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Drew English, Convenor of the ECNT Management Committee

I am using this edition of Turtle Times to inform members and supporters of Environment Centre NT that I will be stepping down as Convenor of the ECNT Management Committee, effective COB Friday March 24 2017.

I wish to thank the many members and supporters who gave me support and encouragement during my time in the role of Convenor and especially through the renewal process we have now almost completed.

I believe that the operational structures and processes now in place in the ECNT office will enable the Management Committee, our new Director and her staff, and our wonderful volunteers to have clarity in their roles and clarity in the governance arrangements of ECNT. This is a critical achievement because we need this operational clarity in place so ECNT can identify and engage fully in the many important environmental issues we face.

Our new Director, Shar Molloy, and our Community Action Officer, Pedro Najera, are both talented and committed individuals. I am certain they will serve ECNT well. We also have a little more financial security thanks to the much-appreciated recently reinstated NT government support.

I have assessed the progress we have made within ECNT and the Management Committee through the renewal process and feel that there is now the acceptance of the need for, and the value of, what we have achieved and a determination to complete the process.

 I am stepping down from the Convenor role due to my need to travel away from the NT much more often for family and business reasons. Because of this change to my personal situation I will not be able to reliably commit the required time and attention to the Convenor position.

Thank you again for your support, encouragement and friendship over the last few years and best wishes to ECNT and its works.

Drew English


Greetings from the Director

Dear ECNT members and supporters,

It is with joy and pleasure that I have accepted the position of Director with the Environment Centre NT.  I have moved to Darwin from Tasmania in the last two years and am adapting to the tropical lifestyle easily, enjoying the natural beauty and extended evening social time outdoors. 

My background is in finance, accounting, marketing, mediation and communication training. Throughout my community involvement and working time in numerous environmental groups, my aim has been to achieve purpose driven goals through the building of connection, resilience and compassion.

I am passionate about creating sustainable communities as a response to the challenges of our times, whilst stopping or slowing the destruction of the natural environment and our social fabric.  I relish the opportunity to be involved in the ongoing renewal of ECNT and being a voice for the earth and representing our community values and vision.

It is also with joy and pleasure to announce the appointment of Pedro Najera in the position of Community Action Officer. He has been involved with ECNT for 2 years as part of the Cool Mob project and brings wonderful IT, Planning and community engagement skills to the organisation.

We are grateful and acknowledge Glenn Evan’s tenacity and courage in holding the fort as Acting Director for ENCT during all our funding cuts. We are pleased to advise Glenn will be staying on in the role of project manager for ECNT.

As you have read earlier, Drew English has announced his resignation as the Convenor of ECNT.  The   vast breadth of experience and knowledge Drew bought to ECNT in the roles of Treasurer and Convenor have enabled the centre to move through difficult financial times into its renewal process. He has provided invaluable mentorship and support to the ECNT staff and dedicated his time and passion beyond the normal expectations of the roles he held. We wish Drew all the best in his future endeavours and wish him a much deserved rest.

At ECNT it is the members and supporters who are the heart of our organisation – that’s you who are reading this. Whilst we have received some funds from the Northern Territory Government, it is for the purposes of supporting ‘policy’ activities only, thus your membership and ongoing donations are vital to maintaining the existence of the Environment Centre NT. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement so that we can continue to represent your values and views in our community. 

We are aiming to provide an opportunity in community, for members and supporters to engage with us directly, to offer your thoughts, ideas and feedback to us at least once a month. This is in addition to our doors being open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and being at the various events we are organising throughout the year. So please come along to our Earth Hour celebration on the Nightcliff Foreshore on Saturday the 25th March from 6pm (see details below). Our turtle times is full of other upcoming events, so we hope to meet and work with you over the coming months.



Click here to renew your membership and enjoy all the fantastic activities we are planning for the coming year.

Dear members and supporters,

Thank you for your generous support throughout the year, without which we could not have continued our key role in holding the government to account, promote sustainability and create a climate for change. Together we are creating a better future where our unique Territory environment and culture is protected and our communities are sustained for generations to come.

We look forward to continuing working with our members and supporters this year for a healthy and vibrant Territory environment.    

It is that time of the year again to renew your membership and support the ECNT to help protect and maintain the places we all love in the Top End.

If you are not a member then please become one now.

Frack Free NT Update

It has been a huge week for Territorians working to protect land and waterways from fracking gasfields. The Fracking Inquiry held formal hearings and community meetings from Alice Springs, through Tennant Creek, Katherine, Darwin and the Rural Area. 
Over 600 Territory community members turned up to meetings, and overwhelmingly, participants put forward their support for a total ban on fracking. The high number of risks were seen to be too great, while there is strong distrust of an NT Government regulation system able to protect water and communities if thousands of fracked gas wells were to go ahead.
The stakes are high, as the Federal Government has just approved the Northern Gas Pipeline, with the NT Government likely to approve it any day now. The pipeline company Jemena has bragged that the pipeline could facilitate the opening up of Territory gasfields, right at a time when community members want the opposite. 
Want to get involved to help protect the Territory? Jump online and have your say as part of the Fracking Inquiry survey here
And put this event in your diary to ensure our NT Labor Government isn't ignoring your voice: 
Join the Frack Free Morning Tea event at the NT Labor Party Conference, 8:30am Saturday morning 25 March, Mantra Pandanus, Knuckey St Darwin. All welcome! 

Naomi Hogan
Lock the Gate Alliance, Northern Territory
0401 650 411

Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival

An exciting event coming up is The Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival where ECNT and the Seabreeze Committee have negotiated to bring Professor Tim Flannery to Darwin for several public events.

As part of our re-invigorated Climate Change campaign, we are jointly hosting Tim Flannery in Darwin for 3 days, where there will be several opportunities for members of the public to hear him speak on a range of current environmental issues and to participate in several Q & A sessions.

The first will be a ‘Seabreeze Sunset Soirée for Creative Minds' at the Foreshore Café Friday evening 5th May, approx 6pm - 8pm, where proceeds of ticket sales will go towards the Seabreeze Festival 2018

During Saturday 6 May,(the main day of the Festival) a ‘Green Pavilion’ will be set up in afternoon the shady area near Rapid Creek.  The Green Pavillion will be Solar powered & host a program of talks & short films by a range of experts and scientists from diverse environmental fields on topics such as Climate Change, Rapid Creek, Composting, Permaculture and keeping our top end coasts healthy. Tim Flannery will be present and provide feedback and answer questions as they arise. Of course ECNT will have representatives at this event.
On Sunday 7 May, ECNT will hold its annual Fundraising Film night at the Deckchair from 6pm and Tim Flannery has agreed to speak and answer questions before the film (we are still deciding which specific topic he will address) We have chosen a new documentary The Bentley Effect made in Northern New South Wales about successful community opposition to fracking. We will also revisit the delightful Alice Springs made short about anti-fracking bilbies Nocturnal Warriors.
This is a wonderful opportunity for ECNT to gain some very positive community exposure, for you to enjoy meeting our new staff and other members – and hopefully to raise awareness and funds!
Further information and requests for cake bakers in coming issues!
*The Bentley Effect is part of the 2017 Transitions Film Festival which will return to Darwin in June…… details to follow later.

Earth Hour including meeting and connecting with the ECNT new staff

Earth Hour is an event around the globe, where millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action. This year ECNT is hosting a wonderful Earth Hour event in Darwin to raise awareness about climate change.
Please join us for Pizza on the Nightcliff foreshore for a special evening under the stars.

When: Saturday 25th March from 6 pm
Where: Cucina Sotto Le Stelle (Pizza man), Seabreeze Carpark, Chapman Rd, Nightcliff foreshore
What to bring: Picnic rugs/chairs, insect repellent, BYO drinks, outdoor games

Improving Residential Energy Efficiency International Conference,
Wollongong NSW 2017


The inaugural Improving Residential Energy Efficiency conference brought together researchers and practitioners from around the world who are expert and interested in all aspects of energy efficiency in residential buildings.
Over 80 cross-disciplinary presenters were brought together to share the latest news, findings on technologies, health impacts, cost-benefits, policies and human factors influencing residential energy efficiency.
The Environment Centre NT (ECNT) submitted an abstract for presentation to promote the work of the Centre’s COOLmob program at the IREE conference in Woolongong. In particular the delivery of the $2.7 million project Smart Cooling in the Tropics. In addition ECNT aimed to identify possible funding opportunities and networks and to keep the centre and its capacities on the radar of key southern
What would be good to do next post Smart Cooling in the Tropics.

The Northern Territory is highly vulnerable to projected climate change. The climate change predictions for Darwin include an increase in the number of days over 35 degrees to increase from 11 per year currently experienced to up to 69 by 2030 and up to 308 by 2070. As it stands, current housing stock in Darwin are inadequate (on a thermal comfort level) to cope with the predicted temperature changes.
One of the steps to improving the thermal comfort of NT housing would be to build on the research from Smart Cooling on the Tropics project. The idea would be to implement a longitudinal evaluation of the households from the initial study to capture extent of change in thermal performance of homes. This would provide a detailed and accurate evidence base to help inform building code and planning scheme for the Northern Territory. With this robust base we think there is scope to roll out of a housing retrofit program to bring older houses up to minimum performance standards (5 stars in NT).
Please contact the Environment Centre for further information.


Tellus: Chandler Facility Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Tellus Holdings Limited has released the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Chandler Facility. The draft EIS is now available for public comment. Comments are to be submitted on or before 31 March 2017. ECNT has a copy of the draft EIS on display in our reception.

The Proponent proposes to develop the Project, approximately 120 km south of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The development includes underground mining of halite (rock salt), with conversion of the mine voids to a waste storage facility for the secure storage of archives and equipment, and the permanent isolation of hazardous and difficult to manage wastes.

The ECNT encourages our members and supporters to make written comments on this document. This is an important opportunity to raise concerns about the potential environmental impacts of the project.

Written submissions should be directed via e-mail or post to:
NT Environment Protection Authority
GPO Box 3675
Darwin NT 0801

An online version of the draft EIS can be accessed here:
Meet the locals


Meet the locals helping our Environment


Elissa Shuey - mother, community worker and Darwinite who volunteers with the Darwin Climate Action Grou

How are they helping the Environment?

Elissa joined the Darwin Climate Action Group when she became increasingly concerned about Climate Change after the birth of her son Ari. While Elissa has been conscious of Climate Change for some time, the idea that Ari may grow up to live in a very different world as consequence of our inaction spurred her on to do something more. Elissa says “It was easy to get involved; I found the group on Facebook, went along to their next meeting and that was it.” The Darwin Climate Action Group is run purely by volunteers who want, as the name suggests, action on climate. Not talk, not rhetoric, not well meaning plans for the future but action now. 
Elissa is helping with their upcoming event, a special screening of the documentary Before the Flood starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This will be followed by a Q&A session with three experts and a group discussion on 'The world's climate is changing. What does this mean for the Northern Territory and how can we reduce our footprint?' The event is being run in partnership with Science@Sunset on Tuesday 28 March, 6pm-8pm at the Museum & Art Gallery NT, Fannie Bay.  

Wild Snap of the Week

Do you have a photo to share? We would love to see your best snap inspired by the Territory’s wild beauty and diverse landscapes.  

Submit your snaps of the Territory for a chance to have them published in the Turtle Times newsletter and on the ECNT website. Whether landscape, people or wildlife – we want to see your best shots inspired by the environment.

Please include a photo caption of up to 50 words describing the image, as we want to know where it was taken, what’s happening in the shot and what inspired you to take it. Make sure your full name and email address are included with the caption.

Photos for the next issue should be sent to 

A Guide to Wildlife and Protected Areas of the Top End - Available soon!


Make a donation today to support the ECNT's work. Your donation will be spent on maintaining a strong environmental voice in the territory. This is needed now more than ever.



Earth Hour 

This year ECNT is hosting a wonderful Earth Hour event in Darwin to raise awareness about climate change. Please join us for Pizza on the Nightcliff foreshore for a special evening under the stars.

When: Saturday 25th March from 6 pm
Where: Cucina Sotto Le Stelle (Pizza man), Seabreeze Carpark, Chapman Rd, Nightcliff foreshore
What to bring: Picnic rugs, insect repellent, BYO drinks, outdoor games
For more information:


Film Screen "Before the Food"

Film Screen Documentary Before the Flood. This will be followed by a Q&A session with three experts and a group discussion on 'The world's climate is changing. What does this mean for the Northern Territory and how can we reduce our footprint?' The event is being run in partnership with Science@Sunset on
When::Tuesday 28 March, 6pm-8pm
Where: The Museum & Art Gallery NT, Fannie Bay
For more information:


Palm Sunday  Peace March

Palm Sunday thousands of Australians will come together and march to call for justice for refugees. Darwin the Palm Sunday Peace March is supported by Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network (DASSAN), Unions NT and ECNT. Come along to this great event.
When: Sunday 9th April  (5 to 7 Pm)
Where:  The Esplanade Park, Darwin City.


De-Cluttering Workshop

A de-cluttering and organizing workshop for those who want to realistically tidy their space. Work towards a changed perspective in what ‘stuff’ is necessary in your everyday lives.

Hands on support and discussion, as well as practical, easy tips and tools for making life spacious and easy to get to.
Simple tips and ideas to try out that can reduce clutter.

When:  30th March 2017—7-9pm
Where: Nightcliff Uniting Church 21 Cummins Street Rapid Creek
For more information: / Phone Kim on 0417 831 373

ECNT Fundraising Film

ECNT will hold its annual Fundraising Film night and Tim Flannery has agreed to speak and answer questions before the film.We have chosen a new documentary The Bentley Effect made in Northern New South Wales about successful community opposition to fracking.

When: 6pm Sunday 7 May
Where: The Deckchair Cinema, 

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