Client Alert #39 macOS 10.12 Sierra Release
Client Alert #39 macOS 10.12 Sierra Release

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Today, September 20th, Apple is releasing the latest version of their new operating system for Macintosh computers. Dubbed “Sierra”, macOS 10.12 includes many enhancements which continue to refine and polish the macOS experience. As before, Apple is offering the operating system for free through the online App Store.

In terms of new features, there are lots, but the most compelling are:

  • Siri on Mac
  • Storage optimization using iCloud Drive
  • Picture-in-picture video within Safari
  • Universal Copy and paste from iOS to Mac and back
  • Apple Pay online
  • Auto-Unlock from Apple Watch

Upgrading to macOS Sierra is a straightforward process and Apple has made it relatively simple to do. However there are still potential problems that could arise. Specifically, we know about these issues:

  • Support for ScanSnap scanners not available yet
  • Using outdated drivers for devices such as printers or scanners
  • Many applications have not announced compatibility yet
Because of these potential pitfalls, and because it’s always much more difficult to resolve these problems after an upgrade has already occurred, we recommend that we be involved with the transition to any major operating system upgrade.

At this time we’re recommending to all clients to hold off upgrading to Sierra. We will send an updated recommendation on November 1st after we’ve had a chance to thoroughly vet this version for you. Please be patient until then.

Our best practices method verifies the integrity of your system while giving it a tune up, confirms the status of backups, and ensures that all your third party applications are up to date and compatible with the new environment. Additionally, we’ll bring a copy of the latest version of the Sierra installer to use, shortening the time of the install, and allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of Sierra sooner.

So give us a call to discuss your plans for moving to Sierra. 
As always, thank you for your continued reliance on us as your Mac IT resource.

AndyDerekEric, Kat & the CA Helpdesk team
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