In this season we find that we can identify with Paul when he says he longs to be with the churches he loves.
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When It's Not Easy to Say Goodbye

May 2015
Dear Friend,

We sat around a fire in our back garden on the Wednesday evening before we left to come to the US. Our small group from church was catching up from the last 2 weeks we missed meeting together. We laughed, we encouraged, we prayed. This is the stuff we're going to miss while we're away for just over 2 months on home assignment. It's difficult to say goodbye even though it's for a short time.

In this season we find that we can identify with Paul when he says he longs to be with the churches he loves. He doesn't want to be apart from them, but life circumstances have made it that way. We continue to pray for those back in England while we're away from them for a season.

A few days ago we celebrated the life of Jim, a dear friend of ours, who died after battling cancer for 9 months. Jim and his wife were our adopted uncle and aunt for the kids. In our grief it's hard to say goodbye to Jim and family, but we're thankful for the hope of heaven.

Asher prayed for our friend Jim every night before bed, but instead of asking God to heal Jim, he thanked God for him. It is a good reminder to us to be thankful for him and our friendship even when saying goodbye in this life.

Now is also a time to say goodbye to our normal routine and ministry for a short time. Over the next 2 months we will travel all around the Midwest visiting our supporters and adding  new supporters. We will constantly greet people and say goodbye a few hours later.

April Highlights

  • Eva Joy is making attempts to walk.
  • We had an extra passenger when we travelled to the US. We're expecting baby number three in late October!
  • The death of a dear friend has left us mourning
  • Putting all my (Leon's) IT projects on ice until I return in July

Life on Home Assignment

We'll be in the US from May until mid-July. We want to meet with as many of you as possible.

Prayer Points

  • We're thankful for safe, smooth travels to the US. Pray for good travels and meetings while we're here.
  • Pray Asher and Eva Joy will be flexible and adjust well to all the new changes.
  • Pray for good health during our time in the US, especially for Chrysti during her pregnancy. The kids have colds since having arrived.
  • We are praying specifically for 10 new supporters of our ministry.
God Bless,

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