workshop facilitator.  At the end of the day, a wide range of recommendations and actions were put forward and agreed to. Furthermore, a follow up survey given to the day’s participants had very positive results and much enthusiasm for similar future events
I will save comment on the actions as the draft report is soon to be sent to the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation and Public Record Office Victoria - But you will be provided with access to the Report soon after.
A big thank you to everyone who attended and gave up their valuable time to share their experiences in information and records management!

Staff Member of the Quarter

Manager of Standards and Policy, Alan Kong

Upon completing my science degree with honours, I was a research assistant at the Austin hospital for a number of years.  Although the job was fulfilling, I knew my time there was about to end.  When my contract was over, I decided to try something totally different.
So I became a Customs officer. Yes, I was young (once) and with a head full of hair (relatively) enough to be adventurous back then. 
It was a great career change as it allowed me to combine my interest in behavioural science and work.  I got to meet all walks of life including drug traffickers, bikie gang members and Billy Crystal.     
The second turning point of my life occurred at the Quiet Man Irish pub.  After the sixth (or so) beer, a friend and I were openly discussing our passions and desires.  My friend, who was at the time a policy officer, said to me, 'most people think policy is boring, but for me, policy is sexy'. 
So the next day*, I enrolled myself in a course to study the Masters of Public Policy and Management and I quickly fell in love with what I was learning. I do agree, policy is sexy.  
With just a photo of my wife (and some clothes), I went to Canberra to pursue this new dream.  My first position in Canberra was as a Senior Policy Officer in the Community Protection team.  Although the learning curve was high, I really enjoyed my time there.  Fast forward a bit, my second position was a supervisory role in Import/Export policy. As a Supervisor, I managed a small team and handled complex policy issues that most regional offices were all too happy to pass on.


Examples like ' will laying pipes on the sea floor be considered an importation?', 'exactly how many nautical miles is it outside of Australia before a ship can sell GST-free goods?' and 'what happens when you intend to import a cargo load of fertilisers and end up being a cargo load of dirt?'

My time in Canberra was worthwhile, but wasn't always easy.  With some twists of fate and some difficult decisions made, we decided to move back to Melbourne.
Fast forward again, now as Manager of Standards and Policy at Public Record Office Victoria, I have discovered a new interest. To me, policy and records management is a marriage made in heaven.

 *poetic licence may be used to achieve the desired effect

Did you know?....

Some facts about Victoria

Opening in 1912, the Scenic Railway at Melbourne’s Luna Park is the world’s oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster and remains the only one to have a standing brakeman in control of the moving carriages

Quote(s) of the Quarter

Words of wisdom from Albert Einstein

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”

"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater"

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