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Client Alert #34 World Backup Day

In honor of this most prestigious and renowned holiday, we at Call Andy! wanted to take a moment to remind you of the importance of backing up your data. 

Backing up is not optional:
You need to backup your computers. All of them. All the time. Always. 

It’s not hard to do, and if done properly, shouldn’t interfere with your day to day use of your systems. If a Call Andy! engineer has worked with you within the past year or so, your backup solution is probably already configured. If not, please contact us and we can get you backed up.

Apple iCloud does not backup your Mac:
A common misconception we hear from customers relates to Apple’s iCloud service. The backup component of iCloud only backs up your iOS devices - iPhones and iPads, if you have that feature enabled. Data on your Mac is not backed up unless you have some of the following services configured.

You need more than one backup:
You should have one backup locally, and a second off-site. Generally, if we’ve configured your backup strategy, you’ll have the local backup handled by Time Machine, either to a direct connection external drive or to a Time Capsule, Synology or other networked system.

To confirm that Time Machine is running successfully on your Mac, click on the Time Machine icon in the menu bar and view the status:

For an off-site solution, we recommend CrashPlan from Code 42. If CrashPlan is installed and running properly on your computer, the menu bar icon will look like this:

You’re probably already backing up!
As we mentioned earlier, the vast majority of our customers are already taking advantage of the peace of mind that comes with a good backup strategy. If one or more of your computers is not being backed up, please contact your Call Andy! engineer to schedule a time to set up the best backup strategy for your needs.

Enjoy the Holiday!
Having a complete backup strategy allows you to concentrate on using your Macs for business or personal tasks without having to worry about what happens when your hard drive fails. So pour yourself a favorite beverage, and relax knowing that you’re protected in case the worst should happen.

Thanks, and happy Backup Day!

Andy, Max, Derek and Marc
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