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Bernadine Fox BFA @
Eastside Culture Crawl
Nov 18, 19, and 20th, 2011

William Clark Studios
Building D20 in the ECC Pamphlet
#7, 1310 William Street, Vancouver, BC
(see map below)

Crawl hours (Fri 5-10pm,Sat/Sun 11-6pm)
OK... so do it now.  Write these dates in your calendar and come out to see one of the most incredible annual art events in Vancouver.  15,000 people "crawl" every year!  They go from one building to the next, to the next, entering into the sacred domains of artist studios to peruse the innovative and avante garde art being made in one of Vancouver's most vibrant and diverse communities.  Many come every year and use every minute of those three days to see as many studios as they can.  Some are newbies. But everybody - and I mean - every one of them come and go with smiles on their faces.  This is one of the most delightful cultural activities that you can participate in - AND you remain in complete control of where you go and how long you stay - AND - it is absolutely free!  In these hard times, it can't get better than that.

Home: Lemonade

My studio this year will showcase my new works of art.  In fact, only paintings and art finished in 2011 will be up (sample price list below). There will be something for everyone with prices ranging from $20 to $3,000.

I have been working on two painting series.  One is titled "Home" and currently has about seven paintings all of which have to do with home: comfy, eating, safety, memories, etc. 
In addition, it is a tribute to women who at one time were forced to use their home as subject matter because social and religious norms disallowed them from exploring any other topic.

The second series is seemingly of pears but they are strategically positioned to replicate human posturing and, therefore, become a commentary on the importance of non-verbal communications in relationships.

Pears:  Orange and Blue

Pears: Bonding II

Pears: And Then There Were Three

I have also spent a good deal of time this year working in mixed media assemblage.  I am completing a rather large series of works entitled "Family Px: Exploring the Personalities of a Dissociative System."  Each piece in this series will be a portrait of one common personality-type found within a dissociative system.  I have employed the use of image and narrative to reveal typical personalities within DID and how their “jobs” co-exist within their internal environment and how they assist the system to operate in the external world which is far from the crazed, dissociative serial killer often exploited in 1-hour drama plotlines to conveniently finish off a story. Currently only 14 are finished.  When complete, the series will have 75 to 100 pieces and, ultimately, will provide the viewer with a good understanding of how a dissociative identity system works both internally and externally.  The entire series will be exhibiting in March 2012.  This is your opportunity to get a preview.
Family Px: Marni
Family Px: Sarah
Back by popular demand - my Raven Series.  I will have eleven Ravens available at the Crawl - all new pieces.
Ravens: 19
I will also have several pieces of mixed media assemblage from two series "Silver Lining" and "Balancing Act."  These, as the title implies, represent those moments where you need to grab or look  for the silver linings during bad situations. 

Silver Lining: F7 No Chord

Balancing Act: I

  Weather Forecast:  The weather report for the Crawl weekend is unfortunately for rain which means you should bundle up, bring an umbrella, and pick at least some buildings that have a lot of artists in one place - like William Clark Studios!  Did you know that William Clark Studios (red dot in map below) is one of the three largest buildings in the Crawl?  So, come and visit me, stay out of the rain, and take in 23 artists in one place! 
Home: Lemonade  (30 x 36" oil on canvas $2,808) and
Pears:  Orange and Blue (12 x 24" oil on canvas $748)
Pears: Bonding II (24 x 36" oil on canvas $2,246)
Pears: And Then There Were Three (16 x 16" oil on canvas $704)
Family Px: Marni  (10 x 10" mixed media framed $255)
Family Px: Sarah (10 x 10" mixed media framed $255)
Silver Lining: F7 No Chord (10 x 10" mixed media $60)
Ravens: 19  (10 x 10" unframed acrylic and conte on wood $45)
Balancing Act: I  (8 x 8" mixed media $50)

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Want to buy your own "Fox"?  Bernadine likes to make it easy for you to own one of her paintings or pieces of art.  She not only accepts cash, cheques, all major credit cards, and  PayPal but will work with you on layaways and installment plans.


Upcoming Courses

Drawing for the
Mature Student (45+)

Feb 4th to Mar 10th:
6 Saturdays 10 am to noon


Painting BootCamp

Jan 25th to Feb 29th:
6 Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Both are only $185
For more information visit
Bernadine's website
All class are held in Bernadine's
art studio at William Clark Studios
(Clark and Williams) in Vancouver BC.

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Bernadine's Blog

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Bernadine's website being re-organized to streamline her online art portfolio.  For the next while, you might experience difficulties surfing these pages. These will be finished soon and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Exhibitions & Events
for Bernadine

We had so much fun at the last one so we are doing it again.  Bernadine will be at the upcoming Women's Winter Faire at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver in December 2011.  More information to come very soon.

Bernadine's "Family Px: Exploring the Personalities of A Dissociative System" will be exhibit in March 2012 at the Britannia Art Gallery in Vancouver.

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Studio Visits
If you can't make it to Bernadine's studio during the Crawl, but would like to see her work in person, you can do so by booking a studio visit.  Visitors are always welcome and can be arranged at your convenience.   To schedule one, write to

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