John's Birthday! NF Workshops! Back to School Sales!
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And he is 37 years old! Jeez! Happy birthday, John! Thanks for bein' you.
(photo by hanklerfishcomic)
As you may know, Nerdfighters are raising money on to purchase llamas in John's name. Birthday llamas! The llamas will be gifted via to families in need. As of this very instant, enough money has been raised to gift 144.4 llamas, which is AMAZING! Thank you all so much for being your generous, llama-loving selves. Long live FTL!

Feel free to send John best birthday wishes via tumblr, twitter, or facebook!
In his Friday video, Hank introduced us to his newest idea-baby -- a community-oriented project called the "Nerdfighter Online Video Workshop" (or #novw). This thing comes in three parts, as outlined below:
  1. Writing Workshop - Those who like to write things are encouraged to follow the prompts given to write scripts on wattpad, and then thoughtfully and constructively critique others' work.
  2. Performance Workshop - For you camera-loving types, Hank has provided some scripts he'd like to see you perform and upload to youtube, where, again, nerdfighters should give feedback and ideas.
  3. Editing Workshop - Hank has provided a completely unedited vlogbrothers video (it is LONG and INTERESTING) for other people to edit down into something cohesive. Again, critique on submitted videos is requested.
For more details on everything, as well as resources and links, check out Hank's tumblr masterpost on the Workshop. We look forward to seeing all the fantastic things you can create with this!
Nerdfighter Art Wall
The wall of nerdfighter art continues to grow! Each newsletter, we'll feature some of our favorite pieces we've received recently. Send us something superneat, and it may just show up in the newsletter! You can mail drawings, letters, pictures, collages, or whatever else you've made to

PO Box 8147
Missoula, MT 59807

Thanks for being awesome! You can see some cool things we got in this week below...
Emily D from California sent us this excellent rendition of a Hanklerfish -- what fish named after Hank could resist a corndog?!
This cute collage is from Lauren P in Ohio. Thanks for sending it in, Lauren!
Music Video Contest
Recently, Hank teamed up with musician Danny Weinkauf (Grammy award-winning bassist of They Might Be Giants!) to write a song about a kidney that lived in four people for Danny's fantastic album for kids called "No School Today". Now, Danny and Hank challenge you to make a music video for the song!

The video can be animation, stop motion, live action, or anything in between! The videos will be judged by Danny and Hank themselves, and grand prize winner (along with 3 runners up) will win a medical model of a human kidney signed by Hank and Danny. The grand prize winner will also have their video uploaded to hankschannel and receive much celebration and promotion by Danny and Hank. The winning video will also be dubbed the official music video for the song!

The deadline for the contest is October 30th, 2014. See more contest information right here, and read Hank's tumblr post about it here! Get those creative juices flowing!
Frankenstein, MD
From the creators of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved comes a brand new webseries! Pemberley Digital has teamed up with PBS Digital Studios to bring you Frankenstein, MD, based on the classic work by Mary Shelley. The series just launched this month, and there are already 4 episodes available for your viewing pleasure. Follow Victoria Frankenstein, not-quite-yet-MD, and her affable sidekick Iggy as she prepares to start the exciting transition from tenacious student to a professional in the medical field.
Nerdfighter groups all around the globe have some pretty cool events planned in the coming weeks. Here's a summary of a few upcoming gatherings. Check out the calendar of Nerdfighter events here for a full list (or to submit your own!).
  • Albany and Upstate New York Nerdfighter Picnic - August 27th - Albany, New York - NY Nerdfighters are going to have a picnic in Washington Park in Albany, with board games, food, and more!
  • Nerdfighter Bowling! - August 30th - Bristol, UK - Wherein nerdfighters located in and around Bristol try to fail at bowling slowly… and not all at once.
  • UMN Nerdfighter Gatherings - September 15th - Minneapolis, MN - Biweekly meetups where movies will be watched, games will be played, and food will be eaten!
  • Alafaya Library Monthly Meetup - September 21st - Orlando, FL - Come to the monthly nerdfighter meetup at the Alafaya Library in Orlando! We have crafts, snacks, and fun! DFTBA!
Find nerdfighters near you IRL! Check out our new map and events pages to see what's going on in your neck of the woods, and if you're planning a Nerdfighter gathering or meetup, add it to our calendar!
Got some free time on your hands? Consider transcribing or translating some videos! All the info you need to get started helping out with this project can be found right here. (note that translation methods have changed for Crash Course videos)
Back to School Merch & Sale
DFTBA Records just launched their back to school sale, featuring two brand new posters perfect for the classroom, a spiral-bound notebook, lots of folders, and two sets of pens! Be the coolest, most Pizza John-y kid in school! Also! Most posters are 20% off, which makes this a great time to snag one or five or ten for dorm room decorating.
A few weeks ago, Hank was interviewed by Peter Musser for his project "Go Learn a Thing." If you'd like to wriggle your way into the mind of Hank Green, check out these two videos for a super in-depth interview that spans topics from business & ethics to the results of the Nerdfighteria census.
Check out the newest episode of The Warehouse, hosted by everyone's favorite Matthew Gaydos. See what's new in DFTBA Records land, learn about new merch, and feast your eyes on the best Nerdfighter Art (aka NerdfArt) around!
That about does it for the newsletter this week. Thanks for reading! And happy birthday to John!!

If you have any questions, responses, concerns, comments, confusions, corndog Hanks, or words of wisdom, feel free to email

Best wishes!
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