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- Friday, 22nd June 2018 -

PeakCare is pleased to announce our next series of Roundtables to which all our Members and registered Supporters will be cordially invited. This year the meetings will be held at Townsville (23rd July), Brisbane (25th July), Hervey Bay (27th July), Kedron (1st August) and Beaudesert (2nd August). Each of these meetings will commence at 9.30am and conclude by 1pm. A sixth Roundtable that is yet to be scheduled will be held in Brisbane during which information that has been collected from across the State can be further considered and added to.

Details about each of the venues, final confirmation of the times and dates, and instructions about how to register will be released to our Members and Supporters shortly. In the meantime, set aside the dates noted above. QATSICPP Members are also welcome to attend any of the Roundtable meetings.

This is what Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said in response to PeakCare’s last Roundtables Report:

I would like to take the opportunity to thank PeakCare Queensland and the many non-government businesses and stakeholders who have taken the time to work with your organisation to provide valuable feedback and comments on child protection reforms in Queensland…Constructive feedback from the broader sector as captured in your report is essential to deliver the best possible outcomes for Queensland children, young people and families… Thank you for sharing this report and for your ongoing commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children and families in Queensland.

Members and Supporters who wish to be sent a copy of our last Roundtables Report can email their request to Gary Roberts.  Of course, much has changed since our last report was written. PeakCare looks forward to hearing from our Members and Supporters about what has changed from your perspective and listening to your views and observations about any new or emerging issues that require focussed attention.

If you work for an organisation that is not yet a PeakCare Member or are interested in registering as a Supporter, please click here for details about submitting a membership application. You are reminded that a 10% discount on the first annual membership fee will be given to those who apply for membership prior to 31st July 2018.

Queensland child protection reform directions statement issued

The directions statement underlying the Child Protection Reform Amendment Act 2017 was recently issued. The statement identifies twelve principles guiding the reforms and outlines other changes to child protection legislation in Queensland. A significant number of principles are related to cultural sensitivity and the safe care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, including self-determination and the Child Placement Principle. Permanency and stability for children in out-of-home care are also highlighted. Other changes identified include improving capacity for the Department to engage in future research, extending protections to young people who are witnesses in criminal proceedings, clarifying vaccinations without parental consent where it is reasonable to do so, and creating additional requirements when entering an Intervention with Parental Agreement. Read the directions statement here.

National Action Plan discussed in Canberra

Earlier this month state Community Services Ministers discussed the safety and wellbeing of children and young people under the Fourth Action Plan of the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020. Four key priorities were identified. The first of these is to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in child protection systems. The second is improving prevention and early intervention responses through joint service planning to enhance access. Enhancing placement stability through reunification and other permanent care options for children in out-of-home care was also agreed to. The fourth priority agreed to was improving institutional ability to keep children and young people safe from abuse in recognition of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Make a real difference - be a community leader for children and families 

Gain the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to become a community leader for children and families with this free 20-week course held by Parent Leadership Training Institute. A free 'taster' information session about the course will be held Saturday, 30th June from 11am - 1pm. All interested parents, kin and organisations are invited. View the invitation for more details or RSVP on Facebook. Those who can't make the Taster Session and want to apply directly can complete the application form and email to


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination in child protection

The participation and leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the decisions that impact the care and protection of their children has long been recognised as critical to improving outcomes. Child Family Community Australia and SNAICC – National Voice for our Children are delivering a webinar discussing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination in child protection on Wednesday, 18th July - 1pm to 2pm AEST. The webinar will be presented by Muriel Bamblett, from VACCA and Candice Butler, from QATSICPP. The participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in decisions promotes continuity of children’s cultural identity, as well as continuity of family and community relationships that are essential to children’s health and wellbeing. This webinar will explore promising initiatives that support the self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and agencies in child protection matters. This webinar will be relevant to all practitioners, service providers and policy makers involved in child protection systems and related services. Find out more and register.

Refugee Week 2018

Refugee Week, held 17th to 23rd June, is the peak annual activity aimed at celebrating all the positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society and provides an important opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees to be seen, listened to and valued. Sign the UN Refugee Agency petition here to be part of a message to governments that they must work in partnership and do their share for refugees, and find out more about Refugee Week here.

Award nominations open now

The Queensland Community Achievement Awards are designed to encourage, acknowledge and reward the valuable contributions individuals, communities and businesses are making throughout Queensland. Each of the category winners will receive a $2,500 award prize. Find out more and nominate. Nominations close 28th August. 

Commemorative grants open now

The extra commemorative grants round from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund is now open until 31st August. If your community group has event, equipment or other requirements valued from $35,000 to $250,000, visit Commemorative grants and apply via the downloadable expression of interest form. There are 11 commemorative grants available.

Calling on all schools, child care centres, organisations and parents to
Shine A Light for Children

Each year, the Queensland Child Protection Week Committee awards a small number of Arts grants to organisations and groups around Queensland. The projects funded work with children and young people to discuss child protection through various artistic mediums that involve the sharing of key child protection messages whilst encouraging children and young people to talk about and articulate how they view safety, protection and wellbeing from their perspectives. Read more.

If you have contributions you'd like to donate to the Ice Bank, or know of a program, group or organisation that should be In the Spotlight, please contact Lorraine Dupree.

Recent reports – Responses to the Royal Commission’s recommendations and the Tune Report into OOHC in NSW

The Australian Government’s and the Queensland Government’s responses to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission) were released last week. The Royal Commission’s final report was released in December 2017 and Australian governments committed to releasing their responses by June 2018.

Following much public pressure, David Tune’s ‘Independent review of out of home care in NSW: Final report’ was publicly released last week. The report was submitted to the then NSW Premier in late 2016. The system was described as ‘ineffective and unsustainable’ and requires dramatic restructuring to introduce an independent commission to support evidence-based approaches to investment decisions. The report also states that the statutory child protection agency has little influence over the issues that bring families to their attention.

Read more about the three reports.

Mindfulness and Emotional Self-Care for Social Workers 
Brisbane - Tuesday, 26th June
Presented by Australian Association of Social Workers

Meditation, active imagination and positive self-talk are process-orientated skills, and are useful both individually, and in combination. Once mastered they can be accessed as micro-skills and embedded into everyday working life as a prophylactic against stress. They can also add value to the more content-orientated ‘reflective practice’ because of their analytical focus on internal states. This workshop explores key ideas and practices from a number of different therapeutic modalities will be explored using theoretical presentations, group discussions and experiential exercises. Find out more and register.

TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training (2-day)
Brisbane - Tuesday, 26th to Wednesday, 27th June
Presented by Amovita Consulting

The TACT program has been designed for those who are not employed in the role of a trainer counsellor, but are required to provide similar support to clients. The program will explore the impact of stress and resilience and develop and review a framework in which participants can look after themselves and the client in distress, and will provide participants with the necessary skills and tools to be able to respond appropriately, effectively and efficiently when they are the first point of contact for a distressed client. Find out more and register


Stuff That Sucks
Brisbane - Wednesday, 27th June
Presented by Compass Seminars

This full-day workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with a specific focus on its successful application with younger people. ACT is an empirically supported therapeutic approach that draws on behavioural and mindfulness principles to help people make space for painful thoughts and feelings and instead turn their focus towards values. ACT is rapidly growing in popularity internationally and is being used successfully with people experiencing a range of life challenges including low mood, worries, difficult behaviour, anger, anxiety, and interpersonal or family conflict. Find out more and register

First-Up: client response training for administration staff 
Brisbane - Thursday, 28th June

Presented by Encompass Family and Community

Administration workers are often the first persons with whom a client has contact. This workshop equips and supports administration workers in their role of providing ‘first-up’ responses to clients and members of the public who present in person at reception or over the phone. We consider how to interact calmly and safely with people who are presenting in a state of crisis or affected by alcohol or drugs, including how to convey empathy while encouraging the client to contain their anger or upset or behaviour. A workshop for all admin workers who may be ‘first-up’ in responding helpfully in difficult situations or helping to de-escalate potential crises. Find out more and register.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention / Mandatory Reporting
Gladstone - Tuesday, 10th July
Presented by NAPCAN

This 3-hour interactive workshop covers essential knowledge for anyone working with children and young people, particularly those covered by mandatory reporting requirements. Topics covered include: roles and responsibilities in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, legislative requirements including mandatory reporting, organisational/individual responsibility in responding to early indicators of harm and family support needs, how to respond, and prevention strategies. This workshop will also be held in other locations around Queensland. Find out more and register

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching
Brisbane - Wednesday, 22nd August
Presented by Parentshop

A comprehensive one-day training course that provides skills to teach parents and carers of 2-12 year-olds skills to manage their children’s difficult behaviour. The professional training includes role play, group discussion, worksheets and videos. This one-day course equips professionals with the knowledge to teach parents the program over three sessions and/or how to teach the tenets of the program in a few one-to-one clinical sessions. Each participant receives professional practitioner training resources including a manual, slideshow and session-by-session guidelines to facilitate parent meetings. Find out more and register.

Doing School Differently Conference
Gold Coast - Thursday, 28th to Friday, 29th June

Berry Street Childhood Institute presents this unique opportunity to advance the national conversation on flexible and inclusive education by bringing together educators, researchers, policy makers and young people who are committed to developing and sustaining successful educational opportunities and pathways for young people who have experienced barriers. The conference will explore a diverse range of topics including trauma-informed practice, how to develop individualised and flexible learning plans, case studies of alternative education methods, supporting young parents and their children, improving disability inclusion, and youth mental health challenges. Find out more and register.

National Conference on Indigenous Incarceration
Tweed Coast - Thursday, 28th to Friday, 29th June

The Conference will discuss the overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in prison in Australia and options for rehabilitation and change, such as healing and rehabilitation centres and raising the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14. First Nations peoples will also be sharing their lived experiences with the criminal justice system. Find out more and register.

Not-For-Profit State of the Nation travelling seminar
Brisbane - Friday, 29th June

The seminar will explore the current state of the NFP sector, latest trends, techniques and innovations in fundraising, how to develop a marketing strategy, sales in a NFP context to attract donors, staff, volunteers and corporate partners and best practice customer service. Find out more and register.

Our Healing, Our Future: shaping strategies with our young people - Intergenerational trauma youth forum
Brisbane - Tuesday, 24th July 

The Healing Foundation will host a public forum and webinar discussing best practice in shaping strategies with young people in healing from Intergenerational Trauma. The forum brings together young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, policy makers, community leaders, and professionals. Speakers will include Professor Helen Milroy, a leader in Indigenous mental health and trauma; young advocates Tonii Skeen and Karlie Stewart; and Joel Wenitong, a respected community mentor and member of The Last Kinection. The Healing Foundation is inviting young people aged from 17 - 25 years in particular to attend in person, and if they can't, to attend online. Save the date and stay tuned for updates!


2018 AIFS Conference: What matters most to families in the 21st Century?
Melbourne - Wednesday, 25th July to Friday, 27th July

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is the Australian government’s key research body in the area of family wellbeing. Every two years, the AIFS Conference offers unrivalled opportunities to mix with leading thinkers, decision-makers and researchers across a range of sectors and disciplines who are dedicated to improving the lives of families. Join leading thinkers and change-makers at the 2018 AIFS Conference – What matters most to families in the 21st Century? which will look ahead and ask: what does the future for families look like? What are the challenges and opportunities and how prepared are we? Exploring these questions requires boldness, curiosity and imagination, and the AIFS 2018 Conference will provide rich debate and inquiry, and encourage participants to engage with the emerging issues for families. The Conference MCs will be Virginia Trioli, ABC journalist, and Madonna King, writer and journalist and the Conference boasts a range of renowned speakers

3rd Biennial Childhood Trauma Conference 2018
Melbourne - Sunday, 29th July to Friday, 3rd August

The Australian Childhood Foundation presents this conference with 18 internationally renowned practitioners and major authors in the field of trauma and neuroscience offering the opportunity to hear about innovative, practical and translatable ways of working with creative arts, sand tray, play, attachment based dynamics, movement and sensorimotor intervention. The conference themes of Trust, Love and Betrayal are at the core of the experience of childhood trauma and ultimately the relationships which can offer safety, hope and resolution. Find out more and register.

Association of Children's Welfare Agencies Conference 2018
Sydney - Monday, 20th to Wednesday, 22nd August

This program will highlight the continuing endeavour of working with community organisations in providing positive outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families. Early bird registration ends Saturday, 30th June. Find out more and register.

Protective Behaviours Australia Conference 2018
Brisbane - Thursday, 30th to Friday, 31st August

Act for Kids, NAPCAN and the Daniel Morcombe Foundation are partnering with Protective Behaviours Australia, to present the Protective Behaviours Australia Conference at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. The two-day event features keynote speakers from all across Australia sharing their research, insights and knowledge of protective behaviours. Combined with informative and interactive workshops, attendees will walk away empowered with the knowledge to collectively reduce the incidence and impact of abuse and violence in the community and keep our kids safe. Discounted accommodation rates are available at Oaks Casino Towers, Oaks Festival Towers and ISTAY River City.

Queensland Child Protection Week Dinner
Brisbane - Friday, 7th September

The  Queensland Child Protection Week Dinner celebrates the dedication and commitment of those working within the child protection industry in Queensland. This year's dinner will be hosted by Kay McGrath, with Hon. Dianne Farmer, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence speaking. Find out more and purchase tickets.

10th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium
Hobart - Tuesday, 16th to Wednesday, 17th October

The 10th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium is an opportunity for policy makers, clinical practitioners, academics, service providers and mental health professionals to join together and provide a collaborative platform for the challenges, solutions, innovations, support systems and networks for rural mental health. Find out more and register.

2018 Youth Health Conference
Gold Coast - Wednesday, 7th to Friday, 9th November

The Australian Association for Adolescent Health and the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association have partnered to bring the 2018 Youth Health Conference to Surfers Paradise. This year’s conference will explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’s health, diversity and health, and sexuality education and sexual health as its major themes. Technology, mental health, and young people with chronic illness and disability will be just some of our other streams. Find out more and register.


FRSA 2018 National Conference
Cairns - Tuesday, 20th to Friday, 23rd November 

The Family and Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) National Conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of practitioners, academics and policy makers working to support children, families and communities. The Conference will be held at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel with the theme Be the change: Leaving no one behind

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide: The Eighth Gathering
Sydney - Monday, 26th to Thursday, 29th November

The International Indigenous Council for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide has invited The Healing Foundation and The University of Sydney to join together to celebrate the strengths of Indigenous peoples across the world. Healing Our Spirit Worldwide – The Eighth Gathering will share the experiences, resilience and challenges confronting Indigenous peoples across the world.

Visit the Events page on our website for other opportunities in the sector. You can also email your professional development opportunities so that we may promote them through future editions of eNews.

Support and Advocacy Worker, Street to Home - Micah Projects 

Micah Projects is seeking a full time Support and Advocacy Worker to work within the Street to Home team. This position will advocate for and support people to: access/maintain permanent and affordable housing; be safe and comfortable within their home; access support, social and health services; and empower and foster independence and interdependence through participation, and access to appropriate resources, opportunities and services within the community. This position is classified under the SCHADS Award as a Level 4, and offers a minimum of 38 hours of work available per week. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 2nd July.

DV Specialist Worker (Court), BDVS - Micah Projects 

Micah Projects is seeking a part time DV Specialist Worker (Court) to work within BDVS. This is a fixed term position for a period of 12 months with a minimum of 30.4 hours of work available per week. The objective of this role is to ensure that people affected by domestic and family violence are safe and supported, and collaborate with QPS officers, court staff and other stakeholders to assist with the safety, emotional, legal, and practical needs of people affected by domestic violence. This position is classified under the SCHADS Award as a Level 4. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 2nd July.

DV Specialist Worker, BDVS - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a full time DV Specialist Worker to work within BDVS. The objective of this role is to support people affected by domestic and family violence to live free from violence and to assist with the emotional and practical needs and issues arising from their experience. This position is classified under the SCHADS Award as a Level 4, and offers a minimum of 38 hours of work available per week. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 2nd July.

Clinician - Bravehearts

Bravehearts is seeking a Registered Psychologist or Mental Health Accredited Clinician to join the team at Springwood. Reporting to the National Therapeutic Services Manager, this role provides counselling with adults, children, young people and their families who have experienced, or may be at risk of child sexual assault. Find out more and apply. Applications close Friday, 20th July.

Clinician (part time) - Bravehearts

Bravehearts is seeking a Registered Psychologist or Mental Health Accredited Clinician to join the team at Strathpine. Reporting to the National Therapeutic Services Manager, this role provides counselling with adults, children, young people and their families who have experienced, or may be at risk of child sexual assault. This part-time role is for three days per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Find out more and apply. Applications close Friday, 20th July.

Practice Supervisor - Bravehearts 

Bravehearts is seeking a full time Practice Supervisor to join the team. Reporting to the National Therapeutic Services Manager, this role provides supervision, debriefing, self-care and professional development of the team across the three locations, Arundel, Springwood and Strathpine. Find out more and apply. Applications close Friday, 20th July. 

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