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IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of technology, it was the age of Stupid Computers That Stop Working, it was the epoch of belief that one could get podcasts out on a schedule during the summer months, it was the epoch of the universe gazing with incredulity at little, little podcasters who believed such nonsense and smacked them upside the head...

Or something like that.

Between multiple work deadlines, life, and the audio-centric computer conking out on me again,
CraftLit's Episode 396 and the premium episode
The Knight's Tale–02
will be slightly delayed.

(Most of) The audio was saved before the most recent OS seizure, but not all. However, it is now daylight and I have to wait for a quiet lull late tonight or early tomorrow morning (lest you listen to Harley Davidson's zoom by. It's a thing here in the summer. Even Out In The Wild where we are there's surprisingly loud if totally intermittent street noise. It's pretty here. It attracts bikes).

But in happier news...

400th Episode

Below you will see the Glorious 400th Episode Plan!

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This is also a Google Form which appears at:

If you click on the "continue" button it will take you to a page where you can click on which method of transmission you would like to use (phone, email, etc.). Selecting a method will bring up instructions on how to do just that.

* * * * *

Appearing in London, Soon, sooner, soonest...

On Sunday, October 18th, right after the 2015 CraftLit tour, I'll be heading down to London in order to present my Cognitive Anchoring talk.
The lovely ladies at Yarn in the City invited me—and who am I to say no to spreading the word about how much our brains appreciate—nay, need—our crafty time.
Have friends or partners who get irked at your constantly moving hands?
Bring them.
They'll laugh, learn something, and get off your back.
(but, maybe don't say that last bit to them before you get there...)

Ticket and venue information can be found here.

* * * * *

Apparently another thing that's been breaking is the Shoppe. If you have managed to purchase anything (ANY. Thing) from the over the last month, please let me know what it was.
If you TRIED to make a purchase but were unsuccessful, please let me know which product did not work.
That'll narrow the field a bit.
I'm slowly adding items to a different 'store' as a temporary fix (Bleak House went up tonight. Slooooow going...) and knowing what's broken will help me prioritize.
Thank you SO much!
* * * * *
CraftLit Episodes end of Summer Update:
  • 396 — will go live on Friday, August 28 Will go live as soon as I can get the computer working, again...
  • 397 — tentative release date Friday, September 11
  • 398 — tentative release date Friday, September 18
  • 399 — tentative release date Friday, September 25
  • 400 — tentative release date Friday, October 2

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!

Current Audiobook is Sense & Sensibility and it starts with Episode 378

Cognitive Anchoring UK

Don't miss the talk as I breeze through London! Ticket and venue information can be found here.
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