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Sun's out...books out

We have entered out second summer of COVID-19, but with experimental raves and vaccines, we can only hope that this summer might go a little bit more smoothly. 

However, as law students, we know that the tempting summer sun and beer garden evenings are locked behind a paywall; exams. We can't officially rest until we have submitted our last essays, and sat through our final online exam. 

To entertain you during your study breaks, this newsletter includes a myriad of upcoming events and opportunities, as well as recapping the big ELSA news from April, and an interview with Kasia Kostka the current ELSA UK VP for Marketing. 

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Hi Kasia, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, why don’t you start by giving us some background about yourself?
Thank you so much for interviewing me! My name is Kasia and I have had the great honour to be this year’s Vice President in charge of Marketing in ELSA United Kingdom. I was born and raised in Poland but moved to England to study law in 2017. I joined ELSA in my second year as a President of a Local Group and this has now been my third year in our wonderful network. 

You have had some very impressive positions within ELSA, from local group founder and President, to National Board VP for Marketing, what was it that drew you to ELSA initially?
It was actually my dear high school friend from ELSA Poland who introduced me to our association. Hearing about all the amazing things he had done made me wonder why I was not doing it myself. To cut a long story short, 6 months later I was stressing out while pitching my Local Group to the Council in Bristol and finally getting to know what the famous ‘ELSA Spirit’ is about. 
Do you think your time at ELSA has helped you hone skills for any other areas of your life?
I don’t even know where to start… I cannot stress enough how ELSA has helped me with my transferable skills like self-confidence (try making a full-on presentation in front of 100 strangers after getting 3 hours of sleep) or time management (juggling a full-time job with a practically also full-time National Board position). Various ELSA opportunities like STEP or LRG have also massively helped me with my legal skills and contributed to where I am now as an aspiring lawyer. 
Alongside your commitments on the National Board, you’re also currently working as Trainee in the European Centre for Certification and Privacy. Can you briefly describe a day in your life, and did your time with ELSA prepare you for this role?
I think the best thing about my job is that each day is very dissimilar from another. As my teammates live in very different time zones, I usually start my day by catching up on what happened during the night. I can spend the rest of my time conducting legal research, having calls with partners or drafting legal documents. Especially because I do not have strict working hours, the time management I learnt through ELSA has been crucial and helped me to (more or less) maintain a work-life balance. 
If you could offer any advice to your younger self, or to any young law student, what would it be?
Just go for it, whatever that is. I once spent an hour debating whether to send an email to the previous President of ELSA UK asking for advice on creating a Local Group. If I hadn’t done it, my poor Director for Newsletter would probably have had to pressure someone else to do this interview.  
On top of everything else, you recently won the ELSA Award for Most Distinguished National Board Member, how did that feel? 
It is always very rewarding to be recognised for your work, although, given the ‘uniqueness’ of this year, every single officer in our network deserves an award. I am incredibly proud of all of the nominees and winners and seeing what they have all achieved this year is the biggest award I could have ever gotten. 
Finally, unfortunately you will be leaving the national board behind this summer. What was the highlight of your time at ELSA? 
It is hard to choose only one, especially as this has been my third year in ELSA –  but the highlight of this year has definitely been my fellow National Board members. With many ups and downs during this crazy time, they have been irreplaceable. 

In case you missed it, we have recently expanded out ELSA UK family, with two new local groups. 

Following the XXIV Online National Council Meeting, we are thrilled to announce that ELSA BPP and ELSA London South Bank are now officially part of our Network!

A massive congratulations to both groups, we look forward to seeing your future events and initiatives!

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