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The inaugural ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival was an outstanding success that attracted an audience of some 75,000 people to the festival's twenty five exhibitions, seminars,
keynote presentations, public programs, film screenings and tours.

Bronwyn Johnson, David Buckland, William L Fox and Guy Abrahams at ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2015
(Photo courtesy Creative Cowboy Films)

We would like to warmly thank all of the Artists, Presenters, Directors, Curators, Partners, Scientists, Experts, Interns, Supporters, Volunteers, Family, Friends and especially our international guests David Buckland and William L Fox. Your generous and enthusiastic efforts made ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE the inspiring and engaging festival that we'd hoped it would be.

We have tried to list on our website the large community of people who helped us on this enormous project, but If we've missed anyone please let us know so we can add their name.

Guy Abrahams, CEO & Co-founder
Bronwyn Johnson, Executive Director


In December thousands of people will descend on Paris for COP21 - the 21st United Nations climate change Conference of Parties. The agenda of COP21 is primarily scientific and political, the question is will they achieve the necessary  global agreements that will address the seriousness of the climate challenge.

The creative challenge to COP21 will be ArtCOP21, a city-wide series of cultural events that address climate as a people challenge and work to create a cultural blueprint of positive and sustainable change. CLIMARTE is a proud Cultural Collaborator of ArtCOP21 and we will be developing a program to contribute to ArtCOP21.


Health and Climate Change, a landmark new report by the international medical journal The Lancet was recently launched in Melbourne by Professor Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate and CLIMARTE Ambassador.

The report provides new evidence showing actions to reduce and adapt to climate change have significant positive health benefits – from reducing air pollution to improving diet. Tackling climate change is therefore one of the greatest opportunities to improve global health this century! See this three minute animation for a summary.


ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2015 received widespread media attention and critical acclaim including newspaper, magazine, radio and online coverage both in Australia and overseas. As an example, our Media Report shows that the various websites covering the festival had on average over 10 million online hits each day! If you would like to download a full copy of our Media Report please contact us.

Additionally, the Keynote presentations by David Buckland and Bill Fox were recorded along with the Who Speaks For The Earth forum and a number of other talks and interviews. You will find many of these now on the CLIMARTE Youtube Channel and further recordings will be uploaded as they become available.

John Wiseman, David Buckland, Guy Abrahams


Guy Abrahams
is honoured to have been appointed Associate of the University of Melbourne's Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. MSSI aims to facilitate and enable research, projects and conversations leading to increased understanding of sustainability and resilience. This includes an emphasis on the contribution of the social sciences and humanities to understanding and addressing sustainability and resilience challenges.

CLIMARTE has worked closely with MSSI Deputy Director Professor John Wiseman during the development of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE and we are excited to continue our collaboration with MSSI on future projects.


If the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival left you wondering how to take concrete action on climate change, there is a simple and easy solution.



Diamond Energy is CLIMARTE's Clean Energy Partner. Diamond Energy is passionate about renewables and support the ongoing growth of pure power projects here in Australia, such as assisting with connecting innovative generation projects like the Solar Systems Mildura Project in 2013.

By switching to Diamond Energy, you can take a simple step and make your electricity spend count to support the growth of new renewable generation in Australia. Click here to switch or for more information.

Thank you to all our ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE Partners for their support.
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