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  • Vote YES on HJR4!
  • Yes will ensure RINOs can't remove districts in the next census redistricting.
  • Yes will ensure the rural areas will have as strong of a say in state affairs as the larger urban areas.

Vote YES on HJR 4!

There have been a lot of questions about one ballot topic over all the others: how to vote on the Idaho Constitutional Amendment HJR 4. Here's how it reads on the ballot: 

This amendment takes out only a few words in the Idaho Constitution in Article III, Sections 2 & 4. Right now the Section 2 states, "Following the decennial census of 1990 and in each legislature thereafter, the senate shall consist of not less than thirty nor more than thirty-five members."  Section 4 states, "The members of the legislature following the decennial census of 1990 and each legislature thereafter shall be apportioned to not less than thirty nor more than thirty-five legislative districts of the state as may be provided by law."

Those words that are bolded are the words that will be removed if this amendment passes (1990 will be updated to 2000 because that was the last officially completed census). The point is, the legislature wants to ensure that there are no less or no more than 35 districts in the state of Idaho. 


Why is this necessary? 

The state of Idaho has had 35 districts since 1992 so there is no threat of this amendment adding more districts, legislatures, and (let's be honest) Dems to the mix. It's actually the threat of losing districts that the legislature wants to avoid. Voting YES on HJR4 would prevent combining districts to make these larger "superdistricts" that will drown out those in rural areas in favor of those in the bigger cities.

Another quick explanation of what's going on is from Idaho Freedom Foundation's Wayne Hoffman who dedicated the third episode of The Hoff Time Report to this exact topic. If you have a spare 6 minutes to listen to him explain the situation, I highly recommend you check it out below. 👇👇👇
In an email that went out on Saturday, Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna said about HJR4, “This is an extremely important step to protect the rural communities’ voice in the legislature as Idaho continues to grow. I am pleased that our Executive Board voted to support this initiative, and I look forward to supporting it on my ballot.” 
Chairman Luna continued, “In the future, I welcome conversations on increasing the number of legislative districts in Idaho to make sure that all communities have an equal voice in the legislature. Idaho's rural values are the bedrock of our state, and we must always ensure they have a seat at the table as well. The last thing Idaho needs is to go the way of Oregon or Washington, who’s policies are controlled exclusively by their urban centers.”

I know that this is a confusing topic that can get jumbled in the brain with all the other facts we've learned about our government in the last 9 months. I get it. It was confusing to me at first as well. I hope this, along with The Hoff Time Report podcast, at least give you more of an idea about why voting YES on HJR4 is an important step to keep the voices equal throughout the entire state.

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy email about an important part of our electoral ballot. I hope you were able to garner some clarity, and I hope you have a wonderful day!
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