RoseRamie gets "spiked"!
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Two fabulous blends for insect bites, wounds,
skin conditions, and more!

RoseRamie Plus is the NEW blend of the week!

I spoke a bit about RoseRamie in THIS past newsletter - as certainly we have seen amazing emotional benefits and support beyond the "physical" with this blend.  However, there were times when I would enhance the RoseRamie formula by adding various other essential oils to it...  And thus, RoseRamie Plus was born.

RoseRamie has been a wonderful blend for us, likely quite under-utilized.  This often happens when I create a blend with "tunnel vision".  We had used the blend for various skin defects, wounds, and lacerations - but often as a secondary selection to Skin Spray Base.  If Skin Spray Base didn't work, then we would try out RoseRamie.  Or, as often happens, if RoseRamie is the only thing in your purse, well then that is the perfect blend to use!  I think sometimes my selection about what to use is made more based on what is on hand and available!

Since RoseRamie was named after my daughter however, you can bet that it was always included as a gift to a family member or a teacher, or that it was almost always in her purse or travel oil case!  Stub your toe?  RoseRamie to the rescue!  Skin your knee?  RoseRamie to the rescue!  Get stung by a bee?  RoseRamie to the rescue!  Are you catching a theme here?

So - what were all of the magnificent things we noted RoseRamie to be good for - beyond my tunnel vision?  Wanna hear it?  Here it go!
  • Rosemary is quite effective for repelling certain insects - especially Asian Beetles and Box Elder Bugs!  With regular diffusion in our home of RoseRamie we see less of these creatures inside - and they seem to prefer to stay OUTSIDE!
  • RoseRamie has a clean and fresh smell, and is wonderful for supporting a variety of respiratory ailments as well as deodorizing the home.  We love diffusing it for colds and such for our entire household - but also just to enjoy the fragrance.
  • When applied to bee, wasp, and other insect stings or bites - RoseRamie takes away the burn and discomfort and seems to allow the body to recover much faster from the event, with less swelling when applied as soon as possible after the offense.
  • RoseRamie also relieved many topical irritations due to Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Itch Weed, Stinging Nettle, etc... and also infected scrapes, scratches, hang nails, and splinters.
  • Certain fungal infections, bacterial infections, hot spots, ingrown hairs, pimples, or abscesses respond extremely well to the combination of oils within RoseRamie - especially if they have not responded to other blends and combinations previously.  
  • Emotionally - RoseRamie is "light" energy.  Bright and uplifting, it literally can feel that someone has "turned on the lights" when used for emotional work.  Combined with Lovely and Charming (as described in this NEWSLETTER) - it makes a combination we call "Strength" - which is something that quite honestly, everyone should experience!
  • RoseRamie has been quite effective to support the healing of chronic wounds.  Wounds that were "non-healing" or just never seemed to be fully resolved, would often respond very well to the use of RoseRamie.

With all of these great attributes, why make a RoseRamie Plus???  Well, there were just those times when some extra special supportive oils were indicated, and I would add them to RoseRamie.  Often times additional oils would include Copaiba for its amazing anti-inflammatory benefits as well as its apparent magnification of other oils actions.  Frankincense also seemed to magnify the actions of other oils, and I would especially want to use it if I felt that cancerous situations were to be considered.  Helichrysum for its mysterious and amazing support of healing while also being beneficial for nerve healing, regeneration, and irritation - as with lick granulomas and other lesions which likely involved some form of nerve pain.  Palmarosa which has been indicated for cell regeneration, and is very good when proud flesh is to be considered with horses.  And finally, the vastly skin supporting Myrrh - which has been used as a "liquid bandage" of sorts, and was even used in ancient embalming techniques to "preserve the flesh".  All of these additional essential oils were incredibly helpful for more difficult cases, and would often "tip the scales" in our favor towards the body healing completely.  

These extra essential oils are a bit expensive.  So, if I didn't truly need them - and a case had responded adequately to RoseRamie alone - I certainly felt it was worth trying before moving to the "Plus" recipe.  I basically use the RoseRamie Plus in all of the same ways I use RoseRamie - it's just a bit super charged!

Read more about RoseRamie and RoseRamie Plus on the product page - HERE.

As you may know - as I have been releasing the new blends - every order placed during the "new blend's week" will get a sample of that new blend.  So last week, everyone who placed an order received a free sample of CardioBoost AND ThyroBalance.  (See last weeks newsletter on these new blends HERE.)  BUT - and here is where my fun comes in... if you place an order for the "Release of the Week" - you will get a FREE sample of the NEXT blend (or blends) to be released!  So in last week's case - everyone who ordered CardioBoost or ThyroBalance - got a FREE sample of RoseRamie Plus!

So remember, any order placed until the next Friday Fun Fact is released will get a sample of RoseRamie Plus.  And if you order RoseRamie Plus - you will get a sample - or sometimes MULTIPLE samples - of the next blend(s) to be released!

RoseRamie Plus is NOW available for purchase by CLICKING HERE.

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***Please Note...Most orders have been processed and shipped through most of August 7th, 2015.  If you have an existing order placed after this time, we will do our best to combine multiple orders, and will happily refund excess shipping fees when possible! 

Read about RoseRamie Plus HERE
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Until Next Time!
Melissa Shelton DVM

Disclaimer:  This information was provided for educational purposes only, and has not been evaluated by the FDA.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, or treat any illness.  If you or your animal have a health concern, you are encouraged to seek the counsel of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.

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