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Environmental Policy Scorecard

Wondering where the parties stand on the environment?

Our Top End environment faces huge challenges - the unique Territory landscapes, plants, animals and lifestyle that we love are under threat. To protect them we need a government with clear, positive environmental policies.
To help voters with where the major parties stand on environmental issues in the Territory, the Environment Centre NT (ECNT) has developed an environmental policy scorecard. The scorecard has been developed by assessing the major parties’ environmental policies and election commitments against ECNT’s key environmental priorities for the Territory.
For the 2016 NT election ECNT is calling for:
  1. Real action on climate change
  2. Ban on fracking
  3. Action on groundwater management
  4. Strengthening of the NT environment laws
  5. Investment in renewable energy
  6. Increase marine and coastal protection
  7. Establishment of Independent Commission Against Corruption
You can access a detailed discussion of ECNT’s priority issues here
Disclaimer ECNT is non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party. ECNT believes that its assessment process has been as objective and accurate as possible, with a view to ensuring the scorecard is simple and easily understood. The environment scorecard reflects public policy announcements to date, current Government activities and past performance, and direct responses to ECNT from the parties.

CreekWatch calls for stronger creek protection  

At the Meet the Creeks Forum on 18th June 2016,  thirty-seven local participants gathered to visit, learn and share their knowledge about three creek catchments: Ludmilla, Sandy and Mitchell Creeks. Most of the participants were experienced land and creek carers, having been involved in advocating for and restoring the health of one or more of the creeks for decades.
The primary concern voiced by Forum participants was the need to strengthen protection, zoning, monitoring and enforcement measures to adequately protect the biodiversity and water quality of creek catchments; and for governments at all levels to more actively support and resource the protection of catchments.
CreekWatch sent a call to strengthen protection measures to adequately protect creek catchments to 46 NT election candidates and look forward to any commitments they can make to further the protection of creek catchments. Memorandum attached here
More detailed recommendations will be published in the final Project report at the end of August.


A Message from the 'Keep Top End Coasts Healthy' mob

Thanks to Keep Top End Coasts (KTEC) supporters, we’ve made sure all the parties are hearing loud and clear that the health of our Top End coasts is a key issue this NT election.
In response, Territory Labor, the Greens and 1 Territory have all committed to a plan to protect our NT coasts and lifestyle – while the Country Liberal Party (CLP) are lagging behind. You can check out KTEC’s 2016 Election Promise Tracker with the marine and coastal policy commitments made by the major parties here.

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