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November 2016


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”
– Dr Martin Luther King
Yesterday we watched with disbelief and frustration as voters in the United States elected Donald Trump as their 45th President. Mr Trump’s stand on so many issues is completely at odds with the values and aspirations that many of us have for our world. So it would be entirely understandable if we were to react to this result with a loss of faith in our collective vision to make our world more compassionate, sustainable and just… yet going down that road will only lead to more despair and damage.

The real antidote to these feelings is to continue with our work, to take action, to foster love, compassion and hope. For if these things were important yesterday, they are even more important today.
And while we have many challenges to meet, last night I was reminded by the global people power organisation AVAAAZ  “that the world has never been safer, fairer, more equal, less violent, healthier, more educated, more democratic...than it is today”.
As CLIMARTE is busy preparing to present our amazing ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival next year, in this newsletter we bring you news of some of the many wonderful and inspiring projects that other individuals, communities and organisations around Australia and the world are contributing to our movement. We applaud and thank them all.

Kind regards,

Guy Abrahams
CEO and Co-founder


Event: Two Cultures Forum

A forum on global cultural collaborations with art & science 

Monday 14 November 2016 

Time: 10.00am - 3:30pm 

Location: Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room
Level 1, Sidney Myer Asia Centre Gate 4,
The University of Melbourne
Parkville, Victoria 3010

Asialink Arts (AA) in partnership with The Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI)   present this one-day forum focused on sharing ideas, experiences and interrogating the role of art in science. Two Cultures Forum is a day-long forum focused on sharing ideas, experiences and interrogating the role of art in science. 

As organisations seek innovative ways to ensure a prosperous future, the forum will look beyond the traditional STEM model and consider a new collaboration in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art) predominantly driven by artists embracing the two cultures.

Join some of the Australia’s most innovative thinkers operating across the two cultures as we discuss the aim of this art and science movement, and what we hope to gain from this brave new world.

Speakers include:  Dr Renee Beale (Creative Community Animator, The Carlton Connect Initiative);Sarah Bond(Director Visual Arts, Asialink); Cake Industries (artist duo), Yiyun Chen(artist); Dr Simon Cropper (research academic & Leader of The Vision Lab, the University of Melbourne);Stephen Haley (artist & Senior lecturer, VCA); Rose Hiscock (Director, Science Gallery Melbourne);Lisa Roet (artist); Erica Seccombe (artist); Dr Debbie Symons(artist);Kit Webster(artist).

For more information click here 

Event: Music for a Warming World

An immersive visual experience and highly original live music; ‘Simply a fabulous evening’
Date: Saturday 26th November, 2016 
Location: Polish Club, 38 David St, Turner, Canberra, ACT 2612. Doors 7.30.
Time: Starts at 8pm.
Tickets Here
Date: Sunday, 27th November, 2016
Location: Sydney, Django Bar @ Camelot Lounge, Marrickville Rd & Railway Parade, Marrickville NSW 220.
Time: Doors 1:30pm Show 2:30pm. 
Tickets Here.
Both shows feature a set by the Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan, and they join us for the main event with the fabulous Tim Hollo (FourPlay). Tim will also talk briefly about Green Music Australia’s plans to ‘Green’ the Australian music scene


Event: Tasmanian Eco Film Festival - TeFF

17th - 20th November, 2016

Tasmania's homegrown eco Film Festival is returning to the State Cinema with an expanded program designed to empower, inspire and get smart about our environment. TeFF will be screening breath-taking shorts, feature films and a virtual reality experience that celebrate the art of environmental media. Our film program is accompanied by discussion from our distinguished guest speakers, workshops, parties and events - all in new, exciting venues.

CEO & Co-Founder of CLIMARTE, Guy Abrahams, will be a guest speaker for the eco Art Exhibition Opening at TeFF 2016.

Eco Art Exhibition Opening:
Opening: Tuesday 15th November, 6 – 7.30pm
Location: Room for a Pony: 338 Elizabeth St, North Hobart
Guest Speaker: Guy Abrahams, CEO & Co Founder, Climarte: Arts for a Safe Climate, will open the exhibition and speak about “Climate and Culture: can art make a difference?”

For more information on Eco Art Exhibition and other events click here

Read: Recalculating the Climate Math

The numbers on global warming are even scarier than we thought.


The future of humanity depends on math. And the numbers in a new study  are the most ominous yet.

Those numbers spell out, in simple arithmetic, how much of the fossil fuel in the world’s existing coal mines and oil wells we can burn if we want to prevent global warming from cooking the planet. In other words, if our goal is to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius—the upper limit identified by the nations of the world—how much more new digging and drilling can we do?

Here’s the answer: zero. - continue reading this article  


Illustration by Neil Webb
Event: Sustainable Living Festival 2017

4th - 26th February 2017 

Planning has begun for the 2017 Sustainable Living Festival!

This Victoria-wide showcase has always partnered with groups and individuals from all walks of life who all want to spread the same message - of a sustainable lifestyle - by providing leading forums, workshops, art, talks, performances, films, exhibitions and much more. 


Next year’s event will also see the unveiling of a new Online Festival. This will allow for a wider reach through a digital platform that will make parts of the program internationally accessible. The Online Festival will feature inspiring live discussions, eye-opening photography and videos from around the world, stimulating climate reading and a range of ways to get people more involved.

Event applications have already opened and there are some hugely exciting things coming up with the full program to be released in January 2017. 

Exhibition: Every Breath We Take

10th December 2016 - 27th Janurary 2017
Opening night: Friday 9th December, 2016, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: The Lock Up, 90 Hunter Street, Newcaslte NSW 2300


“Each breath is a sacrament, an affirmation of our connection with all other living things, a renewal of our link with our ancestors and a contribution to generations yet to come.” — David Suzuki

The air is the invisible background to our everyday lives, an omnipresence that knows no physical, cultural or social boundaries. It will encourage not only more respect for how we treat the atmosphere, but also an increased empathy for those who share it with us.

This exhibition will feature Hunter-based contemporary artists as well as new work produced by UK based contemporary print makers Tracy Hill, Jason Hicklin and Greg Fuller.

Curated by Andrew Styan with mentorship from established curator Meryl Ryan.

For more information here

Opportunity: Cultural Innovation International Prize

The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) have launched the second edition of the Cultural Innovation International Prize, 2016-2017.

The theme for the award is CLIMATE CHANGE. 

The Prize is open to cultural innovative projects that raise awareness about climate change, and the winning project will be featured in the activities included during an exhibition in CCCB.

To submit your project and for more information click HERE @cccblab /

News: CLIMARTE founding partner of Generation Yes

Generation Yes, a platform to help bridge the gap between a broad range of thinkers and doers, pulling everyone together around a clever plan.

Thanks to the Paris Climate Agreement we now have a common global goal of achieving net zero emissions.It’s an ambitious target but we already have the technology and know-how to get us there.

It's time to make a plan and Generation Y has simple and achievable one, with a goal of zero net emissions by 2050:

Step One: Reduce Energy Use
Step Two: Produce Cleaner Electricity
Step Three: Switch to Cleaner Fuels
Step Four: Sort Out And Store The Rest

Together we can link local efforts with national impact to help make Australia a leader in the global effort. Be part of the conversation and get involved by signing up here.

For more information visit:

Our mailing address is:
120 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC 3121

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