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- Wednesday, 1 July 2020 -

PeakCare applauds the agreement recently made between Premier Palaszczuk and Opposition Leader Deb  Frecklington in Parliament to engage in bipartisan discussions about improvements that can be made to Queensland’s child protection system.

In taking a step towards making a constructive contribution to this dialogue, PeakCare and the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak (QATSICPP) jointly released a survey on 19 June 2020 to ascertain the full range of views held about the LNP's plan to overhaul child safety system that had been announced two days prior. Very importantly, in addition to surveying the level of agreement or disagreement with the LNP’s proposals, the survey also asks for comments about what may be missing from the LNP’s platform.

As at 9am today, 1,204 responses to the survey had been received – a fantastic result but we can do much, much better!


Who has responded to the survey so far?

Groups who have responded to the survey to date include:

Employees of Non-Government Organisations   388 (31.55%)
  • PeakCare Member Organisation employees  
  • QATSCIPP Member Organisation employees
  • Non-Member NGO employees
130 (10.85%)
17 (1.42%)
241 (20.12%)
Employees of Government agencies   356 (29.72%)
Employees of peak bodies or other industry or representative groups   29 (2.42%)
Academics   25 (2.09%)
Private consultants or employees of private consultancy or training organisations   24 (2.00%)
Parents (or other family member) with a lived experience of the child protection system   47 (3.92%)
Young people (under 25) with a lived experience of the child protection system   11 (0.92%)
Older people (over 25) with a lived experience of the child protection system   31 (2.59%)
Foster Carers   97 (8.10%)
Kinship Carers   27 (2.25%)
Others (persons who did not identify with one of the above groups or who identified with multiple groups)  
163 (13.61%)
(Plus 6 who skipped this question)


PeakCare and QATSICPP are very keen, of course, to see a much stronger response rate from employees of our Member organisations over oncoming days.

People from all of the groups listed above are strongly encouraged to complete the survey. The diversity of groups who respond will add to the depth and analysis of the opinions that are collected.

No names or other identifying information of individual survey respondents or the organisations for whom they work will be collected, stored or included within the collated survey results. It is mandatory however for all survey respondents to indicate a ‘category’ to which they belong (such as an employee of a PeakCare or QATSICPP Member organisation; Government agency employee; or young person with a lived experience of the child protection system). This will be important in gaining an understanding of any differences in the opinions that may be held by various groups.

Individuals are permitted to complete the survey once only. Checks can be used to monitor compliance with this rule. Depending on how many comments you wish to wish to enter, the survey takes around 5 to 15 minutes to complete.


The survey closes at COB on 10 July 2020. Make your views known!

Click here to access the survey.

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