Cycles of Yin and Yang and You
I love this time of year. The weather is so great. It’s sunny one day, rainy the next. It’s cold and then warm. We have clear skies, then gray skies. In one afternoon we can have rain, snow, sleet, sun, and clouds. This is what I call the mixing of yin and yang. When I see the yin/yang symbol, I am always struck by it just sitting there on the page. The reality of yin and yang is movement. Yin is moving into yang, yang moving into yin, on and on and on.
In nature and in our bodies, we describe cool and cold as yin. Yang is warm and hot. Therefore winter is yin time and summer is yang time. During spring and fall, there is great mixing of the two aspects. Another example of this is the cycle of each day. As the day begins and the sun rises, the warmth of yang begins to grow. Yang reaches its peak sometime in the mid-afternoon, the warmest part of the day, and then yang lessens. As evening starts, yin, the cooling energy, begins to grow. In the middle of the night, the darkest and coolest part of the day, yin becomes full. And on the cycle goes. Day into night, night into day, yin into yang, yang into yin.
These cycles exist in our lives as well. If we take the time, we can notice the movement, the ups and downs in all aspects of our lives. We can have awareness of this movement, the ups and downs in our relationships, our moods, our health, our day-to-day energy, and more. One example is our relationship with friends and family. There are times when you are getting along great. Then, either with or without a real incident, something shifts and suddenly things are not so smooth and easy. Then, through a conversation, an apology, or sometimes nothing, things are good again. They say time heals all; the movement of yin and yang could be used to explain that.
So, take some time and see if you notice some cycles in your life or in nature and the world around you. Have fun with the simple concept of yin and yang. See how it relates to you.
What’s New at Rose Acupuncture?
Spring is here and I have been planting the Rose Community Garden. Being the second year, the soil is much improved and I am hoping for a more prolific growing season. Patients have been picking the over-wintered Swiss chard. It’s been fresh, soft, and has a nice flavor. I have a bunch of lettuce planted and we will be picking it in a couple of weeks. Tomatoes and squash will go in when frost is no longer an issue.
I am growing this food for you. When you come in for a treatment, or are in the neighborhood, take a little time and pick some food for your evening meal. Its good, clean, organic, and it’s for you. If you’d like to help, I could use some help with weeding and watering. If you have clean plastic bags that you could bring in for yourself and others to use, it would be greatly appreciated.
Do you have a home garden? It’s easy to get started and fresh food out of your garden tastes the best.
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