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- Thursday, 21st May 2020 -
Your attention is drawn to the latest Director-General’s COVID-19 UPDATE released to the community services sector. This edition of the UPDATE includes information about:
Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions
This advice concerns:
  • recently relaxed restrictions with reminders to continue to follow the advice of health professionals in maintaining social distancing and practising good hygiene
  • a reminder that the revised direction that allows for a household to have up to five visitors does NOT prevent workers or volunteers from entering a residence given that they are not counted as visitors
  • more information on delivering in-home services safely that can be obtained from the Queensland Government website
  • information that should be considered by organisations prior to transitioning staff back into the workplace including having a WHS plan to manage COVID-19 prominently displayed
Escaping domestic and family violence

Information is presented about:
Business continuity planning

Information is presented about the Director-General’s thoughts about re-looking at business continuity plans informed by lessons learned from our recent and current experiences in managing the impact of COVID-19.

Reminder about accessing the daily COVID-19 stakeholder bulletins

A reminder is provided about how you can access daily (Monday to Friday) COVID-19 stakeholder bulletins from the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 website. These bulletins overview key developments over the past 24 hours, current Public Health advice and updated information on government services and financial and community assistance.
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