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Non-profits News 
Visit the webpage for links to selected news items about charities and non-profits in New Zealand.
Recent articles linked from the page include: 
  • Floating Foundation founder apologises and postpones contentious aid mission
  • NZ board directors’ fees up 2.3 per cent over 2017/18 year 
  • NZ Not-for-Profit Survey highlights cause for concern 
  • Rata Foundation: MP partners appointed to charity board 
  • The Sir Ray Avery controversy shows why we need to shine a light on charities 
  • Five reasons not to set up an NFP 
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Workshops, Seminars and other Training
Selected training events this month:

Putting the Enterprise in Social Enterprise: Social Enterprise Auckland's event series examining the ‘how to’ of running and growing socially driven organisations started in August and continues through to December. <Full details can be found here>  

For other training opportunities visit the <NFP Event Calendar>    

<submit your event for inclusion in the calendar>     
<Workshops, Seminars, Other training, & Events>       

<Details and links to these selected conferences:>

  • AuSAE 2018 LINC Annual Conference, Auckland, 9-11 September  2018 
  • 20th International Simulator Lecturers Conference, Auckland, 10-13 September 2018. 
A frequent enquiry we receive at NFP Resource is "Do you have a list of NZ Non-profits?"
          We do not know of any composite list of all not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand. However, a listing of all Registered NZ Charities (including those which have been de-registered) can be downloaded from the DIA Charities website. (Go to the search page on the website. For a detailed list of charities and their purposes, areas of operation, contact details, officers, etc, select "Advanced Search" which allows you to search on various parameters and download the results as a csv file which can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet.)
          Searches for individual trusts and incorporated societies can be undertaken through the website of the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, though we do not know of a way to download a composite list.
          The IRD website allows you to download a list of donee organisations but this only gives you the names of the organisations concerned with no other details. (Enter 'donee' into the search box then follow the links.
          If you are not familiar with computers, NFP Resource may be able to assist for a small fee.

The Community Mentor programme enables key personnel of not-for-profit organisations, for a small registration fee, to access a mentor for up to 12 months to help implement a change, provide an independent perspective or a dose of inspiration.   <Visit the Community Mentor website
>. A grant is currently available to a limited number of non-profits in the Bay of Plenty to cover the mentoring registration fee <details>

Time is Running OUT ... if the financial year of your charity ends on 31 March, you only have this month to render your Annual Return to DIA Charities Services. Failure to make your Annual Return could lead to your charity being de-registered. <Visit the DIA Charities website for information on Annual Returns> NFP Resource may be able to assist for a small fee.

Services for non-profits

Visit our 'Resources' page for links to useful services for non-profits including consultants, accountants, software etc.

Do you offer a service to non-profits? Contact us to advertise here

Not-for-Profit Resource Newsletter

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