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Today's Featured Series: Kindred Souls by Patricia Rosemoor

"...if you LOVE paranormal romance with mystery, intrigue and suspense, you MUST read this." ~Amazon Reviewer

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Kindred Souls, Book 1
Animal Instincts
by Patricia Rosemoor

"I was glued to my e-reader..." - Amazon Reviewer

Animal lover and rescuer, Skye Cross has always been able to communicate with them. She’s horrified that rescuing dogs from an illegal fight actually involves shifters. This leads her to Luc Lazare, a man whose powers both unsettle and intrigue her. Half-human, half-Kindred, Luc falls for Skye, who might have the power to destroy his shapeshifting family. Skye soon finds herself caught in a supernatural underground she never knew existed, relying on a man who heats her blood...but one she can't trust.
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Kindred Souls, Book 2
Animal Attraction
by Patricia Rosemoor

"Great drama and romance!" - Amazon Reviewer

Spurred by a shifter kill, Detective Ethan Grainger seeks out Nuala Lazare, daughter of the supernatural underground’s Kindred leader and pregnant by Ethan’s late partner Shade. Because Nuala blames him for Shade’s death, he’s avoided her until now. The chemistry between them comes to a head the night she has her baby. Ethan swears to protect them, so when they are kidnapped by a powerful Kindred, he seeks help to gain the supernatural abilities he needs to rescue the woman and newborn girl who now have his heart.
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Kindred Souls, Book 3
Animal Magnetism
by Patricia Rosemoor

"Loved." - Amazon Reviewer

Detective Isabeau DeClercq moved to Chicago to get justice for her parents’ murders. She found Kindred Nik Lazare’s invitation to The Ark casino—the heart of Chicago’s supernatural underground—near their bodies. Nik’s dark reputation precedes him. Half-Kindred, Half-Powers, Isabeau wants to prove him guilty the human way, to honor her parents. Nik just wants to stay away from Isabeau when Pop orders him to work with her investigating a Kindred kill at the zoo. But soon a meeting of souls that defies logic consumes Isabeau and Nik.
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Sale Ends: October 31

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