November 08, 2013

Helping Neighbors

Back in July, I went to the Britt Festival to see one of my favorite bands, Railroad Earth. It  turned out the show was being recorded for the nationally broadcasted radio program called E-Town. E-Town is radio music show, that along with great music features an award presentation for community achievement. They call it their E-chievement Award. And as it turns out, my friend, Paul Giancarlo was the recipient that night.

It was honor to be there as host Nick Foster interviewed Paul about his work, The Ashland Food Project. Now called the Food Project, it is new way to collect food, for our local food banks, in an ongoing year round program.

Here is how it works:  A neighborhood coordinator signs you up. He or she gives you a green food collection bag. Each time you go shopping, you buy one extra item and place it in the bag. Every two months, on the second Saturday, you place the green bag outside your front door. Your neighborhood coordinator picks up your bag and delivers it to your local food bank. The food bank takes care of the rest.  That’s it. Simple.

I have recently become a neighborhood coordinator. I have been going to my neighbors, chatting with them, getting to know them and signing them up to be donors. Everyone I have talked to have been excited about the program. Many had already heard about it.

On October 8th,   with the help of one of the kids down the street, we will make our first pick up.  

Why is this a great program. Our food banks are stretched to the max. There is a huge demand for food and the food banks are just barely keeping up with the demand. There is often lots of food donated during the holiday season, but not the rest of the year. This program is helping them have the food they need to hand out year round.

If you’d like to participate, be a coordinator of a donor, you can get information at the following website.

About the links in this edition:  I have up put a couple songs from the show at the Britt. The first is a newer Railroad Earth tune called “Lovin You”. The chorus lyric is “ I’ve been lovin’ you for so long, I’ll be lovin’ you till I ‘m gone.  The Finale is the last song of the show which was a combined Railroad Earth, the Travelin’ McCoury’s along with hosts Nick and Helen Forster. It is a beautiful spiritual song called “Won’t you come and sing with me”.

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